Non-Hedge Mode Setting (CAP ZONE EA)

13 June 2019, 17:57
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CAP Zone Recovery EA User Guide Part 7

Non-Hedge Mode (Input Parameters)

Max Hedge Trade: The maximum number of trades to be opened using the Zone Recovery Algorithm. Zero means to open unlimited orders depending on your free margin.


Non-Hedge Mode: Can be set to True for Clients whose broker does not allow hedging. If True, Losses are taken before activating new hedge trades. 

This recovery mode uses the same principle but without hedging. By which we mean that each time a new Entry point is reached the active trade is replaced by a new trade to the opposite direction with a profit target. The only thing different between Hedge and No Hedge Mode is the number of active trades (always 1) and Floating Profit.

Example: Here is what happens when Hedge Mode Vs No Hedge Mode on EURUSD

    • Initial Lot: 0.01,
    • RecoveryGAP: 200 points
    • TakeProfit: 300 points
    • Lot Type (For Hedge): Multiple
    • Multiple Lots (For Hedge): 2


Example-Your initial trade is BUY 0.01 and price go down and opened hedge trade SELL 0.02.

Hedge Mode– You have two open trades at the same time and for the whole trade to make profit (300 points), price needs to go down 500 points from your SELL trade. 

No Hedge Mode– When any recovery hedge trade is open, the EA closes the previous one.  


Hedge Mode

No Hedge Mode

Trade 1

Trade 2

Trade 1

Trade 2

Trade Type

Buy (0.01)

Sell (0.02)

Buy (0.01)

Sell (0.02)

To make Profit Price need to go down from SELL trade in Points



Profit in Points





Net Profit




Mt4 version -

MT5 version -

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