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When you trade currencies, its all about central banks. For example when you are trading USD/JPY, you need to keep an eye on the Federal Reserve (FED) and the Bank of Japan(BOJ). FED policy mandate is to keep unemployment and inflation below 2% level. Fixing unemployment stokes inflation...
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Ahmad Hassam, 25 December 2016, 08:42 #ECB, Fed
If you have been into statistical modelling and machine learning then you will have this idea. Intraday data or what is high frequency trading data is not normally distributed and is infact skewed and leptokurtic...
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Ahmad Hassam, 25 December 2016, 06:27 #high frequency trading
USD/JPY is on the upward march since Donald Trump won the US Presidential Elections. On the day of the election it first threw a tantrum on Trump winning US Presidential Elections news. But then USD/JPY changed mind and has been climbing up since. Financial media is dubbing it the Trump Rally...
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Ahmad Hassam, 24 December 2016, 09:23 #usd/jpy
EUR/USD bounced back as of late as it consolidated recent losses. However, we expect the 1.0506/31 “breakdown point” to cap to keep the trend directly lower. Removal of the 1.0352 recent low can see further downside to test 1.0342/36 next. Our core target remains in the broad 1.0109...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 24 December 2016, 07:54 #forex
Pivot Points are popular with professional traders. Daily Pivot Point and Weekly Point Point Levels are considered important levels. There are many trading strategies that revolve around these pivot points...
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Ahmad Hassam, 24 December 2016, 06:42
First, a review of last week’s forecast: – Giving the forecast for the EUR/USD pair, 60% of analysts, 85% of indicators, and graphical analysis on D1 pointed out that the pair should continue to fall to the 1.0300-1.0350 area at the very least...
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Sergey Ershov, 23 December 2016, 19:20 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, forex
Euro Gains On Monte Paschi State-Rescue Plan Talking Points The single currency picked up in Asia on news that the Italian cabinet was debating a rescue for Monte dei Paschi DeSiena The tottering lender said this week that it had failed to secure sufficient private capital to carry on A state lif...
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Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra, 23 December 2016, 16:17
As you may know I published a number of indicators, which provide volume delta analysis in MetaTrader, including Forex. For example, there exist VolumeDelta, VolumeDeltaM1, and CumulativeDeltaBars for MetaTrader 4, as well as their counterparts for MetaTrader 5...
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Stanislav Korotky, 23 December 2016, 15:26 #forex
Central Banks are the most important players in the market. When they want they intervene in the market. Sometime they get the desired results oftentimes they themselves get surprised the market. The recent case of Royal Bank Of New Zealand that announced a rate cut sometime back...
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Ahmad Hassam, 23 December 2016, 12:58 #Fed
Daily economic digest from Stay informed of the key economic events Friday, December 23rd On Thursday the EUR/USD pair stepped into the region of 1.05 inspired by good news from Italy...
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EEAnalytics, 23 December 2016, 12:17
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Amin Asgari Hezaveh, 23 December 2016, 10:21
Federal Reserve recently announced the rate increase in a FOMC Meeting earlier this month. This decision came after a lot of procrastination on part of Federal Reserve. Central Banks are the biggest players in the market. Central Banks have the power to create a lot of money in the market...
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Ahmad Hassam, 23 December 2016, 08:30 #Fed
On 22 Dec 2016 09:00 AM UTC, COSMOS4U AdMACD Indicator triggered a successful sell signal for GBPJPY currency pair at 145.041 under 10, 33, 4. The position closed on 23 Dec 2016 05:00 AM UTC at 144.278 and the profit was 0.53%. AdMACD parameters for GBPJPY on close were 10, 33, 4...
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Dimitrios Vezeris, 23 December 2016, 07:38
Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME is the largest futures and options exchange. Two UAE based traders have been charged with spoofing the gold and silver prices on CME. Read this blog post that explains what these 2 UAE traders were doing and what happened...
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Ahmad Hassam, 23 December 2016, 06:59 #silver, gold
Project Volas Version 2 has been approved and published on 22 Dec 2016. For those who have purchased, it is now available in the MQL Market for update. This is considered a major update, hence please update your copy to Version 2 soonest...
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Chock Hwee Ng, 23 December 2016, 06:08
EURUSD: The pair lost its intra day gains to close marginally higher on Thursday. This development has opened the door for a possible move lower in anticipation of trend resumption. On the down, support lies at the 1.0400 level where a violation will aim at the 1.0350 level...
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  • 105, 23 December 2016, 01:12
We are using a proprietary algorithmic trading robot that uses two mathematical models: a) Bayesian Probability Model b) Machine Learning Algorithm It is a complex system that take into account more than 100 variables simultaneously and that has the capacity for self-learning, minimizing the risk...
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[Deleted], 22 December 2016, 19:58
Talking Points: Technical Strategy: Bullish can be confirmed soon Elliottwave Count: Wave 2 can mark completed Analysis As per previous analysis, AUDNZD (Australian dollar / NewZealand dollar) was expecting to complete it's wave 2 correction @ 1.0350 after having an high over 1.0726...
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hoagtrading, 22 December 2016, 14:47 #technical analysis
Market Spoofing is done when a trader tries to deceive the market by entering very big buy sell limit orders and cancelling them before they can get executed...
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Ahmad Hassam, 22 December 2016, 14:45
Talking Point: Technical Strategy: Confirming it's bearish outlook Elliottwave View: Reversal confirmed and counting impulsive waves Analysis We are tracking AUDCAD (australian dollar to canadian dollar) since last month. It was trading sideways from Aug-2013...
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hoagtrading, 22 December 2016, 13:35