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Hi, All... Does anybody have WoodieCCI / SuperWoodie CCI with alert when the line cross +100 or -100. Thanks All.
Hi, I want to know who has used the indicators by John Ehlers? Are they any good? I have them all coded as indicators to be ised with MetaTrader 4. But I lack the understanding on how they work. I have Googled so much already! I started off by using the Fisher Transform indicator, I only used this...
Hello I need a indicator when the price line hit a sma line. with alert it would be nice. I know there are indicators when 2 sma crosses each other. But I am looking for one when price line hit one of the SMA line many thanks for help
Anyone know where I can find a solid OCO script? All the links I've found so far have errors, are outdated or cost €10,72. I really just need a script that reverses a long/short position to a short/long position but the ability to input S/L's and T/P would be a bonus. Thanks a ton.
Hi all Can anyone help me with recoding Bill William's MFI indicator? The original uses the high and the low to calculate the MFI and I would like it to be changed so it uses the open and the close. I have attached a copy of the original version but I don't know how to change the code so as to...
I would really appreciate it if someone could code an indicator that will show the candle range (in pips) of any time frame in a pop up box if I right click my mouse on it. It is really time consuming to go candle by candle and deduct the highs and lows to have an idea of what kind of moves the pair...
Analyze Indicator
PLease can a member of this forum help me code a script or Expert Advisor that closes all trades on my platform at a particular GMT time I would be very happy if someone can help me out Thanks in advance
PLease can a member of this forum help me code a script or Expert Advisor that closes all trades on my platform at a particular GMT time I would be very happy if someone can help me out Thanks in advance
This indicator still in BETA version.
passkey is your MT4 Account Number
Hello to all on this site. Im new here my name is mark. I need some help trying to find some indicators. Im looking for a trend indicator. Im also looking for a moving average cross indicator with audio alert along with buy and sell arrows. The last indicator im looking for is a Gartley...
I am a final year computer science student, As my end of year project, I am creating a web-based charting software (very similar to the Yahoo Finance Charts with all the usual indicators i.e. Stochastics, Moving averages, RSI, etc...) but with a major addition - the neural network based indicator....
I've noticed that whenever a large move is about to occur, the price often seems to jiggle up and down quickly before it heads off in one direction or the other. It would be great to have an indicator that shows the velocity of this effect. Does something like this exist or is someone up to the...
How to use dynamiczonestoch?anybody knows please help Thanks
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indicator 6 in 1.
Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I've been using this indicator - PriceChannel_Stop_v1.2 - for a while now with good results. I've tried to scalp with it on M1 and M5 and it does a decent job of catching trends without repainting. However, I would really rather deploy it on H1 or greater....
hello there... i'm mebi from indonesia... i'm looking for daily indicator that indicate trend signal.... and sideways signal too ( for stopping me to trade at that signal ) i trade like this : i only trade GU i only trade once a day TP 50 pips only... usually i used parabolic sar ( sett : 0.085/0...
Hi guys, just signed up as it seemed like a good place to start looking for help with an indicator. I'm looking for a price action indicator. It would need to mark off the swing highs and swing lows on a given time chart. Is there already such a indicator, or does someone have any idea on how to...
Hi i`m new comer here, i`m new in fx to. thank before to anyone who give me support and advice or fx technical.
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thanks a lot.
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Hi... All Master, I am newbie at forex... i quiting job cause i have asthma.. so I wanna learn forex for seriously. Is any Indicators for help me, who can see when open 'buy' and open ' sell' ... and 'close' ... please... help me !!!
What the indicator??Green and red color chenel, and arrow please in bottom of this chart:
This is the Script With customized Lots. It use refresh Rate function to handle the error 135 in metatrader 4 and Mathfloor to handle float value. Size of Lots = MatyhFloor(Free Margin/pembagi) ... Ex.. if you you have 89021 free margin with pembagi 2 the lots is 45 ....... good Luck...
Every 3 years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) coordinates a global central bank survey of foreign exchange and derivatives market activity. The purpose of the survey is to obtain comprehensive information on the size and structure of foreign exchange and over-the-counter (OTC)...
Trendlines can be used to analyze individual securities, such as stocks, commodities or indexes, among other things. Understanding the direction of an underlying trend is one of the most basic ways to increase the probability of making a successful trade because it ensures that the general market...
Hi, everyone... this is my first post and I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, so if not, please let me know! I have a system that works pretty well for me on the AUD/JPY on the 1-minute chart (nets 200-300 pips a day). Would love to find an ea for it! I can't always watch the screen so...
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I would like to get some suggestions about indicators that can be used in a successful scalping session. I’ve been looking around and I’ve heard there are specific ones that fit this style. Please let me kno
can any member indicate where I can find this indicator for MT4 and how it works