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Can anyone help to set up a SMA with 30.50 and 100? Just like the hector DeVille SMA. If it is to be found anywhere please say so Thanks to the Guru's out there
Hi All, I have issue when try to get the values from DEMA_RSI indicator. Iknow Tha I have to use iCustor() function but I actually miss something. I use this code: DEMA_RSI[1] = iCustom(NULL,PERIOD_H1,"DEMA_RSI",30,30,4,0,70,30,false,4000,0,1); DEMA_RSI[2] = iCustom(NULL,PERIOD_H1,"DEMA_RSI",30,30...
Hi guys, I am asking if somebody has and could share the CurrencyStrengthChart v2.44 (Tom Yeoman) from or the AccuStrengthChart from I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks Hermes
Hello Code Gurus in the house! (Scorpion & Co.) I am looking for an indicator whereby it is only when Price touches the MA, a pop-up alert showing the price it touched the MA is triggered. Not when price crosses above or below the MA. Is there an indicator like that here? Thanks in advance.
Hi traders. Trading COG ( Center Of Gravity ) on lower timeframes M30-15-5 can be tricky sometimes. The gravity channel can expand rapidly and it can be difficult to catch swings even if the price is above or below the oversold/overbought area (lines) . By using Andrews Pitch fork in combination...
Hello all, aiming to create an indicator that basically consists of a trendline displaying text at its ends. RayRight and RayLeft should be prohibited (easy). The handling should be just as if it was a regular trendline (difficult). My questions at the moment are as follows: 1) Which time/price...
Hi, I'm desperately trying to draw a triangle based on x;y coordinates, not on price/time values. The goal is to create the triangle on the indicator's window, not on the chart window. I tried the bmp lib on codebase, but the refresh rate is too slow to be usable. Thanks a lot!
I have a mql4 and a mql5 indicator which does nothing but displays spread , swapshort and swaplong value on screen. I noticed that mql5 displays different values than mql4. I am confused. Which one is right? I am using alpari uk demo account for both mt4 and mt5. Here's my mt5 indicator: int...
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Hello every one, I am newbie of this forum and I'm so glad to be here.Please check my profile and I'm looking forward to be your friend.Thank you!
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I'm looking for indicators of the top and bottom, I need it.
Hi, How do I get the output of following functions in seconds as compared to TimeStamp in MQL5? int OnCalculate(..... const datetime &Time[]...........) //just cut short the oncalculate function. Using the default one { Print("Time=============",Time[0]);...
is there a way to show both time frame candles on the same chart... thanks in advance
Hi If I plot a 5min MTF indicator on a 1min chart, why does it look like a staircase? Is it possible to make a MTF indicator so that it plots on a 1min chart exactly what its value is on a larger timeframe? Gil
Hi everyone! What a great forum. Have just started experimenting with Metatrader after spending lots of time with Prorealtime charts. We have a RSI that we use with a period of 1 setting. When that is used in Metatrader it just flatlines at 0. When used in our prorealtime charts with the same...
Hey guys i am here with attaching you the cycle identifier for mt4 . but it repaints a lot . Can anyone provide me the best cycle identifier which does not repaint . Thank you
Hi Is there a Mt5 indicator similar to i-ParamonWorkTime? Thanks Gil
Hey guys , herewith attaching you the mama indicator .hope it will be great and helpful .
Hey guys iam looking for head and shoulder mt4 indicator . kindly post it if any one has it . Thank you
hello! i am looking for this dashboard indicator (see attachment). Don't know the name..[ATTACH]11454[/ATTACH]
Hi, I was trying to built the Acceleration Bands indicator. I finished it, it looks okay, except by it does not seems to work in other time than 1 hour and takes long time to plot into the chart. If someone knows why, please help. I will provide it for free in this forum. Thank you...
Hello everyone , i am new to this site . It might find your funny but i am looking for an indicator tool which can help during hedging . Any possibility or does anyone has such indicator ? kindly post the link or the file . Thank you
Does somebody has the Triangular Moving Average for MT5? If not, can somebody help me to code it?
anyone has a script to calculate number of times a price is hit within the past 4 hours?
I would like to know if there is an Exponential Bollinger Band indicator, and where I can download it for MT4 or MT5 please.
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hellow Ineed hourly pivot point with alert please >>>>
Any One know what indicator in below attachment? thanks
I am looking for MQL4/MQL5 developers who are experienced in making Indicators and Expert Advisors. Let me know if you are around interested to make some money from your MQL4/MQL5 programming knowledge :)
Logibars Mean Renko Bars If somebody has this Mean Renko Bar indicator I will kindly share the price with him. I am not sure if it is made only for Ninja platform? I would need one for MT4. It is an excellent indicator! The LogiBar Custom indicator is also good but Mean Renko Bar is #1. It is the...