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Hi, I am looking for an indicator where one Moving Avarage is divided by another. For example 20SMA divided by 10EMA, or similar. Does anybody know if such a thing already exists? Thanks, h4rry
Hi, I have the following questions on user defined function: Question 1. Can I put a if statement within the function as I want to combine two functions into one ? Question 2. Can I use the same variable (a and b) in two different functions, does it confuse the program . In the main program we have
while(pos>=0) { // ******** SLmin Function ********** double Func_SLmin (iCxu) { j=0; SLmin=3000; while(iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,j)<iCxu) { if (iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,j)<SLmin ) SLmin=iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_H1,j); //Print (Symbol()+"SLmin = "+SLmin);
I have a company
Hi All I am trying to create a ROC indicator, but for some reason, it doesn't get displayed, the code is below double ROC, CurrentClose, PrevClose;double RateOfChange[]; CurrentClose = iClose(Symbol(), 0, i); PrevClose = iClose(Symbol(), 0, i + n_Period); ROC = CurrentClose -
Hi, I think the picture says it all. Its the standard Bollinger, inserted from the menu, and it was like that after some hours. Totally impossible ... actually. SMA goes up but price goes down? No way. But it confirms some other problems that I have after some hours when reading bar data and do own
Hello guys, In attachment you can see a screen with some indicator. Have you ever seen it? If yes so where can i find it and what is the name of it ? B.R Jurina
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handle=FileOpen("File1.csv",FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE,','); FileSeek(handle,0,SEEK_END); FileWrite(handle,Symbol(),TimeToStr(CurTime(),TIME_DATE|TIME_SECONDS),Profit); FileClose(handle); handle=FileOpen("File1.csv",FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE,','); FileSeek(handle,0,SEEK_END);
Hello I want to make an indicator based on two SMA, period 5 and 20, that shows an alert when all of these conditions are met: -MA 5 has to cross over MA 20. -Candle has to close AND cross over MA 5. -Both MAs has to point to direction of closed candle (only enough, not straight up or straight down
Hey guys, Im unable to use this indicator on my MT5 account. Have tried placing it in both the experts and indicator folders but still not working? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
Hi, I need Mt4 version of this 2 indicators: BrainTrend2 and ATRTrend. I do not know if it is exists. I have searched but could not located. If you have it, will be grateful if you share. Thank you
How To Use Average True Range (ATR) The Average True Range (ATR) is a volatility indicator designed by J Welles Wilder and introduced to the market in 1978 with the release of his book ‘New Concepts in Technical Design’ The ATR tracks volatility and provides an indication of the market’s eagerness...
Good day in Mql4 I can type as follows if(Year() == 2020) //year if(Month() == 2) //Month if(Day() == 14) //14 february 2020 Print ("fappy Vals Day"); now how do I write the above in MQL5. I tried datetime date = TimeCurrent(); MqlDateTime m_time; TimeToStruct(date,m_time);
So I have found this TEMA indicator and I just wanted to limit the number of Bars it needs to process by adding a new parameter "BarsBack". The problem is that by doing this it messes up the indicator line. The attached code is as follows #property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers
Hello How can I make the text bolder/thicker on the label? I use this code: string idxLabel="hello";ObjectSetInteger(0,idxLabel,OBJPROP_COLOR,clrBlack);ObjectSetString(0,idxLabel,OBJPROP_TEXT,"Text");ObjectSetInteger(0,idxLabel,OBJPROP_FONTSIZE, 10);ObjectSetString(0,idxLabel,OBJPROP_FONT
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The following indicator appears to have a bug. When switching to a higher time frame than the Daily, the indicator gives a series of Error messages informing the user that the "Chart period is greater than 1 day." Can someone fix this
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All the indicators which are helping the detection the trend please post here. The first indicator is sinTrend. The value of about zero is the float, the trend is started if the value of indicator is equal or above 0.0015 or minus 0.0015, the value of above 0 is uptrend, below 0 - downtrend.
Hi everyone, anyboby has the Better Volume Indicator v1.5 / v1.4 for MT5 ? ... please share the .mq5 file im new to mq5 ... try to convert a volume indi from mt4 to mt5 ... but find it hard kk :) thanks & happy new year all! regards
Hello everyone, How do I transfer Ichimoku Indicator data include tenkan-sen, kijun-sen,Senkou-A, Senkou-B, Chikou-Span & OHLC in daily or weekly timeframe(or All timeframe) historical ِData to Excel?tnx
Hi, I've been using this indicator for a while now but for the past month or 2, It started not showing up on some timeframes on different markets. In the past, it showed up on all timeframes and all assets that I used it on. But now it sometimes show up and sometimes doesn't show up. I've attached
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hi guys, not sure what im doing wrong but cant seem to get any alerts or sounds when arrow prints. any idea where i have gone wrong <Deleted>
Hi, There is an issue with the <Deleted> indicator that I purchased here, its not working again when I attach it to a chart. And removing it and again installing it on the same account is using up all the available activations. My activations are getting wasted and soon there will be zero
Hi guys, I need to know add some objects like OBJ_EDIT or OBJ_BUTTON to OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL. I want to create a panel and add my object to Rectangle Label, but I don't know how to add them
Hi all, already thank you for taking your time to read my message. I have a little problem, I can't find the PRICE MEDIAN function on my RSI indicator. On mt5 no problem I right click on the rsi and I find immediately (Median Price HL / 2). But on MT4 there is not this parameter. if someone can do
Hi, We have an indicator where it finds the highest High within given 4 candles. And then it stores this value in a variable of type Double. Sometime it change the value in double variable. For example highest high is 1.12347 in M15 EURUSD based on given four candles. And it is stored in a double
Hi guys, in the window I have 2 identical indicators: they can create bars at same time firing 2 different events using EventChartCustom. My question is: EA get the first events, in the OnChartEvent. What happens to the 2° event? Will it be processed after the 1° event is exited the OnChartEvent
hi i have this indicator that works, exporting multiple MA of timeframes: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+int start() { static int flag; int handle; double AUDCAD_Bid, AUDCAD_Ask, AUDCAD_M1_10_MA, AUDCAD_M1_20_MA, AUDCAD_M1_30_MA, AUDCAD_M1_40_MA
Hi all. This is version 2: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Ichimoku2.mq4 |//| Copyright 2005-2014, ??MetaQuotes Software Corp??. |//| |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#property copyright "2005-2014
Hello, I want to create an indicator which tells me when to enter a trade. Additionaly the indicator tells me: Now! enter Trade StopLoss value TakeProfit value How can I pass this information from the indicator to my expert? Do I have to use three different Index Buffers for this, or can I use some
#property copyright "Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp."#property link ""#property version "1.00"#property strict#property indicator_buffers 1#property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_width1 1#property indicator_color1 clrChartreusedouble tops[];extern int