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GBP/USD The GBP/USD, also called the cable, is by far the most volatile pair of all the majors. The volatile pair trades most actively from London open until lunchtime in the UK (around 4:30 AM EST) and then during early US trading session (7AM to 10 AM EST...
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Volya, 20 September 2014, 03:11 #FOMC, fundamental analysis
Summery: Primary Trend: Bullish (see down peak red dot) Secondary Trend: Bearish (see last zigzag) Resistance: 0,99400 (FIBO 100) Support: 0,97500 (FIBO 161.8...
Weekly Trends
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 20 September 2014, 00:28
USD/JPY The USD/JPY is most active at the open of the Asian session (6 PM to 9 PM EST) as well as during the early US trading session (7 AM – 10 AM EST...
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Mike Dennis, 19 September 2014, 21:11 #FOMC, fundamental analysis
EURUSD The euro has been called the "anti-dollar" since it is highly sensitive to US data. Because the recovery in the US has been uncertain, the market closely watches developments in the US economy to determine the strength of the recovery...
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Sergey Golubev, 19 September 2014, 18:11 #Interest Rate, CPI
If you want to get an idea of what pay is really possible in large, publicly listed hedge funds, it’s worth looking at the figures filed in small subsidiaries over the accounts unveiled by the investor relations department...
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 19 September 2014, 17:21
The QS World University rankings are out. In the British press, there’s excitement over the fact that four of the all-round top six universities are based in the UK...
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 19 September 2014, 17:02
1. Bearish background 2. Weak bars before the Hull turns red. Short on an up bar with low volume when Hull turns red. 3. Exit after a strong bar Analytical Trader...
Trading Strategies
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Leonardo Barata, 19 September 2014, 16:36
Reuters: European markets rally on Friday as Scotland's decision to stay in the United Kingdom eased investors past the latest in a recent run of global political obstacles...
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News, 19 September 2014, 15:22 #Alibaba, FTSE 100, eur/gbp
Carl Larry In crude oil, I follow the Energy Information Administration. They come out every week and detail all of the data submitted by oil producers...
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EmmeMe, 19 September 2014, 15:11
In this video tutorial you'll see answer on this short question: What is the difference between Technical Analysis and Technical Trading? The guest says about features of technical trading. Listen his speech and think about your trading strategy...
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Anton Esin, 19 September 2014, 15:00 #investing, Trading, forex
با سلام فروش انواع اندیکاتور ها و اکسپرت ها برای ارسال درخواست تهیه اندیکاتور و اکسپرت از وبلاگ ما دیدن فرمایید و یا با ایمیل و یا تماس بگیرید...
Weekly Trends
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Abdolrahim Esfandi, 19 September 2014, 14:41
Resitance and Support Density Function - is an indicator which allows you to view current distribution of most important resistance and support lines on a chart. Here is how it looks like at the moment. The first screenshot presents GBPUSD analysis with markup of 3 possible trading strategies...
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Stanislav Korotky, 19 September 2014, 13:10 #usdchf
EUR/USD hit 1.2885 during European morning trade, the session low...
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News, 19 September 2014, 13:00 #GBP/USD, EUR/USD
Microsoft has established a new wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai named Microsoft Asia-Pacific Technology Limited, which will focus on the global research and development of the Microsoft cloud operating system...
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Patti, 19 September 2014, 12:11
Top News of the Week: Oil in Contango...
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Alice F, 19 September 2014, 11:16 #Trading Strategies
Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a thriller based on actual events that takes you to the heart of our automated world...
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Sergey Golubev, 19 September 2014, 09:11
The British currency rallied on Friday in Asia on expectations that voters in Scotland narrowly decided to stay part of the United Kingdom. The results are not final though...
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News, 19 September 2014, 08:25 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD
NZDUSD has resumed its journey lower in recent trade, which in turn has negated a Piercing Line pattern on the daily. As noted in recent reports the potential for a sustained recovery was questionable against the backdrop of a core downtrend. A daily close below the 0...
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Sergey Golubev, 19 September 2014, 06:11
The New York Film Festival boasts high-profile world premieres, much-anticipated US debuts as well as a slew of lesser-known works from the world's best filmmakers. The festival runs September 26th through October 12th and tickets are currently on sale. Here are the films worth your time. 1...
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Volya, 19 September 2014, 03:11
1. Strong background 2. Go long after a strong bar near an up trendline. You could also enter in the down bar 3 bars later. 3. Prices are arriving at an important resistance and you may close 1/2 the position here for safety. 4. Closed the rest on a weak bar. +57 pips...
Trading Strategies
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Leonardo Barata, 19 September 2014, 01:26