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Hi Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the period lines on this indicator?
Bollinger Bands with MTF abilities - shows the Bollinger Bands of upper timeframes, allowing you to take better trades with strong confirmation. Just check out the screenshots. How To Use: Parameters BollingerPeriod: Period of Bollinger Bands Deviations: Deviations for Bollinger Bands Timeframe:...
  Indicator Trend Detector (61   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
MT4 Indicator Indicator Trend Detector
TRiX (3 Exponential) indicator for MetaTrader 4. The TRIX is a trend-following indicator used by triple smoothing of price and looking for anomalies and rate of change. How To Use TRIX How To Use TRIX Download here: Click here to download Great trading!
I have been trying to find an EA based on Fx Sniper's T3 CCI indicator, I have been using it manually on the 30 mins chart with good success. If it does not exist, would it be possible for one of the programmers out there to create it. I have attached the indicator.
  Trend continuation factor (87   1 2 3 4 5 ... 8 9)
Been fooling around with "Trend continuation factor" indicator by M.H. Pee and somehow I could not find the "original" indicator for mt4 (the non-smoothed one) so, here it is (along with the original article by M.H.Pee about the way it should be calculated and used). One T3 smoothed version of it...
Is there one out there that I can download?
  Sidus v.2 (1)
it seems fantastic indicator working on ( RSI + MONVING AVR. ) , but it needs to be refresh after every bar and sometimes it repaints. Can any one help me to improve it ?
Which one's would you choose, and Why??
  The New guy (1)
Hello Every one I am new to this site. I hope to pick up new and share information. Happy trading!!
I am looking for an MT4 Alert - UPTREND ALERT - for example on the daily chart would look for; SMA18 day of today is >= SMA18 of yesterday AND SMA9 day of today is >= SMA9 of yesterday (if the above is true) AND SMA18 day of yesterday < SMA18 day before yesterday OR SMA 9 of yesterday < SMA 9 of day...
MTF Version of the MACD Indicator, allows you to see MACD from bigger timeframes without opening an extra window. Download: MTF MACD Forex Indicator
I have a found a system and an indicator that seem to work for me. Last week I was able to get 300 pips, 80 of those pips in one day, which was weird coz on any other day I couldn't get 10. I would like for some one to trade this system with an indicator to test the ease of it or to make any...
I am a long time member and first time poster. I would like to share the way I trade with the group. To be honest, this is not my creation as it was given to me as part of the currency meter I purchased. I want to be clear so that if you see the same system elswhere, you know I am not the creator....
Hi! This should be easy one. What I'm looking for is an indicator which shows those little gray balls with arrow inside (like most ea's have). When f.e. you enter for long (or short) it draws above mentioned sign.
Newbies Trader
  ATR on chart (2)
Folks, Could someone please point me in the right direction to get ATR osc on the main chart. I know it's an osc and it cannot be deployed, if anyone has any info on custom one, I would really appreciate it. Ta ams
Hi how can i get the indicator where i can add more charts in the same timeframe? Thank you
MTF Version of Fisher Transform (Fisher_Yur4ik), download here: Download Fisher Indicator
I looking the indicator may asist me to entry the trade of buy and sell. If know how to entry, so how about how to exit? Thanks
hi all. I`m new comer here,... and this year is my first time as trader, here.. i want your help to share me maybe some indicator, analysis etc.. thank.
  Parabolic SAR (3)
In the world of short-term trading, experiences are defined by a trader's ability to anticipate a certain move in the price of currencies. There are many different indicators used to predict future direction, but few have proved to be as useful and easy to interpret as the parabolic SAR. The...
Mt4 Indicator
Momentum indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF Momentum Indicator Here Good Trading!
Commodity Channel Index indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF CCI Here Good Trading!
What is a reserve currency and why is it important? by Patrick Patterson, Chief Strategist & Administrator of Education Background A reserve currency is a currency that is stored in large quantities by foreign central banks and financial institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves as a...
Relative Strength Index indicator, multi-timeframe version, for MetaTrader 4. Download it here Download MTF RSI Here Good Trading!
Great breakout indicator - plots high and low of several periods. Download it here Download Donchian Bands Here Good Trading!
Good evening.I watched that many experts of Metatrader,are member in this forum. I need Your assistance to code a simple rule and edit a sound alert according this signal. The rules for Long : Low(or actual price) <= BollingerBandBottom(20.2) And...