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What is Daily Range??? Hi, I always come across the term Daily Range. From what I understood, daily range is the range starting from the daily open to the daily low or daily high. Am I right??? Thanks for reading this thread. All comments are welcome.
  price hit (4)
anyone has a script to calculate number of times a price is hit within the past 4 hours?
What is "Keltner channel" and can you use it in MT4?
Attached is my indicator for trendline alerts. How to use: attach the indicator and draw any number of trendlines or horizontal lines like usual (works also for existing t/h-lines already on chart). Whenever the Bid price crosses any of them the alert sound (alert.wav) will be played. Enjoy!
Is there a service or a code for a stop light program. Red you sell. Green you buy. Or a dash board program that is free. That takes the most common indicators in to account. And tell you when to get in and out. I am new to forex and most charts gust confuse me. And the more indicators you put on...
I have a school project for calculus 2 and its an indicator based off the the Autoregressive price extrapolator by gpwr except it prints the predicted values into bars. I would like to add a confidence cloud to the indicator, but I've been having problems implementing it. Another two issues are I...
Generally people said forex software as the indicator... What is exactly indicator mean in forex software? What are all the categories meant to be as an indicator? Add clear introduction!
Dear Members and Administration of Forum 22-03-2012 on one of the Western Forex forum there was placed during one day screenshots of indicator, which is able to predict price movement on 1H charts (and any others!!!) up to 12 bars upfront... During the trading (22-03-2012) day we published our...
Hello, I am looking for Drag & Drop Scripts that work on the broker MB MT4. The Drag & Drop Scripts I currently use don't work on their servers. I really need a Stop Loss and and Target Profit script that will work. Thanks guys
try this indicator and tell me the result it seems be good it called ( super scalping ) #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_minimum -1.2 #property indicator_maximum 1.2 #property indicator_buffers 1 // bija 1 #property indicator_color1 Blue #property indicator_width1 3 #property...
when will be find the perfect indicator to end this suffering of forex traing time after time to find the good one but they all the same is there a good one or it will be a legend
hi, i am new to this forum. I am looking for an indicator, which give me an alert, when two EMAs crosses over or under. i know there are a lot of indicators out there, but maybe you can show me one which is proofed and stable. thanks a lot for your help
Anyone have the indicator Eagle Breakout? Like this one exactly? Not the PANCA breakout one, Eagle breakout? I had it on other hard drive but its now dead And I can't find it in search. Thanks
Anyone out there to share this powerful forex system with us by uploa!>ing it here,.... Thanks
Hi, Can someone upload the ADX crossover alerts like when ADX crosses 22, MA Cross over alerts like when the price crosses 20/50/200 MA's Chocks.
Whats the name of this indicator?
  Indicator (3)
What is an indicator in forex? What is the work and need of this indicator? Share your experience on forex trade!
Hello Everyone, I'am new to mt4 and just turned to mt5. I am trying to create an indicator using iIChimoku in which I need to plot the Senkou lines of H1 to current chart, say M1. Do you have templates for this? Regards, Allan
Hello, does anybody out there having or knowing the best trend Indicator. An indicator which is not repeating an give clear easy to understand signals. I am looking for an indicator which is showing the trend chanching pionts. And give no false signals in flat markets. Most Trend indicators showing...
  Hull Cross (1)
I see that we have hull (HMA), but does anyone have a HMA cross? Thanks Gil
I hope someone will help you to trade, if there are no
Hi guys I have some indicators that I would like to turn it into a non repainting indicators, if you can do it I would really appreciate it ... 1. SEFC 2. Glodminer Thanks in advance FarrisFahad
Hi guys Is there an indicator similar to "how_volitile2.5 in mt4 It calculates the range going back a selected number of bars Thanks Gil
Hey, I'm looking for a good indicator that will allow me scalping on M5 timeframe and give many signals - something like Stochastic. I would like to get an alert and arrow when trend will change. Thanks, freakout
Hey guys, How is everyone? This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone could whip up one of these indicators for a range bar chart. I want the indicator to display triangles in a red/ green colour depending on the RSI value. ANyone know where I could get something like from?
hii every body can any one please put buy and sell alert for this indicator .... thx
We have coded a new Forex Price Action indicator with extended alert and notification management. Features: - Uses 3 Moving Averages instead of original 2 - Calculates with High, Low, Open and Close - Displays 3 color lines - Executes an alert and/or notification if the fast and medium MA crosses by...
Hi everyone I'm new in Meta trade Scripts. I want to create a script with mutiple currency i want to create a scripts with a formula let say A=GBPUSD(sale)+0.01USDJPY(sale) and B=GBPUSD(buy)+0.01USDJPY(buy) and load in template which plot graph A and B with different line color in EURUSD...
Hello, I want to insert the current time in a email body or subjet, in a indicator. The email have this form: Subjet: Buy alert Body: 11h35 Buy alert in H1 For make a mail no problem: SendMail("Buy alert","Buy alert in H1") But you know how to insert the timecurrent() paramètre for had it...
Hi everybody. I've been trying to make this indicator for a few days now but am having some difficulty spotting my error(s). This is not an indicator for generating live signals but a way for me to view my strategy's success rate over time. Here's the idea behind the indicator: GBPJPY moves A...