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Current trend Chinese stock market is falling while the government is trying to stop the panic and prevent further fall. Chinese regulator asked state owned companies to avoid selling their own shares to stabilise the market. Despite their attempts, Shanghai Composite fell by 5...
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Claws and Horns, 8 July 2015, 13:51
USDCAD: Sets Up To Weaken On Correction USDCAD: With USDCAD strengthening further on Tuesday , it faces further upside risk. However, having lost a lot of those gains on Tuesday, we could see a correction lower in the days ahead. It was seen declining as at the time of this analysis...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 8 July 2015, 13:50
With the climax going on these days, Sunday is now seen as the denouement of a five-year battle to contain Greece’s debts, possibly splitting a currency that was meant to last and throwing more than half a century of European economic and political integration into reverse...
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Alice F, 8 July 2015, 13:23 #ECB
The market price of gold fell, on 3-month low Jewelers offtake and put in the global market due to softening Delhi bullion market, gold broke a three-month low of Rs 330 per 10 grams on 26 170 arrived...
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shilpa soni, 8 July 2015, 13:17
A London Hedge Fund Lost $1.2 Million in a Friday Afternoon Phone Scam The finance chief at Fortelus Capital Management LLP got an alarming phone call just as he was getting ready to leave work on a Friday...
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[Deleted], 8 July 2015, 12:59, one of China's many privately-run travel booking websites, announced that they have gained over CNY6 billion new investments from Wanda Culture Industry Group, Tencent Industry Win-Win Fund, and CITIC Capital. Wanda Culture Industry Group invested CNY3.58 billion in the tourism website...
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BlondieNews, 8 July 2015, 12:11 #China
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney led an emergency meeting of the central bank’s Financial Policy Committee at the end of last month as the crisis in Greece escalated...
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[Deleted], 8 July 2015, 12:10
by Kathy Lien The equity market can impact the currency market in many different ways. For example, if a strong stock market rally happens in the U.S., with the Dow and the Nasdaq registering impressive gains, we are likely to see a large influx of foreign money into the U.S...
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Francis Dogbe, 8 July 2015, 12:01 #forex
The yen was sharply higher against the dollar and the euro on Wednesday as dramatic plunge in Chinese equities spurred demand for safe-haven...
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News, 8 July 2015, 11:47 #stocks, China, usd/jpy
On Wednesday Chinese markets continued its dramatic plunge despite efforts from Beijing to restrain a three-week selloff...
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News, 8 July 2015, 11:04 #Hang Seng, stocks
Referring to the gold market, analysts signal that the metal is now locked in the battle between the Greek turmoil and the Fed interest rates, with the latter winning the battle. However, another question has risen with respect to Greece: can the U.S...
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Alice F, 8 July 2015, 10:29 #Fed, gold
Yesterday we saw US dollar strength across the board. I was too chicken to trade, so I didn't do anything. There were so many moving parts that I just didn't know what to do. When I don't know what to do, I don't trade. It's that simple...
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Mark Yagalla, 8 July 2015, 10:10
"Opinion is divided between the following two trains of thought: i) that the market is still optimistic that a negotiated settlement can be reached and Grexit averted. Or, ii) Grexit is no longer seen as particularly disruptive for global markets, at least in the short-term...
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Sergey Golubev, 8 July 2015, 09:11
On Wednesday the euro traded weaker in Asia as a fresh deadline was set for Greece to submit new proposals. News on account surplus in Japan boosted the yen...
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News, 8 July 2015, 09:05 #usd/jpy, EUR/USD
The goal of the webinar is to demystify neural networks, explain neural networks in plain English, and share easy to understand code examples how NN can be used...
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Sergey Golubev, 8 July 2015, 06:11 #Neural networks
Germany led the European opposition to reject any kind of debt restructuring for Greece. They insisted that Greece must make “reforms”, aka more austerity and that that is the only way out. One reason is that the German public would not react positively to seeing losses on Greek bailouts...
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[Deleted], 8 July 2015, 04:25
Greece Must Meet Sunday Deadline to Reform or Face Euro Exit European leaders set a Sunday deadline for Greece to accept a rescue, saying otherwise they’ll take the unprecedented step of propelling the country out of the euro...
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[Deleted], 8 July 2015, 03:37
5 steps for Greece to return to the drachma The Greek economy has nearly run out of cash and experts say the country could soon be forced to print its own currency...
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[Deleted], 8 July 2015, 03:31
According to the agreements, Alcatel-Lucent will support the transformation of the two carriers and help them build faster and more cost-effective nationwide mobile and fixed broadband networks...
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BlondieNews, 8 July 2015, 03:11
NZD/USD: Short position opened A position has been opened for this pair. The NZD is the weakest currency after the AUD and the USD which is at the moment the strongest currency with a score of 8. A short position has been openened on July 1 at 0,6781 and the pair is still in a strong downtrend...