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I am trying to develop divergence spotter for coppock indicator code by combining codes from fx divergence 2.1. But i am stuck, it gives 2 errors. please somebody help me find out the problem. #property copyright "Berk"#property link ""//----#property
Hi all I am trying to add a scrollable listview in an indicator subwindow. I get the control added and items as well, but I can't get it to scroll. I suspect it is beccause the event does not get passed to the control. I have no idea where to start. Should I derive my own class from CListview and
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is it possible to create custom indicator based on custom script
I'm trying to get the values from the ATR to use with another indicator unfortunately I'm getting incorrect data (I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong). I've attached a snippet of the indicators code. Thanks
Hi I am looking to modify the TDI indicator little bit and want the value of yellow line as nofication on close of each candle. Any one who can help me out
Hi there.. I'm trying to work with grabbed data from webpage. The webpage is: It shows Hourly data by default. I wanna grab 30Minutes data. Do you have any idea how to grab it using WebRequest function? Thank you
I'm currently looking for a new MT4 broker. In order to make a good choice, I have looked at some criteria such as account types, additional funding, regulatory authority and fees. But there are also technical criteria in the MT4 which you can measure and evaluate. First, I think of values such as
I recently found the indicator <name removed>. He looked very good at first. But there is a problem. If the chart is running for a while, the indicator will no longer update. He simply stops displaying new signals. Is there a newer version of this indicator that solve this problem? Or is there a
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Reading articles around I feel confused about Renko bars... it looks like there are 2 intepretation: 1) every X pips a new bar is created 2) if direction of previous is up, a new bar is created after X pips up otherwise a new bar is created after 2X down... Where is the truth?
Hi everyone, who can suggest me a GREAT enter/exit indicator? And an indicator for choppy market? Thanks a lot
hello all, i have been using 2 indicators for a long time and i need these indicator in mt5 mode, can anyone help me doing it pls
How can I detect that market is ranging? Is there an indicator for that? Indicator, which would return two values: top of range and bottom of range. To check when a breakout of the range happens
Hello, how can I make the arrow appear only when the candle is opposite .. for example if the arrow is down the candle has to be green. sorry for my bad English. I leave an image so that you understand me better: this is my mq5 code: //--- indicator settings#property indicator_chart_window#property
Hi Everyone, Can someone point to MT5 OsMA indicator that is or can be built based on LWMA averages please? I managed to re-code original MT4 OsMA to OsMA based on LWMA (attached). Can't do similar with OsMA for MT5. Any help appreciated. Thanks for your time. Regards, Andy
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ToR 1.20 OK, the latest version of ToR now adds CCI on three timeframes, 1 min, 5 min and 15min with both Entry and Trend user adjustable. The calculation is done price typical so it will match up with woodie's CCI numbers. OK, 1.11 was broken, if anyone has it delete it and use 1.12 instead or the...
Hello, I searched the forum for a similar issue but unfortunately did not find it. I am creating a very simple indicator, it just reads the volume and plots in a separate window. Despite this simplicity the chart is out of scale and the values ​​on Windows Data are totally wrong and random. Does
Since Black-Scholes-Merton model inception, many option traders use the probability cone to trade several securities using stock options as protection to their investments. However, the model uses an universal equation based on normal distribution, from probability. However, due to increase in
Hello,  I am looking for a function that acts like the preg_match in PHP that performs a regular expression match.   For example, if I have a string in MQL4 that contains the following HTML code   <td id="pair_name_0" class="first left bold noWrap">Fibonacci<td id="open_0">1.2532</td><td...
I have this piece of code in an indi in mt4 which works fine: for (int x = periods; x >= 0; x--) { for (int i = pr + x; i > x; i--) { volful[x] += (double)iVolume(_Symbol, PERIOD_CURRENT, i); Print(x
Hi everyone,I want to make something like in this video Any ideas about how to import an image in the chart and implement two buttons to move back and forward and change the angle
Hello all, I am learning mql code at the moment, and I am stuck at this problem, not ideas how to loop it , can any one please give me a sample code. basically, I would like to create a separate indicator display 2 data series as following. 1. display simple moving average of x bar for only UP
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There is a way to know if price color in MT5 is red (last price is lower than previous) or blue (last price is higher than previous) without set a LastPrice var in OnTick function
Hello. I searched for a indicator that makes thick wicks, but can't find any. Usually I use mt4 and I use the thickwick that I uploaded, so I can see candles better. In ninjatrader they are fully customizable but in MT4 or MT5 they are not. Is there anyone who is willing to convert it, or show how
Hello Everyone! Is there any history deals based indicator around? Almost all of them are market based, but almost none is account based. I've seen a product that created an indicator based on profit, but what if I wanted to know my position moving average plotted with market candles? Many thanks
Need some help to get this indicator up and running.Get these errors: 'OP_TOLERANCE' - undeclared identifier support_vector_machine_indicator-3.mq5 147 28'OP_TOLERANCE' - cannot convert enum support_vector_machine_indicator-3.mq5 147 28'OP_TOLERANCE' - cannot convert enum
I'm an amateur coder. I'm having issues getting my indicator to work properly. The following is a RSI based momentum indicator that paints candlesticks based on RSI level + Inside Bar and Pin Bar patterns. The indicator looks like it works. However, the [0] or [i] bar repaints to normal candle color
Dear Mladen, I want to find an index for you. I originally had this index. I accidentally deleted it yesterday. This indicator is...
Hi , I want to make indicators that shows interest rates, inflaction, pil etc... in separate windows imported by csv files. Can anyone give me the right input, or tutorial or base in which work for develope it this myself? Maybe is possible do it by wizard in MT5? anybody know? Please, any help is
Help - can someone here help me, could you please help me to code this type as shown in the picture, Putting Rectange in specific Separator or for the past 4 months high low box. Thank you so much
Hello. I am wondering if there is an indicator that, taken a period of market movement (for example last week), it searches in all history of price to find a movement that is very similar, and makes the prevision based on the previous movement. I don't know what to search for... Does someone know