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Welcome to my "Ranking, Rating and Score" article for the coming week, the article "Strength and Comparison" has also been published...
Bank lending standards survey from the Bank of Canada Credit conditions tightened Conditions tightest since 2009 Pricing 12.6 vs 5.2 prior Non-pricing conditions 35.2 vs 7.6 prior...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 18:57
Highlights of the Bank of Canada business outlook survey Prior was 16.00 Prospects 'remain dim' among energy-related firms Prospects are more solid outside the affected oil regions and sectors Sees further investment cuts at oil companies...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 18:55
Brexit moves now a memory The commodity currencies were tossed out with the Brexit result but the market has subsequently had second thoughts. The New Zealand dollar is leading the way and has essentially erased Brexit decline with five consecutive days of gains. A close above 0...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 18:52
Closing changes for the main bourses: German DAX -0.7% UK FTSE -0.8% French CAC -0.9% Italy MIB -1.7...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 18:50
USD/JPY likely to bounce before next risk-off move. Summer could be quieter with delayed risks. Financial markets experienced severe dislocations around the Brexit vote. The pulse of the price action is gradually normalising as the effects of the shockwave gradually dissipate...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 4 July 2016, 17:42
We're not out of the woods yet. The energy shock dented Canada over the past 12 months, but the Bank of Canada's latest survey suggests that the tide isn't yet turning back in our favour...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 4 July 2016, 17:40
The British pound is unlikely to rush to post-Brexit lows, rather the move will be gradual and as such investors should position to take advantage of any bouts of strength...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 4 July 2016, 17:39
Details from the May 2016 Eurozone PPI data report 4 July 2016 Prior -0.3% -3.9% vs -4.1% exp y/y. Prior -4.4% Energy prices rose 1.7% and I'd suggest we're now going to start seeing the rise in oil prices being reflected in price data. In the 28 states it rose 2.8% vs -0.4% prior...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 16:17
Another solid jump in y/y vehicle registrations noted by the KBA Total registrations 8.4% vs 11.5% prior y/y YTP 7.0% vs 6.7% prior From the breakdown; Car registrations +8.3...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 16:13
USD/CAD technical analysis The commodity currencies are the top performers today and that's pushed USD/CAD down 50 pips to 1.2862. The pair has been in a steady downtrend since rising over 1.31 last Monday. The declines continues to eat into the Brexit rally and now the 61.8% retracement at 1...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 16:12
Morgan Stanley are forecasting an extension of the euro / pound exchange rate rally. Hans Redeker, Head of Global FX Strategy at Morgan Stanley writes: We believe that the EUR can remain well supported even in times of political uncertainty...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 4 July 2016, 16:03
Then we start to see the first pattern is called the engulfing and a very powerful pattern of slow but better support and resistance can also be time you are trading on lower frame such as 15 minutes and 5 if not the 5 min up always with our filter that would be our support and resistance if you...
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Andrea Baldassarre, 4 July 2016, 15:11 #Trading, forex
FxWirePro: USD/CAD Faces Strong Support at 21 Day MA, Good to Sell on Rallies Major support- 1.2865 (21 day MA) Major resistance – 1.3033 (200 day MA) USD/CAD has broken major support 1.2899 (daily Kijun-Sen) and declined till 1.28650 at the time of writing. It is currently trading around 1.28721...
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Roberto Jacobs, 4 July 2016, 13:34
GBPUSD: The pair continues to hold on to its downside pressure closing lower the past week and leaving risk lower in the medium term. On the downside, support lies at the 1.3200 level where a break will turn attention to the 1.3150 level. Further down, support lies at the 1.3100 level...
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  • 48, 4 July 2016, 13:31 #Trading, forex
Learning how to read charts, having access to the right technology, negotiating the best broker fees, these are all important factors for a new trader to get started on the right foot, but the most crucial factor, which is often overlooked is learning to keep your emotions in check...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 13:30
USD/JPY showed some movement last week, but closed almost unchanged at 102.46. This week has seven events. Here is an outlook on the major events moving the yen and an updated technical analysis for USD/JPY. The yen settled down last week, after posting strong gains after the Brexit vote...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 13:28
GBP/USD posted sharp gains last week, dropping over 200 points. The pair closed at 1.3246. This week’s highlights are PMI reports and Manufacturing Production. Here is an outlook on the major market-movers and an updated technical analysis for GBP/USD...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 13:26
The Canadian dollar enjoyed a strong week ,as USD/CAD fell 160 points. The pair closed at 1.2868. This week’s key event is Employment Change. Here is an outlook on the major market-movers and an updated technical analysis for USD/CAD. Canadian GDP posted a small gain of 0...
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Sherif Hasan, 4 July 2016, 13:25
I offer you the unique indicators to help the trader in his hard work. Presented indicators are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders...
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Maxim Kuznetsov, 4 July 2016, 12:06