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I like to share with you this report about the eurusd pair. It is coincident with my analisis! EUR/USD The selling pressure is beginning to impact on the euro once more. Yesterday we saw a breakdown of the support at $1...
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Facundo Laje, 10 April 2015, 13:09
The following are UBS' latest short-term (mostly intraday) trading strategies for EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and AUD/USD. EUR/USD: is a sell on rallies to 1.0700-1.0720 with stops above 1.0740. USD/CHF: remains bid as the dollar resumed its bullish trend overnight...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 10 April 2015, 12:23
On Friday the dollar was higher against its peers, as growing expectations for a U.S. rate hike by the middle of the year continued to lend broad support to the greenback...
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News, 10 April 2015, 11:45 #usd/cad, usd/jpy, GBP/USD
Chart USDJPY H1: Correction sales to 1th key supports and pre-arranged purchases were realized with the achievement of the supposed aims...
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:31
Российские инвесторы вновь встали перед выбором – покупать акции или доллар? Уверенное укрепление курса национальной валюты приковывает всё больше внимания. При этом общим мнением на рынке является, что вот-вот оно завершится и надо будет успеть подобрать валюту по хорошему курсу...
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Alexey Mashkovtsev, 10 April 2015, 09:28
Chart GBPUSD H1: The pre-arranged sales from key resistances were realized with the achievement of the supposed aims and further hasp downward...
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:13
The company's net profit was CNY27.9 billion, which was about USD4.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 32.7%. By business lines, Huawei's carrier business revenue was CNY192.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 16.4%; its enterprise business revenue was CNY19...
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BlondieNews, 10 April 2015, 09:11
Chart USDCHF H1: The stored positions of purchases increased профит with theachievement of the supposed aims...
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 09:02
EURUSD Daily Pivots R3...
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OrbexFX, 10 April 2015, 08:53 #technical analysis
Chart EURUSD H1 : The stored positions of sales increased profit the early signal of turn with the achievement of the supposed aims...
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oleksandr bilokon, 10 April 2015, 08:46
2015-04-10 02:30 GMT (or 04:30 MQ MT5 time) | [CNY - CPI] past data is 1.4% forecast data is 1.3% actual data is 1.4% according to the latest press release if actual > forecast (or previous data) = good for currency (for CNY in our case...
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Sergey Golubev, 10 April 2015, 08:36 #fundamental analysis
For today R4 - 1.0888 R3 - 1.0789 R2 - 1.0729 R1 - 1.0713...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 10 April 2015, 07:16
Nifty Market The market fell marginally in opening trade on last day of the week. The Sensex declined 58.69 points to 28826.52 and the Nifty slipped 18.25 points to 8760.05. About 583 shares have advanced, 398 shares declined, and 97 shares are unchanged on the BSE. Cipla lost more than 2 percent...
Market News
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shilpa soni, 10 April 2015, 07:06 #Trading
Here are some key points you need to know: Bonds should perform well for a few months and possibly a long time until the bear market in US stocks takes hold and is well under way. BUT, the bond bubble will burst eventually when rates start to climb...
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Sergey Golubev, 10 April 2015, 06:11 #stocks, gold
Hon Hai said that the joint venture will first provide information technology services to Hon Hai's plants in mainland China and offer integrated security systems to other companies in mainland China...
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BlondieNews, 10 April 2015, 03:11
The following are UBS' latest short-term (mostly intraday) trading strategies for EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and AUD/USD. EUR/USD: Go short EURUSD and add ahead of 1.0800 with a stop at 1.0850. USD/JPY: is stuck in a range with little yen-specific interest...
Trading Systems
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 9 April 2015, 20:50 #usd/jpy, EUR/USD
The goal of the webinar is to demystify neural networks, explain neural networks in plain English, and share easy to understand code examples how NN can be used. Artificial Intelligence: History and Background Neural Networks: The Basics Case Example Problems with Neural Networks...
Neural Networks
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Sergey Golubev, 9 April 2015, 18:11 #Neural networks
Today, we have the USD getting stronger. Euro Zone worry about Grecee dept...So the pair is going down!! Hope to hear about your trading?! Regards GoodProfitSinal3
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Facundo Laje, 9 April 2015, 16:44 #resistance, support
According to Deutsche Bank analysts, changes in how banks gauge the risk of losses on their assets may lead Credit Suisse Group AG’s incoming Chief Executive Officer Tidjane Thiam to further shrink its investment bank...
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News, 9 April 2015, 16:07
According to this final agreement Capitalhold Limited will pay USD3.55 per ordinary share, which is USD7.10 per ADS, to Shanda Games. Calculating by this price, the valuation of Shanda Games will reach about USD1.9 billion...
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BlondieNews, 9 April 2015, 15:11 #stock market