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It seems that David Stendahl can not help him self Where his name appears "attached" to some indicator or TA way, it sure is worth trying it out and studying it. The basis for these were originally published in the Stocks & Commodities July 1996 issue (attached the original article here). Do not be...
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EMAAngleZero is a filter to keep out of sideways markets when there is no trend. It uses EMA 34 with an angle threshold of .2 to .33 to detect a sideways market. As explained in the comments found in the indicator, when the angle is near zero do not trade. The angles are measured in Radians where 1...
Hi Is it possible to draw a histogram with a width above "5" with mq5? In mq4 this was not a problem. The only problem was manually changing the width in the indicator settings menu
Hello everyone. I am a newbie in programming mql5 so I am looking for some kind of a big advice how to start. I 'm a little bit familiar with RPA soft so for the more easy explanation of what kind of indicator I would like to build here is a screenshot: It is obviously lots of missing things
My time and sales window is not opening, It's showing a greyish button. Screenshot attached, Can anybody help
- I'm having a problem exporting output in descending or ascending order. Any help, thank you very much. - I have the idea of ​​calculating the score of the currency pairs. EX: double My_array [7]; My_array [1] = RSI_EUR_GBP; My_array [2] = RSI_EUR_AUD; My_array [3] =
Hi Guys, I'm totally clueless when it comes to mq4/5 programming even though I've tried it just looks uber foreign. I need help in designing an indicator that will draw multiple daily trendlines based on specifics that i will provide. Its part of a strategy that I've been working on for the past 3
Hi Guys, Got odd issue with my indicator, i have to manually on chart right click and press "Refresh Button" to make my items showing correctly on screen! i tried ChartRedraw(0); didn't help is there any way to actually call that Refresh event i use manually via code?! i appreciate your help in
Hi, I'm trying to create an indicator using DRAW_COLOR_CANDLES with 10 different colors. Unfortunately, even though I configure it for that ammount, whenever I open the Dialog box to configure the colors of the indicator, only a maximum of 8 colors appears! Is this configuration limited to only be
Hi All, Total newbie to MT5, so I am sure there is an obvious answer that I am missing. I am looking at my EUR / GBP graph, but I want it to show GBP / EUR, can someone help me out on this? Cheers, Jason
Hello all, I am searching for 'the best' option to save input variables for the excecution of buy/sell orders without any 'indicator lagg'. I am relative new to coding and makeing bots (EA's), but i have heard to you can make a difference between an indicator loaded in your EA (And visible on the
Hi All i am looking for a tick based indicator that runs on MT5. Maybe anybody knows and can tell me? I would like to test out something. Thank you
Is there any way to chnge the input value from a variable programatically... Lets say we have extern x=5,,,and on input parameters appears x=5 Can i change it within the code and make it x=10 and input parameter change from x=5 to x=10? I know within the code i can change the input parameter but on
Hi I would like to verify that eg iMA for close on current bar will always be recalculated for each incoming tick since each new tick is the new close value for that bar. Am I correct? Thanks PS. Is there an easy way to see the calculated values for each of my variables in an EA? I know there is
This is a bollinger band with -4 offset. The idea is that we sell when it hits the top and buy when it hits the bottom. For some reason this looks way too perfect. Problem is... It will never actually trigger a trade because of the -4 offset. Price has nothing to come in contact with. Is there a way
Hi guys, is there any indicator "mathematical formula" to check market change from trend to range market or even worse choppy market?! i tried RSI/Stochastic but not very good result is there better way for this?! i can use new math functions with MQL5 but problem is output only be useful in same
  scale (2)
Hi; anyone knows a indicator to fast change scale between differents timeframes? Example: I have chart for eurusd at m1; I change scale quicly for this time frame an anothers timeframes using mouse. tks
Hi did anybody else also notice that the spread from Multibank is a bit strange? In the tick chart you never see spread going to 0,0.(but most of their big competitors do) But if you use a common spread indicator it DOES go to 0,0 (now and then)
psar trend change value is different mobil and desktop. why? together is same value
I'd like to make a new indicator that isn't much different from the default candlestick view. Does anyone know the code or the location of the code for the default candlestick indicator? Sorry if the answer is really obvious... I had a look on the web and through the files in meta editor and
I have an indicator program but I can't launch the Ordersend function. He wrote me an error message stating that the ORDERSEND could not be launched from an indicator. How do I do that? can you please help me? Thank you
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Hi, I searched for weeks but I didn't find a good indicator for swing points, I mean highs and lows, because all indicators have something wrong: repaint, lag, many false signals. I only need an indicator for entry points that is accurate. Does such indicator exist? PS. I found the one attached but...
Problem of changing the color of the indicators, if I go to the colors section and want to change it with mac I can't do it, I use FBS and they only if I change it from the source code, can someone help me
Hi, I want to make an indicator that draws major support resistance levels on a 4 hour chart, only going back what is wissible in the image below ( about 16 days (100 -120 bars)). On the current chart the 2 resistance lines drawn should be this. But right now I have no clue how I should find this
Can you tell me what kind of code i should use to create those white dots on basing candles
Hi, I coded a volume indicator that helps me "categorize" tick volume as buy and sell volume, In an effort to streamline my coding workflow and avoid calling the indicator above using iCustom, which is resource heavy when viewing multiple charts and multiple timeframes, I decided to transfer the
Hello friends ! I ask you or could I find the Ichimoku Multi Time Frame indicator on MT4? On the Graph in H1 there will also be H4 thank you
Hello, I'm trying without success to make a cloud/ribbon in one of my oscillators but it doesn't work. This method works on the main chart for creating candle sticks. And yet I would like something like this; Here is the code snippet I use; //custom functions double s=
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| 5min_Indicator8.mq4 |//| Ferrari Green Associates LTD |//|
hello i want change this code from one buffer with together ( green , red ) , to two buffer color ( buffer ( green ) , buffer ( red ) until if i want use it with expert i can call every buffer alone thank you and i want ask about how i can to separate the sale quantity and the purchase quantity