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EUR/USD: Wave analysis and forecast for 04.03 – 11.03: Uptrend continues. Estimated pivot point is at the level of 1.0820. Our opinion: Buy the pair from correction above the level of 1.0820 with the target of 1.15 – 1.16...
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Roberto Jacobs, 6 March 2016, 18:59
Forecast of movement of currency indexes next week 07.03 -13.03.2016. 1.GBP index strengthened to 39 and almost walked right up to the Japanese, second target after the Japanese will USD. GBPJPY buy, GBPUSD buy. 2. Strangely behaved Pacific Fleet AUD NZD, instead of falling...
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Alexander Pryakha, 6 March 2016, 18:49
The week ahead is dominated by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s (RBNZ) rate meeting on Wednesday March 9. The central bank has the highest base lending rate in the G10 at 2.50%, which makes it a target for carry traders, seeking yield...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 6 March 2016, 18:37 #forex
The uncertainty surrounding the 2016 EU referendum has resolved itself into a downside bias for the UK currency and those watching markets should be aware that the exchange rate is susceptible to poll results either way until the referendum...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 6 March 2016, 18:35 #forex
EAs can assist traders and here are the results to prove it. It was Non Farm Payroll on Friday but our EA did not know that. As traders, we avoid trading during high volatile news but our EA may not be smart enough to avoid the news...
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Winsor Hoang, 6 March 2016, 18:04
This is the article "Forex Ranking and Rating list" for the coming week, the article Currency Score has also been published this weekend...
EURUSD: Having EUR closed higher the past week, it now looks to strengthen further in the new week. On the downside, support is located at the 1.0950 level and if violated, expect more weakness to happen towards the 1.0900 level. Further down, support lies at the 1...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 6 March 2016, 15:13
The US dollar fell against all the major and most of the emerging market currencies last week. Risk appetites have been rekindled, and the yen has gone from the best performer in recent weeks to the worst over the past week. Major equity markets advanced for the third week...
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Francis Dogbe, 6 March 2016, 09:35
Seven years ago on Saturday (5 March), the Bank of England slashed interest rates to a record low of 0.5%. At the time, the cut and plans to pump billions of pounds of electronic money into the economy seemed like an emergency measure to cushion the UK from the global financial crisis...
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Francis Dogbe, 6 March 2016, 09:02 #QE
USDCHF: The pair closed lower after losing upside momentum the past week. This development leaves the pair targeting further weakness in the new week. On the downside, support lies at the 0.9850 level. A turn below here will open the door for more weakness towards the 0.9800 level and then the 0...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 6 March 2016, 03:00
The pound sterling's recovery remains intact with the currency managing to hold itself above crucial support levels against both the dollar and euro. The pound has enjoyed its best weekly performance against the euro since October 2015 having moved from a minimum at 1.2661 to close at 1.2934...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 5 March 2016, 23:35 #forex
How to Trade Commodity Channel Index (CCI) in Forex Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is an oscillator introduced by Donald Lambert in 1980. Though its name refers to commodities, it can also be useful in equities and currency trading as well. CCI measures the statistical variation from the average...
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Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra, 5 March 2016, 22:53
The US dollar found itself under pressure this week as despite a run of relatively positive economic numbers, the Fed hinted that the March meeting will not really be a ‘live’ one...
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Francis Dogbe, 5 March 2016, 22:13
There’s so many different strategies, trade systems everywhere. You can see great reports, that show 100% win ratio. So the question arises – is it really so easy to trade? I do not think that it’s easy. I think that one has to know how to identify good reports from bad ones...
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Sherif Hasan, 5 March 2016, 20:50 #Trading
I start my new venture in which I will try to develop several EA's to help others start their trading Profitably...
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Tomas Rodriguez Doherty, 5 March 2016, 20:46
This article is determined mainly for beginning traders because experienced traders know traps of backtesting process very well. But as I found, there is not very much information about it in the literature or web pages about trading...
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Sherif Hasan, 5 March 2016, 20:46
In my opinion there are three skills that every trader has to develop in order to be a successful live trader. 1. Technical skills and awareness of the environment that he is in. 2...
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Sherif Hasan, 5 March 2016, 20:43
COSMOS4U published the new optimized AdMACD Indicator parameters for the 10th week of 2016. Click here to check the new parameters of EURUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD...
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Dimitrios Vezeris, 5 March 2016, 18:26
According to today's employment report, 59.8 percent of Americans ages 16 and older had jobs in February. That's the highest employment-to-population ratio in years, and the rate of increase is clearly on the rise. Look back some more years, though, and the story is different...
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Francis Dogbe, 5 March 2016, 18:12
First, a few words about the forecast for the previous week: ■ if we talk about the forecast for EUR/USD, it can be considered fully true. As expected, implementing the month scenario, the pair first tried to break the support of 1...
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Sergey Ershov, 5 March 2016, 16:46 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, EUR/USD