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I have a request, that to use the indicator functions in the reverse direction of what it should be. For eg. 'I want to place a buy limit order where iRSI(14) = 20. Currently, the RSI is above 20. What is the price I should place it on?' 'I want to place the stop loss value where MACD signal line
Hi! Can someone send me an MTF MA that is not wrong? Without exception all the defects that are above .. most indis write this error: Not all data of ExtHandle1 is calculated (-1bars). Error4806 and this averages _-_ mtf (# GDAXI, H1) array out of range in 'averages _-_ mtf.mq5' (170,48) as wrote
hi i have this indicator to export MA and ATR, but after adding BID and ASK price it stops working. copied it from code base. what am i missing? thank you very much
If you close the client terminal with a chart and indicator open and then re-open the client terminal, the chart with indicator will appear as expected. The indicator will receive its first call to OnCalculate with prev_calculated = 0 as expected. However, on the next call OnCalculate will pass 0 a
I have no clue how to create an Indicator but i am looking for something very simple that will just place lines for certain times of the day colour coated, as well as notifications when price is reaching a specific point. if you can help please reply
Hi, I am looking for an indicator that will mark / highlight a candle on TF H1 at the time indicated by me
Please how do I add the Hilo oscillator to my iPhone MT5 trading app
Hello, I have been looking for an indicator that draws a line where the net profit line should be, lets say i have two orders in on the same pair, somewhere in between the two is the net profit line, I would greatly appreciate any help with this. Thanks
Hello I am looking for an indicator, which alerts you when a support or resistance is broken only with the body closing price Can someone an indicator like this help me
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I feel that MetaQuopes should provide the traditional MACD in their suite of indicators provided with MT5 as a lot of traders find the version of MACD provided by MQ to be unsatifacory in that it hasn't got crossover lines and the hisogram behaves a whole lot differently. I have got a new MT5...
I have programmed an indicator which includes some function and main calculation is as below the problem is that the indicator does not automatically show the histogram, I have to refresh or change time frames then new histograms appear. could any one let me know how should I solve this problem? or
Hi All, I am seeking help in the programming of indicators, like i want to create an buy/sell alert using RSI......when it reaches 30 and 70 ADX.... when it crosses 25, and EMA.... 7 and 21 when all the above criteria meets it should indicate a buy or sell..... is it possible....pls advice....thanks
hello, i want to make a mql5 version of this indicator but i can, i think candlecheck functions not working but i don't know why, they work in mql4. #property strict#property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 2#property indicator_color1 Blue#property indicator_color2 Redinput int
I have been trading for some time on MT4 but I switched one of my accounts recently to a broker offering MT5 because I needed 2 hour charts. I use indiccators as well as price action to arrive at trading decisions on forex pairs. The version of MACD offered with MT5 wsn't acceptable so I downloaded...
Hello. I would like to use iCustom function to call arrows of this indicator ( I coded as: double buy=iCustom(NULL,0,"lukas1_Arrows_Curves",0,0);double sell=iCustom(NULL,0,"lukas1_Arrows_Curves",1,0);//...and in the if statements:if(OpenSELL && sell>0)if(OpenBUY &&
It is hard to find a reliable arrow indicator.First most of them will repaint themselves and if they do not them they usually give such low quality signals that they it is not worth the time to use them as you will be gauranteed a loss.This indicator does not have those problems as it gives reliable...
Hi. Could anyone help me? I've made some changes in the default ZigZag indicator to be able to plot its lines on the lowest close and highest close of bars instead of highs and lows. I did it and it works well. However, I would like to change the way that a new "wave" starts to draw from the default
Hi. I have written a complex cpu intensive indicator that takes a relatively long time to run - perhaps 2 minutes for 100,000 bars. I would like to make this custom indicator available to an EA using iCustom and CopyBuffer. However, my understanding is that CopyBuffer will call my indicator and
Is there equivalent function of ExpertRemove() on indicators. Indicator should be removed by itself by pressing button (like END) or in some other condition
Hello, I am trying to learn MQL5, so i could follow some examples from the documentation. Now I am trying to create an indicator with a little bit of everything. Well when I try putting together everything then something doesn't work, here I have 7 plots and the candle color is not working. So the
#import "anydll.dll" int test(int x);#importanydll::test(1); ... is not working anymore and produces error "'anydll' is not a class, struct or union" I cannot find nothing within the documentation about it. Thx for helping
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could share a "Currency Strength Indicator" (which measures the strength of a currency's price in relation to other changes) for Metatrader 5. Thanks and have a good day. 
Hello, I'm trying to build a modification of the ADX. I am only interested in the values of D+ and D-. In order to improve the visibility of a signal, as soon as one of the values is higher than the other and additionally a threshold is exceeded, a color change should happen. I seem to have a
hi to all i'm trying to code a fibonacci indicator at fist how do i detect the indicator on the chart. i already have made the levels formula to count so it can send alert at some levels but at first i must detect the fibo indicator draw on chart.any help please. double fiboPriceDiff =
Hello, somebody can help me to create an OBV (on balance volume) indicator directly on main chart? I see only the indicator to put on separate window. Many thanks in advance Kind regards Marzio Bresciani
would anybody have or be able to write out an indicator for mt5 that calculates the average candlestick body length over x amount of candles . thank you
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We are continuing discussion about the indicators. We have the following thread: https...
Dear all, I hope you guys can point me in the right direction, i've search for quite sometime and trying to understand how do i use the data i got from Median price of a Moving Average Indicator. Yet to no avail. I'm trying to get a Median Price Moving Average Indicator (successfully) and using the
Dear all, I have some indicators that just don't show on the chart or show, with wrong values, but they work fine if backtested Any hint how to solve this problem? For example, the one attached, work fine in backtest but show completly wrong value if I attach it to a chart Thanks for help