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  Which is a better indicator ? (76   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
Which is a better indicator ?
I tested my system. My indicator not change anything when I reload it again ! So how we can make an indicator auto refresh Template every 10 second ? Plz help me ! Thank Picture when I backtest And when I reload Template
  MA cross/Price cross MA EA (185   1 2 3 4 5 ... 18 19)
Hello, Does anyone know where i can get a simple EA where when 2 Moving Averages cross a buy/sell order is placed - or - When price crosses a MA then a buy/sell order is placed.... I have looked but cant seem to find it..... Anyone have any ideas.... Thanks
I created a MT5 indicator. It seems to work but has a problem when reloading MT5 for a higher timeframe than the chart period: above: recompile or drag and drop above: reloading the MT5 application //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
  Currency Strength Formula (16   1 2)
Hello Guys I need help in creating the Currency strength formula that works on comparing the correlation of 8 major pairs that looks like below 50 is neutral, below 40 is weak currency, above 60 is strong currency Anyone can help on giving the formula on how to calculate those? thanks
I am trying to use "Indictors" in EA. instead the original iMACD we use. But get some trouble .. there is no data . After I run on EA. There is no error message as initial., Create buffer there is no update data. >>< #include <Indicators/Indicator.mqh>class CiMACD2 : public CIndicator
I have been running this code for a long time without any problems. ResetLastError();CalendarValueHistory(mqlcalendar_value,iTime("EURUSD",PERIOD_D1,0),iTime("EURUSD",PERIOD_D1,0)+PeriodSeconds(PERIOD_D1)-60,"",""); Print(GetLastError()); However, running from a different computer with a different
Hi guys, I am wondering how is the right way to create and firing a custom event. My doubt is: if someone want to handle the event in his own EA how can intercept the event? Do I need to tell him the value? (like: ushort
Hi there everyone, I'm looking for a reasonably straightforward indicator but can't seem to find one. I've tried coding it myself but am struggling with the alerting side of things. I'd like an alert when: - 6 ema > 9 ema > 50 ema > 200 sma - 6 ema has just crossed over the 9ema (so, the previous
Hi there, I noticed something weird happening when I want to place two indicators on top of each other. In this case below, I have two CCI indicators in the same indicator window but, as you can see on the attached image, their vertical axes are not aligned. For example the level 0 of the slower CCI
High, which is the biggest amount of buffers (indicator_buffers) and plots (indicator_plots) an indicator can have
Hi, I want my indicator to play a series of sounds, not just one. For that, I initially tested calling 3 PlaySound() one after the other hoping that the second would only start playing after the first was finished and the same for the third. Unfortunately I was wrong: in such conditions, even though
Hello I use an indicator for its alert. It works fine when symbols are in English but for my this particular use, the symbols names are in Persian. How do you fix this? I need help please. Thank you in advance. Here is a file attached about the problem
Hi All, I'm installing some indicators and wondering why some won't keep the settings. For instance, I'll click/check the Allow DLL Imports box and click OK but when I go to another tab like Inputs and come back, the Allow DLL Imports box is no longer checked. This also happens in other tabs and
Hi guys, I was wondering how to create a sizeable, draggable object. It will be a sine wave. It should be also deformed ( not only contained in a rectangular box but the box could become a translated trapeze Thanks
How can I move a paid for indicator from one mql5 account to another ... Both accounts are mine Thank You For Your Time :)
  RSI Cross (2)
Hi Guys I was wondering if anyone has an indicator that draws an arrow when the RSI cross above the OB and below the OS. All i can find is arrows or alerts when the RSI enters the OB or OS zone. Im after an indicator that draws when the RSI exits the zones and candle closes. Many Thanks
  Asctrend indicator in depth (49   1 2 3 4 5)
With newdigital, and its topic about Signal System, I started to get interested in Asctrend indicator. The oldest traders certainly knows this indicator, but personally, being a novice trader, I had never heard before. As a programmer, I decided to start this thread to share my analysis of this...
  MQL5 Cloud network. (16   1 2)
Hi, I'm a complete beginner here, and I've been trying to create an account and a connection to the agents, but I can't find my account number, I don't know where to look?Is there anyone here who can help me step by step
Hello everyone, is being a while that I'm looking for an indicator that pop an alert when the price touch a round level like (1.1000) or (1.200) etc... I don't know if I have the right to post someone indicators here, but a few days ago I found this indicator that is exactly what I need, but the
Hi ... My code is the following ... and I'm getting an error saying that "array out of range in '1.mq5' (66,33)" It is the hand-numbered row in the code. How can I correct this error? Thanks a lot. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
Hi guys, cannot load the indicator receiving the error [538] Any idea or how can I test it? Thanks
Recently because the market volatility is repeated, resulting in many trades appear a mistake, short-term trend trading for days, about 1 hour and 4 hours of cycle dependence is very strong, want to do the deal, two cycle before also USES a lot of technical indicators, but all have certain
  Parabolic SAR indicator (281   1 2 3 4 5 ... 28 29)
I am continuing posting information about indicators. So, we have information about Stochastic indicator We have the thread about Momentum indicator Now something about Parabolic SAR. OverviewThe Parabolic Time/Price System,...
Hi, I need help to make the attached market scanner work. It gives empty values for the Fx Power indicator. There is a problem with buffers, but I cannot find it. Thanks
  atr trailing stop (22   1 2 3)
I'm trying to implement an ATR trailing stop indicator . The compiler doesn't throw any errors. Nothing is plotted to the chart. See "CDC ATR Trailing Stop V1" on TradingView for reference.// ATR railing stop#property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 1#property indicator_plots 1//
Hello Guys, Hope you had a real nice weekend? I have a little problem trying to upload my custom indicator to the market but the system was telling me something about the file contained native code. I don;t real understand that, may be somebody who have come across such challenge can help me out...
Speed Resistance Lines is a great tool when in the hands of a savvy and intelligent trader. These lines are similar to the fibonacci fan lines. Learning and mastering the usage and application of these lines in your trading methods can prove to be very profitable. Speed Resistance Lines is not a...
Hi All, I created a custom indicator which draws lines by ObjectCreate function. In general it works how it is expected. If i remove it from chart it remove all created objects. And in general did not have any issue. However after I make right-click refresh it stops working and all objects remain on
  Dynamic zone indicators ... (1588   1 2 3 4 5 ... 158 159)
It seems that David Stendahl can not help him self Where his name appears "attached" to some indicator or TA way, it sure is worth trying it out and studying it. The basis for these were originally published in the Stocks & Commodities July 1996 issue (attached the original article here). Do not be...