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Please tell me the name of the indicator at the top
Can anyone post or direct me to a color stochastic for MT5. MTF+bars, Thanks!
Hello, I want to code slingshot indicator which will show; If ---  High[0]>High[1]  then; If ---  Close[0]<Close[1] . And, If ---  Low[0]<Low[1] then; If ---  Close[0]>Close[1]. thanks for helping.
I have this very important simple indicator I rely on and it's for mt4 and I'm going to mt5 I would really really appreciate if someone could convert this to mq5 PLEASE I thank you very much ahead and after for some reason I can't attach a file here, don't know why so here's a link for the download...
Hi all, Normally the stoch has 5 input parameters: fastk_period, slowk_period, slowk_matype, slowd_period, slowd_matype. I understood it should be fastk_period=50 and slowk_period=3. Right?
Good Morning, i just need  an indicator or ea that close the open position if the close is  > or < of a numeric value in the market, like 1.61064 in the chart where i've attached it. In this way i can modify and adapt it to every market just changing the values. Many Thanks
Why this indicator in the same currency example usd/chf the with same timeframe the same settings  have a different value  between  my demo account and  real account ?
In my terminal I have "Max bar in chart" set to 7200. However, working with onCalculate function I have found that rates_amount sometimes is bigger that this value. Sometimes instead of 7200 there is 150.000 bars (full M1 history). It causes an issue to me because I work with MqlRates instead of...
Hello Can anybody help me for buffer and mode of level line of RSI indicator (for example 30 and 70 at default) Thanks
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I need to use elliott in MT5 for MT4, is there a converter form MT5 to MT4, or an indicator like that for MT4?
Hello, I have 4 indicators that showing the entry line, TP, and SL. I would like to know if there are more indicators that has function like this?
Hello guys, could you tell me what is the name of the indicator showing in the chart below (in the red box)? This MT4 indicator show us Levels of Yesterday High (YH) Low (YL), Prior Week High (PWH), Range High (RH), Initial Range High (IRH) Low (IRL), Open of The Day (OpD), Open of the Week (OpW),...
Hi Scorpion, Thanks for such assistance to develop indicators for non programmers. I have few ideas i like to see as MT ind as i programmer friend is still busy i hope you can help me to get these formula as indicators. Kairi It calculates deviation of the current price from its simple average as...
8 (previous standard de facto from MT4)16 (twice as the standard, without a reasoning)32 (looks like somewhat number of Forex majors and crosses)64 (looks like Forex with exotics, an overkill imho)another option (can explain)
Hello, Is it possible for me as an MT5 trader to set up  7 Minute, 8 Minute and 9 Minute charts on my MT5 platform?  If yes, how do I go about doing that? Thank you, PennySeven
Dear All I had an indicator which was included from two lines in an indicator window bottom of chart. when these two lines crossed it made a blue circle. when I used this indicator it slow down my computer. I dont remember the name properly. ARENA or something like this. any one can assist? I really...
Hello, I'd like to integrate a custom indicator into an existing MT5 indicator (being used in MT4), it should show an arrow if a certain condition from the (custom) indicator is true. I set up : #property indicator_type  DRAW_ARROW  int Custom_handle; double CustomBuffer[]; and in the OnInit()...
Is there a maximum number of indicator handles (iCustom) allowed for a single indicator?
Can anybody do this for Metatrader 4? Here's the Easy Language Code: Inputs:Period(130),Coef(.2),VCoef(2.5), SmoothingPeriods(3); Vars:TP(0), Inter(0), VInter(0), CutOff(0), VAve(0), VMax(0), VC(0), MF(0), DirectionalVolume( 0 ), myVFI(0); TP =...
Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete smaller time frames on mt5. eg. everything up to and including 1hr. and add some such as 8 hr, 12 hr. Thanks.
Hi  I am pretty new to this, I have downloaded a stochastic cross alert indicator, but I don't get my expected result. On a M15 chart, I literally have signal every 15 mins, and the buy and sell signal is just totally wrong.  I have attached the code, and someone please help me to debug this. Many...
I'm looking for an indicator that shows me the max drawdown within a certain number of time (or bars) during a trend. Would be great to see a calculation on the screen of the max pullback amount in numbers.
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Elders market thermometer - from "Come in my trading room" - a real classic Mode parameter : 1 - "original" mode (picture 1) 2 - colors changed to reflect "trend" (picture 2) 3 - the so called "Silberman's and Lynch" version (picture 3) if in trade already and red bar, then exit get ready for...
Does there exist digital information about news. I mean these news, what are causing big movements on market, you know. One such site is . In this site you can see well marked news with their times. So how are these things in MT5?
Hi everyone, How can one calculate the buffer value for a custom indicator that displays 2 indicators with different values (stochastic which has value of 0-100 and OsMA which has value of -0.00x to +0.00x), as if like adding 2 indicators in one indicator window (picture below)?
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I'm looking for the Random Walk Index for MT4. The original formula developed by Mike Poulos used 4 indicators- a short-term period of 1 to 8 bars of the highs and lows, and a long-term indicator of 8 to 64 bars of the highs and lows. Any help appreciated, I do not have the knowhow for MT4 coding....
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                          PivotPointUniversal.mq5 |//|                                               Copyright VDV Soft |//|                                       
Hi, In my indicator (MA crossover), I marked "Up arrow" at the crossover, and also print out the time at the crossover. I saw three different time for the same point: One at the arrow in the attached figure (Time: 2017.07.14 09:30), another two in the print out in "Experts": ------------- 2017.07.14...
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Two pages from the book "Professional Stock Trading. System Design and Automation" by Mark R. Conway and Aaron N. Behle
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Does anyone have a large collection of oscillators (works best in a trading range) that he/she put together? Maybe we could start a thread where all oscillators are gathered. And let's go a little beyound RSI and Stochastic