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After the Brexit, we had a sharp fall of the pound with a significant bounce...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:41 #gbpchf
After Brexit won, we had huge volatility. However, it is far from over as scrambling continues around European capitals. And also for the pound things could get ugly...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:40
Voting is now underway in Spain's latest General Election 26 June 2016 Spain heads back to the polling stations again today a result of last December's election failing to produce a stable government. Attempts by acting PM Rajoy and then the opposition parties have all been unsuccessful...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:37
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says her parliament could block the UK's vote to Leave 26 June 2016 Sturgeon has just been speaking on BBC TV where she said "of course" she would ask MSPs to refuse to give there "legislative consent...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:35
In a welcome break from all things Brexit here's the latest thoughts of our guest economist and eminent monetarist John Hearn 26 June 2016 As always we welcome your comments/questions...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:32
The opposition Labour party is having problems of its own 26 June 2016 In the wake of PM Cameron resigning on Friday, although not stepping down just yet, and calls for finance minister Osborne to follow suit we now have Shadow Government unrest further to that which I posted on yesterday...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 18:30
EURUSD: With EURUSD closing strongly lower the past week, more weakness is envisaged. However, we may see it recover higher in the new week on correction. Support lies at the 1.1050 level. Further down, support comes in at the 1.1000 level where a violation will aim at the 1.0950 level...
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  • 41, 26 June 2016, 14:39
The Brexit camp won the EU referendum triggering a violent risk off reaction. There should be three key drivers of FX price action from here. Copy signals, Trade and Earn $ on Forex4you -
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 26 June 2016, 11:08 #forex
This article originally written by Boris Schlossberg... Everyone wants to be a big swinging d-ck. Hollywood is full of stories of an underdog who takes on an insane risk and wins against all odds to becomes a hero for life...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 06:31
The pound continues its journey lower with Brexit still in the frame Regular readers will know I have been a rally seller on GBP pairs, and GBPUSD in particular, for a considerable amount of time now including again earlier today...
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Sherif Hasan, 26 June 2016, 06:22
According to theory of runs ( Read about it from Here ) There is 97% chance that EURJPY will rise to the upside next week. Depending on Forecasted Price Index - FPI There is 83% chance it will visit 113.46 or lower before it reverse back to the upside and build its weekly white candle...
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Muhammad Elbermawi, 26 June 2016, 02:16
A post that isn't about Brexit, so I know it'll be read by no one. I can put in rude pics and everything and they'll be none the wiser...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 22:38
Chart : Analysis (Weekly): Last week the couple started with a mark of 1.1334 (Open), with (gap + 59) and the estimated breakdown of the weekly resistance 1.1301 (R1 W1). Then there was the test 1...
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oleksandr bilokon, 25 June 2016, 22:14
12 of my favourite saying about trading forex Some are sayings, some are rules. Here's to a great 2016. The trend is your friend Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face Men who pick bottoms get smelly fingers...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 21:12
Our first article of 2016 from guest economist and eminent monetarist John Hearn "In the UK QE has expanded the money supply by £375 billion and the national debt has grown to over £1...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 21:11
How does your current trade fit into the big picture? If the trades you take fit nicely into the larger scheme of things, you will find it much smoother sailing than butting heads against a macro trend...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 21:09
Understanding the difference between capital adequacy and liquidity "There is a lot of misunderstanding about what is adequate capital and what is liquidity in financial services and certainly among economists and disappointingly so among regulators...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 21:03
Nonfarm payrolls is a major trading event every month. The US employment report often sets the agenda for the weeks ahead. It's a complicated data point but the market moves very quickly...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 21:01
Markets are the ultimate humbler When we're confronted with a totally different view from our own, we have two ways of looking at it: We're biased, or the other person is. You can guess which choice people instinctively make...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 20:58
What are your thoughts on the art of hedging? Many people use hedging. The main reason is to reduce risk in a trade. However, a series of hedges can also be a strategy to make money too. I'm a pretty simple trader...
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Sherif Hasan, 25 June 2016, 20:56