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Daily economic digest from Stay informed of the key economic events Monday, May 15th Today the EUR/USD pair continues to keep its bid tone, refreshing its weekly tops at 1.0947 mark, on the back of ongoing softness of the US dollar...
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EEAnalytics, 15 May 2017, 12:38
After in April British Prime Minister Theresa May unexpectedly announced early parliamentary elections the British stock market collapsed. The index of the London stock exchange FTSE100 has lost almost 2.9%. It was followed by all European major stock indexes...
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TifiaFX, 15 May 2017, 11:18 #fundamental analysis
After many years in the markets I have created a robust stable and profitable trading system I o rider to have stable monthly returns, 5-50% depending how much you want to risk...
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Grigorios Papaioannou, 15 May 2017, 10:16
Trading recommendations Sell ​​Stop 1.0920. Stop-Loss 1.0955. Objectives 1.0900, 1.0875, 1.0820, 1.0800, 1.0780 Buy Stop 1.0955. Stop-Loss 1.0920. Objectives 1.1000, 1.1020, 1.1050, 1.1100 Ambiguous macro statistics, received on Friday from the US, caused a decline in the dollar...
It is trusted that boost prompting the making and spreading of exchange trade was the minute when man began delivering more agrarian harvests than they can devour. The overabundance was then exchanged for things they were keen on with others...
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[Deleted], 15 May 2017, 09:30
GOLD: The commodity halted its weakness to close higher the past week. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,220.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,210.00 level. Further down, a cut through here will open the door for a move lower towards the 1,200.00 level...
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  • 42, 15 May 2017, 02:31
Here’s the market outlook for this week: Content courtesy of Tallinex Limited‌ EURUSD Dominant bias: Bullish Last week saw price test the support line at 1.0850 before closing above the support line at 1...
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ap5m6, 14 May 2017, 19:08
EURUSD: With the pair retaining its short term uptrend, more strength is envisaged. Resistance comes in at 1.1000 level with a cut through here opening the door for more upside towards the 1.1050 level. Further up, resistance lies at the 1.1100 level where a break will expose the 1.1150 level...
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  • 51, 14 May 2017, 14:56
Good evening, First of all sorry this one is late. The server my blog is running on went to mainenance in the middle of me writting this blog. And I was too lazy to post this the next day :/ I'll try to do better. So let's continue. Read more here...
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Ernestas Kvedaras, 14 May 2017, 12:51 #Trading, forex
XAUUSD WEEKLY (MAY 15-26), AN ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK APPROACH === XAUUSD Neural Network Future predictions from end of training data === Predictions Date High (%Probability...
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Andy Ismail, 14 May 2017, 12:30 #xauusd, support, metals
Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund, says the economy has gotten as good as it can get. That makes future improvement unlikely. As a matter of fact, he writes the future looks “scary...
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Jiming Huang, 14 May 2017, 09:05
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Friday that women have made major strides in the workplace in the past 125 years, but she expressed concern about barriers that are still holding women back today...
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Jiming Huang, 14 May 2017, 08:59
MailGet Review Empowering Email Marketers to Optimize & Deliver Campaigns with 27% Higher Engagement Rate Than Other Top Mailing Platforms User Friendly Solution Placing YOU In Complete Control MailGet is an email client, a perfect solution for email marketing...
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huynh995, 13 May 2017, 14:31
First, a review of last week’s forecast: - Recall that the experts' forecasts regarding the behaviour of EUR/USD in the short and medium term were fully opposed. Thus, in the first case, most of them favoured the growth of the pair, whilst in the second they favoured its fall...
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Sergey Ershov, 13 May 2017, 14:14 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, forex
Gold rose on Thursday as European and U.S. stock markets retreated, though it pared gains after data showing a tightening jobs market and accelerating inflation lifted the dollar and pulled U.S. bond yields from earlier lows...
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Jiming Huang, 13 May 2017, 08:43 #gold
U.S. President Donald Trump is weeks away from naming anyone to the board of the Federal Reserve, a White House official said, meaning it could be the fall before three currently empty seats are filled...
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Jiming Huang, 13 May 2017, 08:39
USDCHF: With the pair retaining its upside pressure by closing higher the past week, more strength is likely. On the downside, support lies at the 0.9950 level. A turn below here will open the door for more weakness towards the 0.9900 level and then the 0.9850 level...
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  • 126, 13 May 2017, 03:20
EUR/USD The pair is testing the area of $ 1.0854 at the moment, and today any growth attempts are likely to be limited by the resistance of $ 1.0900. However, for the final slew of the medium-term uptrend it is necessary to close the session below $ 1.0826...
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Real Trade, 12 May 2017, 14:25
Just when the President Trump-trade was gaining traction on the congressional passage of the Healthcare bill, new uncertainty threatens to derail the driver...
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Jiming Huang, 12 May 2017, 13:49
After falling as much as 20% in the second half of April, crude oil is making a comeback as the West Texas Intermediate bounced back at around $48 a barrel, up roughly 3% over the week...
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Jiming Huang, 12 May 2017, 13:47