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Today and tomorrow, I will go on posting opinions of outstanding investors and managers on the best financial advice they have ever received or given. Who is in the list? Joe Mansueto, chief executive of financial research firm Morningstar...
Trading Strategies
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Alice F, 11 April 2015, 20:03
Tenkan-sen line is located above Kijun-sen line of Ichimoku indicator with 2.6479 resistance level on W1 timeframe with good signal for uptrend on open W1 bar...
Weekly Trends
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Sergey Golubev, 11 April 2015, 15:33 #resistance, support
The Eurozone’s False Recovery LONDON – At first glance, the eurozone economy seems like it might finally be on the mend. Stock markets are rallying. Consumer confidence has picked up...
Market News
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Oleg Kiryanov, 11 April 2015, 14:21
Bulls took a breather on Friday as the market closed flat with the Sensex snapping five-day rally but the broader markets maintained upmove – in fact outperformed benchmarks for the second consecutive week. The 30-share BSE Sensex fell 5.83 points to 28879.38 while the Nifty gained 2...
Analytics & Forecasts
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shilpa soni, 11 April 2015, 06:33
Express Mobile, an information technology company in the U.S., has sued China's Alibaba for patent infringement...
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BlondieNews, 11 April 2015, 06:11 #Alibaba
According to a recent survey conducted by, a personal finance site, just 26% of people under 30 are investing in stocks. That’s compared with 58% of people between the ages of 50 and 64...
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News, 10 April 2015, 16:54 #investing, stocks
This time, Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser host Professor Steve Keen, a well-known analyst and the author of many pieces on economy. While many say that the UK economy is the fastest growing in G7, the other side of the question is debt. Why does it matter...
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Alice F, 10 April 2015, 16:14 #Max Keiser, economy news
On Friday growing expectations for a US rate hike lent a broad support to the greenback pushing it higher against its peers...
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News, 10 April 2015, 15:44 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, forex news
Gold bounced off of its $1,140 to $1,150 support zone after the March FOMC meeting that sent dollar reeling, but has since struggled at its key psychological level at $1,200. If gold’s bounce continues, $1,300 (the January high) is the next resistance level to watch...
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Sergey Golubev, 10 April 2015, 15:11 #silver, gold
Weekly digest compiles the latest news from the world of stocks and finance, currency and commodity news, as well as interesting informative articles for traders. Top news of the week: Is delay in Fed rate hike the only bullish factor for gold...
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Alice F, 10 April 2015, 14:34 #Bank of Japan, Apple, QE
I like to share with you this report about the eurusd pair. It is coincident with my analisis! EUR/USD The selling pressure is beginning to impact on the euro once more. Yesterday we saw a breakdown of the support at $1...
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Facundo Laje, 10 April 2015, 13:09
The following are UBS' latest short-term (mostly intraday) trading strategies for EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and AUD/USD. EUR/USD: is a sell on rallies to 1.0700-1.0720 with stops above 1.0740. USD/CHF: remains bid as the dollar resumed its bullish trend overnight...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 10 April 2015, 12:23
On Friday the dollar was higher against its peers, as growing expectations for a U.S. rate hike by the middle of the year continued to lend broad support to the greenback...
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News, 10 April 2015, 11:45 #usd/cad, usd/jpy, GBP/USD
Chart USDJPY H1: Correction sales to 1th key supports and pre-arranged purchases were realized with the achievement of the supposed aims...
Analytics & Forecasts
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:31
Российские инвесторы вновь встали перед выбором – покупать акции или доллар? Уверенное укрепление курса национальной валюты приковывает всё больше внимания. При этом общим мнением на рынке является, что вот-вот оно завершится и надо будет успеть подобрать валюту по хорошему курсу...
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Alexey Mashkovtsev, 10 April 2015, 09:28
Chart GBPUSD H1: The pre-arranged sales from key resistances were realized with the achievement of the supposed aims and further hasp downward...
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:13
The company's net profit was CNY27.9 billion, which was about USD4.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 32.7%. By business lines, Huawei's carrier business revenue was CNY192.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%; its enterprise business revenue was CNY19...
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BlondieNews, 10 April 2015, 09:11
Chart USDCHF H1: The stored positions of purchases increased профит with theachievement of the supposed aims...
Analytics & Forecasts
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:02
EURUSD Daily Pivots R3...
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OrbexFX, 10 April 2015, 08:53 #technical analysis