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Hi guys, My indicator create a lot of trend line (that are the same of Hline) and for every trend line create a EventChartCustom with the conditions their delete. But the code don't make your goal. Can you help me please. here there is my code: int OnCalculate(const int rates_total, const
As in the attached picture, this history show details about slippage, How can I get the slippage data from trading history
hi guys, a function in my indicator use an indicator that I declare as global. If I declare it as static array my indicator use it, but if declare it as dynamic array, when the function try to use it my indicator stop it without some warning. Tank you for all help
Hi All I have been searching for an indicator for MT5 that will generate an alert when the candle touches the MA. I have found several that generate the alert once the candle crosses and closes above/below the MA but that isn't what I need. From my searching there seem to be many people looking for
PivotPointUniversal indicator by vdv2001 stopped working for me today with the latest update of MetaTrader 5 ( update no. 362)? Is that indicator still working for you guys or is it happening only with me?
hello please i want to convert this code to mq4 Hld = IIf(C > Ref(MA(H, 3), -1), 1, IIf(C < Ref(MA(L, 3), -1), -1, 0));Hlv = ValueWhen(Hld != 0, Hld, 1);Hilo = IIf(Hlv == -1, MA(H, 3), MA(L, 3));Trigger = IIf(C>Hilo, colorGreen, colorRed);Plot(Hilo,"HiLo",Trigger,styleStaircase); thanks in advance
Dear All, Can anyone here know where to get Pring's Special K indicator for MT5 and how to use it on mq5 ? Thank you
Hello boys, Can someone help me with a script for the next issue: I want to know how many red candles there are in the last 27 minutes. In the example below you can see that there are 9 red candles out of a total of 27. Let's assume that the next candle ends in red. That means we have 10 red candles
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Signal Bars has come of age so i thought that i would start a new thread with the latest version This version Signal Bars v7 has some new features, the User can select which Timeframes they want displayed and the indicator can now be placed into any indicator window to help free up chart space. One...
I was wondering if it is possible to add indicators to the mini charts that are available in MT5. I Googled it and came up blank. Pic below.
I am trying to Put together an indicator for MQL5 with RSI, Moving average and ATR combined, The Atr line must be invisible... and i have been failing so far because of my limited programming skill..Can someone give me direction.... Thank yOu in Advance
Hi guys, My custom indicator draw a lot of hline. How can I see if at pricex a hline id drawed? Tanks for all help
Hello, I have coded an EA for automatic trailing stop loss. When a trade triggers a minimum profit value based on a percentage of my balance the EA compute the new stop loss based on the ATR indicator and if the new SL > current SL then the new SL is applied. The computed SL is always greater or
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Hello i have an EMA indicator that changes color to green for BUY and red for sell so..i need help to include alerts when changing the colors...if your are willing to help you can have it for works only with 4H time frame for gold and Nasdaq 90% accurate... <Deleted>
hello, first of all thank you for read my post. I wrote custom indicator at mql4. But now i need to write that custom indicator at mql5. But there is a problem that is: in mql4 iMA(NULL,0,10,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,i) this format is available but in mql5 iMA(_Symbol,_Period,10,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE)
I need an alert for when the second candle breaks the bollinger
Hi, I have 4 MT4 platform opened and when I want to install the indicator. The system install it to the MT4 that I don't want to install in it. How to force it to install in te MT4 platform that I want? Regards M.S
Hello everyone, I downloaded an indicator (see file) but it does not have a sound file, is there someone who can add me one or two sound files of type .wav? Thank you in advance. ps: I have already tried to add two sound files but it didn't work
Hi guys, sometime I need to change TF to show the indicator. It seems it does not load or laod partially. Should I preload in On init function or what? I am struggling with this issue. Any tips
Hello I currently am having an issue, I am trying to code the BB into the MACD Indicator. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Dear Forum Members, If you have Multi Time Frame (MTF) Candle Countdown Timer MT5 Indicator Share here. It means Higher Time Frame Count Down Time will be displayed in lower Time Frames also, if we choosen Higher Time Frame in Lower Period
Hey all, I have a question regarding copyright on custom indicators.  I recently built my own indicator that expands on an existing stock MT4 indicator.  Specifically, it takes the MetaTrader RVI.mq4 code and adds some calculations to find the max/min indicator level within the past 300 bars and...
Hi guys, I need to delete my created object when the Ask==price1, How I can do it? Tanks for every help
Hi all, Could someone help me or point me to the right direction to mod this indicator to have option to select different timeframe and with an option to display in the main signal windows then under. The code is here: Thank you very much
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Hello All I was wondering if anyone knew of non-repaint MA indicator that ony shows when MA crosses above or below price (or vice versa)? Not an double MA cross indi, just a more simple one. Thanks so much. I've looked but probably in the wrong place
Hi, i was trying to load a custom indicator with icustom, not available trough the "i*" functions. int Stochastic=iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"DSS",inpStoPeriod,inpSmtPeriod1,inpSmtPeriod2,inpSigPeriod,PRICE_WEIGHTED); The values for inpStoPeriod, inpSmtPeriod1, inpSmtPeriod2, inpSigPeriod are set over
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Some T3 indicators.
Hi guys, Am trying to fix this code but was giving me some errors, wouldn't mind your help fixing it //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| SBD Vix Lockdown.mq5 |//| Copyright 2020, SoftBlues
I set up the push notifications in my indicator's settings. notifications get to my mt4 phone app perfectly while running the the computer app. But when I rent a VPS and set all the details and the environment, and finally click migrate, I don't get the notifications when I close the app. I also...
Is it possible to have one indicator draw simultaneously in chart window and in separate window?