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Guys and Dolls. Salutations and Greetings. I wanted to share with you this knowledge, i don't know whether this problem has been resolved or not. Well... here goes. Sometimes, we, in the midst of trading-lounging didn't realize that the Internet line has been disconnected. The MetaTrader 4,...
Hi is nice to be among u pple area, i just join this site. pls can anyone tell me good indicators to make use for trading here.....
Hi, I need your help! Who have the indicator ''Mada Minova'' ? Would you please share is with us? Thanks a lot! Macro
Hi guys...recently, I experiment with an indicator call "kaufman" in MT4 platform. It looks like this: It has blue and orange dot. The blue dot seems to indicate bullish market, while the orange dot indicate bearish market. Is it really kaufman indicator? I search for kaufman indicator (KAMA) and it...
A technical indicator is a mathematical calculation using price( and volume) history and is primary used to build mechanical and automated fx trading systems. A forex trading system is defined by a common set of rules developed around technical indicators that signal entry and exit points for a...
Hello, I have seen this Indicator somewhere for download at one point in time, but I cannot remember where and I am interested in playing around with it. I don;t need teh MACD Indicator on the bottom or the 3 color LMSA, I have those, what I am looking for is this type of "ZIg Zag" filter in the...
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hi iam amir from shiraz i looking for best system or all about forex have profit for me plz help me? 100% andicator 100% system trade i am in iran and cant buy systems
saw the high/low range that vt trader has on their platform. It plots intra-day highs and lows . Is there one similar for mt4 ? Visually it would be most helpful. thanks
Hello, I need some help here from some experinced programmers/traders on how a particluar indicator works going forward. I have been looking at a particular signal history for the #FXmFish[1]-2.mq4 indicator. Unfortunately I have never watched it tick by, bar by bar and since there is no FOREX...
Hi guys, based on the OverLay indicator by SBT i've develop an MA correlation, this MA will show the prices like an normal MA but for other pair on your chart. A picture explain everything more clear i think... I still need help and working on a Signal when this MA cross the other pair and the...
I find the HA bars a distraction and sometimes get in the way of viewing the actual price bar. I do want to know when the HA bar flips and changes color (eg. a previous up trend changes to a down trend). Is there an existing HA indicator that allows you to hide the HA bars but to show when the HA...
Have you ever wonder how many people is buying or selling your currency? Enjoy!!!
Basicaly the thread name says it all.
Hi all, i am new here ,nice to meet you all. can anyone help me to write a simple metatrader alert? RSI(14) > 70 alert RSI(14)<30 alert apreaciate for your help thanks alot
hi i looking for indicator maxp where can i found it? thank you
Hi I speak very bad in english, i live in french polynesia. I search a indicator with a alert on MT4. When the prices cut the EMA34/high for a up trend, And the prices cut the EMA34/low for a down trend... Thanks
My friend's buy/sell signal, template included check in attached file
Hi, New to the forum and hoping somebody can help me with a Metatrader Indicator. I need a Moving Average indicator that I can configure like most; colours, style, type, simple / exponential etc but I want to add a label / text to it to indicate what it is e.g. "1 Hr 50" I have a number of MAs...
Hey Scorpion, i was wondering if there is a custom indicator that places trades for you when the indicator gives you a new signal? Any information would be helpful! Thanks, Andrew
This is a great indicator, and it is very usefull for all traders. It draws lines with opening and closing times of markets. Enjoy
This is the best looking indi for news i have ever seen!!! Put file WebGet.dll into libraries, file !IN10TION NewsReader v09.2 lite.ex4 into indicators, and file ! IN10TION Total.tpl into templates. Enjoy
Hello Everyone, I am looking for a multi-time RSI indicator, does anyone have any good ones? I am looking for ones that provide good rsi information, like below or above 50 line,current directionsRSI data, ect ...if anyone program something like this for me.... if so let me know
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HI Friends, I need RSI with EMA indicator for MT4. I would be much obliged if anyone can help me with it. Thanks
hi everyone how is everyone, well i am fine. hi scorpion i am testing a new trading strategy that if it can give the results it will be a bomb. all i need is a sound alert that rings everytime the 4 or 5 ema crosses the 20sma in the bollinger bands drawn in the same timeframe. hope you can help
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Hi, I Just Finished My "book" Of Indicators, It Is Short Explanation What Indicators Do, And How Do They React To Market, I Also Ilustrated Every Indicator With Mt4 Charts. I Hope That My Book Will Help Somebody. true Power Is Is Knowledge!!!
i am a newbie and i know anything about coding. i'd like an email alert to be added to the attached adx/dmi system.the alert should send email wenever the plus DI crosses above or below thw minus DI line.i would also like the currency and the time that the crossover take place on.
hi, im new to this forum because i couldnt find what im looking for in others, want to say "hello" first. ok... im searching for an indicator which shows the position/price of an MA on my screen. For example, i want to see on the 5 min. timeframe where the 4sma/close and 20sma/close in the...
Hey guys, The TRSI indicator below is a important part of my system. However it simply quit working. I don't know if indicators expire or not. Could someone please be so kind to make the indicator start working once again or to use the formula below to create a new indicator. I have the code...
Hello everyone, This is my first post since I am new to this forum and I am a new trader. My problem is that I am using 2 MA Crossover. mq4 with alerts and I can't get the e-mail alert to work. The regular alert comes up on the computer screen and I have the e-mail one turned on. I have other...