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Hello everybody, I am new at mql5 and have a question for a good library to recognize candlestick pattern. I have found this library but they use a indicator for the calculation and I want to do it without any indicator. Thanks for your help
Good day, I hope someone could please advise me. In MQL5 I initialize my Boilinger bands with the iBands call: fastBoilinger_handle = iBands(_Symbol, _Period, 20, 0, 0, PRICE_CLOSE); I then try to get the upper, middle and lower band values for the past 3 time frames as follows: double BM[], BU[]
attached mq5 indicator please correct it
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| renko.mq5 | //| Copyright 2020, MetaQuotes Software Corp. | //| |
Hello, my MTF (multi-timeframe) indicator works fine on opened market (when new ticks are received -> starting OnCalculate() function). E.g.: I see D1 moving average values on 10min chart... Problem is on the closed market where no new ticks are received. I get error 4806 (BarsCalculated function...
Hi everyone,  The indicator that I need may be of help to others that use volume for trading.  The concept is very simple and typical of VSA traders, is to look for a No Supply or no demand bar to enter a trade.  That is why I need a indicator that does the following: No Supply: Down candle and...
From the documentation I thought it would be possible, but so far I haven't manage to make it work. I have included my code below, could someone please take a look and show me where I've gone wrong. As you can see from the commented out sections, I originally was going to do what I wanted with 9...
Please how can i lock an indicator to an account number and also add expiry date to the indicator
Not sure if this exists... If not maybe I will try and make it. Let me try to explain... Within the space of a minute, the price may move up and down dozens of times. Adding up all the separate micro-movements, you might see it travelled 30 pips in total, 20 up and 10 down. But the 1m bar/candle
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hi I want to convert this code to metatrader study( "PivotHigh" , overlay= true ) leftBars = input ( 1 ) rightBars= input ( 0 ) ph = pivothigh(leftBars, rightBars) plot(ph, style=cross, linewidth= 3 , color = red, offset=-rightBars)
Hi, if we use top bottom reverse trading technique hundred of times it's giving me a huge profit but sometime if the spike will not come out and market is continuing going down or up what should we do? Can we close the trades or we place more trades? how can we recover the loss? If Anyone is using
Does anyone know an indicator for a new window only with arrows? Price up and down daily with green/red arrows only
Hello My Good fellow, does anyone know or make a script Pending Order at specific time with adjustable Stop loss, Take profit and lot??? Please help.... -Auto Pending Order closed candlestick at specific time (e.g: 1100 am Pending Order at shadow closed candle.) -Adjustable Take profit -Adjustable
Hi, every one .. Kindly be generous with info. Lately I changed my platform to meta trader 4 & I was struggling to convert my indicators to mql4 ,, as it is a new language to me , so after a lot of work & advises ,, at last I built something but unfortunately there is a little problem as mentioned
Hi, I was advised to update my indicator. However, I can't find the update tab. Does anyone know how to do this? Appreciate all responses. thanks, attila
Greetings all. I'm just learning to code and have few questions. Can someone tell me please how to do this thing; 1- How to prevent my custom indicator being duplicated? If it's already on the chart and I will drop it on to the chart again, I want it to detect the first one and abort launching the
Hi everyone, I'm still fairly new to MQL5 but feel I'm making good progress. I've now come to the next level and am looking for a way to retrieve the last bar's RSI at close. Anyone there who can give me a direction? ;-) Thanks a lot in advance and happy trading
I need the High for PastBars BarPos is always correct giving me the position of the highest high during the last PastBars but the Highest Bar figure BarHigh2 is always wrong. Can some one explain why CopyHigh is not working for me please? int PastBars = 10; // Number of past bars to find highest
Hello, I am trying to code MTF ADXW indicator. Below is my code which works fine and draws all lines correctly(See screenshot below) but after some time indicator buffers values became 0. Also indicator is very slow. I hope somebody can give me suggestions and tell me whats wrong with my code
but actually it can trade on those timeframes how to fix this
Hi, I am a newbie here. Situation: I am trying to code an Ichimoku based custom indicator to provide a buy or sell signal based on: Tenkan-Kijun crossover, Chikou (26 periods back) crossover with price (26 periods back). If Chikou is not clearly above the high or below the low of the respective...
hello traders, i want to know Ichimoku Kink Hyo indicator. i already read this indicator article in metaquotes website but i could not understood so please explain me how to use this indicator in daily charts. regards, k.n.v.santosh
I found this candlestick strength indicator ( ). It has several errors (please see screenshots below), so I left a comment for the author but haven't heard from him. How can I get this errors resolved
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hello I have an idea and maybe some programmer is intresting to do it. The Ichimoku indicator is a very complex trading system and a art of trading and specially for manually trading. but if you understand the system its also possible to take some parts out to confirm a other system. So the idea is...
Please, I want to synchronise arrows between two charts. Am copying the details from one chart and creating the object on the other chart. The problem is OBJ_ARROW_UP, OBJ_ARROW_DOWN //--- and the likes of the above, with the exception of OBJ_ARROW is created, but does not change with a change of
Hi everyone, so I want to convert the mql4 code of an indicator to mql5 code The indicator name is Oscar, it's basically a two lines cross indicator, first line is an oscillator and the second line is the moving average of the oscillator. Here is how the indicator is calculated according to the
Hello, I am very new here and want to practice a bit in coding. I decided to write a moving average. Writing from scratch is hard so I pull up an ema script people writes. There is this line inpPrice = PRICE_CLOSE _ema.calculate() getPrice(inpPrice,open,high,low,close,i) I would like to know what
I have tried modifying the Heatmap_Gradient_Scale.mq5 flag to be able to sort all symbols in the market watch window but I am not able. I have tried a 2d array more arraysort (). In mql4 I don't get any problem. ERROR - "displaylist" - parameter conversion not allowed . Any ideas where to start