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I adapted this code, but this is not working...I appreciate some tips. cheers //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| cand_color.mq5 | //| ProF | //|
  Heiken Ashi Idea (371   1 2 3 4 5 ... 37 38)
Can anyone create a modified Heiken Ashi indicator that is based on a moving average instead of raw price data? Basing the Heiken Ashi on a JMA, T3 or Hull Moving average filters out whipsaws and makes the indicator extremely effective at pinpointing turning points. Almost too good to be true. The...
Hi guys, I researched every single topic i could find on the issue, and only when i checked everything i found im writing. I am experiencing a massive headache as a result of getting the unresolvable "for me" error 4806. Now i have an MQL5 indicator to put a number of different TF BB on a single
Hello, I'm trying the harmonic pattern indicator that I am attaching: I would like to ask you a question gently: when the last leg of the pattern is being formed, draw a D; for example for the short, if the following candle makes a new minimum, the indicator updates the D: when is the last D
I'm looking for the chaikin money flow for MT5, but I didn't find anything here. If exist, can you share the link to download it
Dear Forum Members, I am trying to code regular version of HAO into MTF one, but without solid programming background, I am not successful in that. Sorry guys... Could someone update the code of regular HAO (attached) to get its Higher timeframe capability please? To make that simpler, can use
Do you know why I always lose my watchlist in MT5 every time I go to browse another app and comes back to MT5 app; when you lose your saved watchlist I have re-enter all the instruments again and again; this happens three to four times a day; is there a way to have it saved permanently
  Buffer Arrows Disappear (11   1 2)
Can any gurus help, I dont know why these buffer arrows show when placed on a chart but wont show under test or any forward pricing
hi firends . i have a picture from mq5 and i need to know whats indicator on this image ? i have attached indicator image here. i have only image file. please let me know what indicator is this? if anyone has please post here. thanks
Hello, When trying to migrate files to vps, I get this message: ' migration to virtual hosting failed: old ex4 version" "Please recompile and migrate again" So what do I need to do? Is this due to an incompatible version of MT4? (it works on my coinexx mt4) How do I update it to work with latest
ALL YOU NEED TO TRADE IS A HORIZONTAL LINE TRADING IS SIMPLE. There is an entire industry built around making you think it is complicated. All you need is a HORIZONTAL LINE on your chart to be a profitable trader. I bet you doubt me, don't you? Go long when the price moves UP to a price ends in 00,...
Hi All, I wonder if someone can help, I'd be so grateful. Currently using this free indi which sends emails when the MA colour changes. Sadly not a programmer, I just wanted the EA to send a push notifcation same time as the email goes out. It's probably so simple, but the coding side is all
I'm writing a tool that will display whether the current MACD EMA histogram is less than or greater than 0, for TF other than the current TF. I know I need to download history for the other TF. MACD MA is calculated correctly. Given I have the history, why does this code not calculate the signal
Hello, Please, I am finding it difficult to repeat the box drawn on "x" amount of days, then also change the time to the current time in my plot, Using print function it is showing my time is 1970.01.01. Am still learning and this is the first code am writing with mql 5. int OnCalculate ( const int
hi how can i add price tag to a custom indicator
Hello is it possible to create an indicator that sends an email with a screenshot of the graph when the price touches a rectangle that I have drawn manually? Thanks for the replies
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Mcgee's indicator.mq4 | //| McNilly Goshomi | //| |
Hi, Does anyone know the precise indicator name of the SD indicator/s in the image attached? If you do please let me know. Thanks
  All John Ehlers Indicators... (941   1 2 3 4 5 ... 94 95)
Hi all... I'm dedicating this thread to all indicators by John Ehler's in the hope that we can get/make as many of them for MT4 as possible. Please post any MT4 John Ehlers indicators that you have here as outlined in his books "Rocket Science for Traders", "Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and...
Dear Forum Members, I am trying to code regular version of HAO into MTF one, but without solid programming background, I am not successful in that. Sorry guys... Could someone update the code of regular HAO (attached) to get its Higher timeframe capability please? To make that simpler, can use
This one is for those that use metatrader 5 Metatrader 5, unfortunately, did some things that hardly are logical. One of the things done by it is that builtin averages (and all the other builtin indicators) are not functions any more. That is as big a nonsense as it can get. Instead of making...
Hi Folks, I'm trying to figure out how to create an alert for when the CRSI goes above 70 and below 30. Can someone point me in the right direction? I can only figure out how to create alerts based on bids and asks. Thanks in advance and apologies if this was answered in another thread
how to put two indicators in the same window
I'm looking for a simple code/indicator just for those functions described in the image I sent, that while the EA is active, this information appears in the corner of the screen. it doesn't have to be weekly, just the information for the day. Thank you in advance
I made a very rough indicator with ObjectCreate/OBJ_TEXT that floats next to the current bar and I have these problems with it: - How do I position it? It is not just too close to the bar, it actually writes text over the bar and looks bad. I "fixed" that by padding the text it is supposed to print
Are the SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_ASKHIGH) and SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_ASKLOW) values correct? I feel that the value range of SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_ASKHIGH) and SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol, SYMBOL_ASKLOW) is too narrow compared to the value range of SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol
Does anybody know how to work with iCustom when the mt5 indicator only has one buffer but it plots multiple colors ? like the braintrend indicator , it only has one buffer but it plots candles with two different colors
Hi everyone. I've really tried to solve this myself but after 3 full days I don't think I will. I just want to pass a single variable to an EA and I can't even do it with these simple scripts Indicator "DELETEind" : #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 1 #property
Could anyone help how to plot the bollinger band through the other renko2 indicator? And SimpleMA by including only the value of i, the indicator works, however it runs through the candle chart and does not follow renko2. I'm trying this way, but an error is shown in the Diary. Thank you
Hi everybody, I'm taking my first steps in MQL5, in particular I'm testing the moving average indicator. I wrote the following lines of code to print the moving average value as soon as I receive a new H1 candle (with period "14", calculated on H1 timeframe, with mode EMA and on PRICE_CLOSE). static