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Trading recommendations and Technical Analysis – HERE! After a sharp weakening of the Swiss franc last Friday, due to possible interference NB of sales Swiss franc against the Euro and dollar, the trading week started with a decline of the pair USD/CHF. Trading in the pair are aligned...
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PCM-Brokers, 1 December 2015, 13:37
Oil price falls from 54.00 to a little above 43.50 since the beginning of October this year, and it has a negative impact on economy and the currency. Further easing not priced and the CAD may weaken if Bank of Canada will take more dovish tone...
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News, 1 December 2015, 12:30 #fundamental analysis
Goldman Sachs analysts considered that there will not be any big movement for the market in 2016, and they started the forecast from S&P 500 index predicted the weak market with a little growth. The price will be stuck to be around 2,100 level for the ranging market condition...
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News, 1 December 2015, 10:14 #Goldman Sachs, stock market
Market summary. GBPUSD 15 min. chart Long sentiment from level 1.5088. Long zone starts from this level, GBPUSD could be bought at any level till the price reach the targets above. Short sentiment from 1.5056. Selling zone below this level. GBPUSD could be sold at any levels below 1.5056...
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fxsmartmoney, 1 December 2015, 09:52
Market Summary EURUSD 15 min. chart: Long sentiment from 1.0590. The long zone starts from this level. EURUSD could be bought at any level till the price reach the targets above. Short sentiment from 1.0576. The selling zone starts from this level...
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fxsmartmoney, 1 December 2015, 09:34 #Trading, forex
The Reserve Bank of Australia decided to leave the key interest rate at the record low of 2%, as expected. The Australian dollar regained some ground against the U.S. competitor amid mixed fundamental background. Find out more by checking out the Source Link...
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Vistabrokers CIF Ltd, 1 December 2015, 08:47 #Trading, forex
Dovish tone from the Bank of England (BOE) is moving GBP to be down keeping selling pressure. Brexit debate could also support more bearish, and inflation rising is not enough to support for GBP...
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News, 1 December 2015, 08:14 #fundamental analysis
Here’s the market outlook (courtesy of Tallinex Limited - https://www.tallinex...
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1246536 Ernest G., 1 December 2015, 07:36
There are two major meetings are coming in December: the Federal Reserve meeting and the European Central Bank meetings which will strongly affected on the direction of the currency movement...
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News, 1 December 2015, 07:14 #ECB, Fed
GBPUSD: Having triggered a higher close on Monday, GBPUSD targets further bullish corrective recovery in the days ahead. Support lies at the 1.5000 level where a break will turn attention to the 1.4950 level. Further down, support lies at the 1.4900 level...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 1 December 2015, 06:38
AUD has proven to be stable one during the last 3 months because of constructive outlook from the Reserve Bank of Australia and expected easing. Chinese data respond to fiscal/monetary policy so we should expect AUD to continue outperformance against NZD, USD and CAD...
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News, 1 December 2015, 03:11 #fundamental analysis
Morgan Stanley estimated for EUR to be in more bearish condition because of some expectation related to some main high impatected news events which will be happened in this week: 2015-12-03 12:45 GMT | [EUR - Minimum Bid Rate] 2015-12-03 13:30 GMT | [EUR - ECB News Conference] 2015-12-03 15:30 GM...
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News, 30 November 2015, 21:14 #fundamental analysis
The price is on bearish market condition for the secondary ranging within the following key reversal support/resistance levels: 54.00 resistance level, and 42.18 support level. RSI indicator is estimating the secondary ranging within the bearish market condition. If the price will break 54...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 November 2015, 18:11 #stock market, crude oil
The price is on bullish market condition for the secondary ranging within the following key reversal support/resistance levels: 195.86 resistance level located above 100 period SMA (100 SMA) and 200 period SMA (200 SMA) in the primary bullish area of the chart, and 174...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 November 2015, 15:11 #technical analysis
Trading recommendations Sell by-market. Stop-Loss 14.35. Take-Profit 14.00 13.80, 13.50 Alternative long positions will become relevant after the price fixing above the level of 14.60 with the objectives 15.30, 15.50...
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Yuri Papshev, 30 November 2015, 14:58
EURJPY: With EURJPY bulls on the offensive, further price strength should build up towards the 130.75/99 zone. This corrective recovery is coming on the back of its recent weakness. Support comes in at the 129.50 level where a break will aim at the 129.00 level...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 30 November 2015, 14:50
Trading recommendations and Technical Analysis – HERE! December 9 will host the next meeting of the RBNZ, which will be addressed, including the question on rates...
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PCM-Brokers, 30 November 2015, 14:06
After completing the wave (ii), Pound has started falling in the wave (iii) of [iii]. Later, the market is expected to continue falling in the third wave. Earlier, the price formed the diagonal triangle in the wave (c) thus finishing the wave [ii]...
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sathish kumar, 30 November 2015, 13:53
Click here to see previous forecast. EURUSD (15 min. chart): EURUSD (1 hour chart): EURUSD (4 hour chart): EURJPY (15 min. chart...
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fxsmartmoney, 30 November 2015, 13:53 #Trading, forex
Investors are expecting for more aggressive ECB easing during the European Central Bank metting, and the ECB will introduce two-tier system for deposit rate for expectations for the larger deposit rate cut than 10 basis points...
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News, 30 November 2015, 13:42