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Here is a new take on default indicators coded ratio indicators.
  ZUP 84 predict (68   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Located here is zup 84 with predictive price channel.enjoy
Hi, I downloaded the "forex index indicator" of Karl Dittmann at the site: Forex Secret Indicator - Karl Dittmann He says "Why the EMA/SMA, RSI, MACD ...etc are free? Because they don't work at all!" "I guarantee that "Forex secret indicator" is one of the most profitable trading tools that you can...
I have this alert indicator program call PARABOLIC SAR COLOR-ALERT that I like very much, but the big default of this program is working only on open chart windows. I’m looking for an alert program or EA or modify this one, to work even if chart windows are close, and can alert on all currency...
  Forex Secret Indicator (25   1 2 3)
Hi Folks, have read today about the "Forex Secret Indicator". Has anyone made experience with this indicator? the author is karl dittmann, he seems to be a kind of guru... thanks in advance for any comments! Many thanks Roland
I've modified FRAMA indi in FRAMAOsma but I've two problems.... 1) the values of osma compared to the values of frama and signal are too small and I can't see any of the 3 values. 2) when I change time-frame or re-start metatrader program, the history of OSMA histogram disappears. the code is right....
I've modified FRAMA Ehlers in FRAMAOsma but I've two problems.... 1) the values of osma compared to the values of frama and signal are too small and I can't see any of the 3 values. 2) when I change time-frame or re-start metatrader program, the history of OSMA histogram disappears. the code is...
Hi guys thanx for looking after My question. As I am new to this forex things. I really need to know How bollinger bands works. As bollinger bands have three bands what they mean and is middle band is imortant as well and when we can buy or sell by using the bolligner band and is it good for...
Hellow fellow traders, i have post this system once but it seem nobody pays attention to it. Please can anybody help me code it as one indicator and EA as well 1) Hull moving average= period 21 2)ema cross signal =1&50 3)super SR = defult time frame 1hr& 4hr let anybody...
I need help with this indicator, can you the programmer fix the mql code of this indicator?? If you can makes it work I really grateful. It should be look like this : Here's the indicator below : [ATTACH]5548[/ATTACH] Thanks
hi does anyone have an indicator for metatrader that shows the previous week's bar over lapping the current daily bars, i have seen one but it only works on the hourly/4hourly unfortunately ;( any assitance would eb much appreciated. thanks
pls, can some one help to code adx when crosses 20 line and tor-123 to show daily adx. thank
Hello all, I just recently switched from ForexTrader Pro platform to the better MetaTrader 4 platform. Now on the FTP platform, when the Williams Percent Range is enabled, you can have 3 different setting available at once. Mine are set at 20,14,10. But when i switched to MT4, i have to have three...
  Text inside indicator (45   1 2 3 4 5)
Is possible to see an example of how to insert a text inside an indicator (separate window) ? Thanks
Hello All, Could somebody help me to operate the Andrew's Pitchfork indicator? Thank you in advance. Mosheh
This version stochastics has multiple settings on one chart.In theory when all stoch settings cross then this would be an event and warrant order entry for buy or sell.enjoy
hello, i have found an indicator online called custom candle: but it only puts 4hour candles on top of 1hour and below, i.e. it only works for timeframes below teh daily. is it at all possible to allow...
hello, i'm french sorry for my bad english… I look for indicators mt4 but especially programmed indicators calculated heikin ashi candles on and not on normal candlesticks does anyone can help me ? I need a fast stochastic, MACD, forecast, True Strength Index, and 25x5 mm DiNapoli I start...
This indicator is fullly adjustable and I welcome you to change the settings to what will suit your trading style.Also indicator will alert you to new crossings on current bar or after curent bar close.enjoy
  Isfzzexp-t01 (1)
Located here is the indicator ISFZZEXP.This indicator will draw a trend line and give entry and exit signals.Follow the trend.
Located here are two custom indicators Gptrend and Gpmacd.Used together as a confirmation to the validity of the trend.Perhaps you use your arrow indicators to scalp pips or enter when signal match.enjoy
Two custom indicators..fxprime from the trading system primefx and 3x ma indicator with phases included as well as alerts.enjoy
Here are two custom indicators that can be used as stand alones or in your existing system.The first is wave runner from steintz and the second is robby dss bressert.enjoy
Here is custom indicator excalibur filters based on the expensive EA excalibur v3.Enjoy
Here are four diffrent forms of the indicator stochastics.
  pallada entry (1)
Located here is the entry indicator from the pallada system as many will like this one as it has alerts and is reliable.Add to your existing system of MA setup for order entry confirmation.enjoy
Located here is the custom indicator parabolic ZZ to be used with your default psar.
Get this error messages when apply my first custom indicator in mql5: Array out of range in 'MovingAverages.mqh' (142,7) I try to use exponentialmaonarray() function. can someone help me? thanks a lot.
hellow fellow traders, is there anyone with indicator that can work with another indicator in the way that it will not generate signal itself but it will tell me what is the signal of the indicator i combine it with on different time frame at thesame time. for example let say I load rsi on 4hr...
hy Forextraders. I look tool, or ea to me follows stop loss, or trailing stop automatically. All the same which Forexpaar I trade. I would like to give Pip Abstand by hand. I have break-out strategie whom trade is redeemed now, and I am 20 pips in the profit, should start tool or ea sl (ts) itself....