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This is a mineral rich area A wide variety of mineral deposits are found in the Murmansk area and this is why the entire regional economy are involved in the extraction and also in the processing of various types of minerals...
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Roger K Olsson, 27 July 2015, 22:23 #gold
Understanding the facts Australia are in the fortunate position that iron ore could be found basically all over the country. It is however in the western parts of the country that most of its iron resources could be found...
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Roger K Olsson, 27 July 2015, 22:18 #gold
Commercial heavy duty truck certification United Arab Emirates (UAE) Tradeore B2B Marketplace - KAMAZ 2015/2016 There are many applicable specifications In the last couple of years there has been many regulations which has been implemented when it comes to the certification of heavy-duty trucks...
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Roger K Olsson, 27 July 2015, 22:11
W1 price is located below and near 200 SMA and 100 SMA for the primary bearish: the price is ranging between 1.4565 support level and Fibo resistance level at 1.5929: 1.4565 support level is located below 200/100 SMA which are located far below this level; Fibo resistance level at 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 21:11 #price action
"With the adjustment in U.S. real interest rates and the U.S. dollar still incomplete, the market should prepare for new lows ahead,” analysts from Deutsche Bank said in a report. The bank also notes plunging oil may lend support to gold...
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Anton Voropaev, 27 July 2015, 20:21 #CPI, Platinum, S&P 500
Not exiting the trade yet, as the yellow is locked above black in H4. This being a retracement rather than a trend, slow upward movement could be possible...
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forexintel, 27 July 2015, 20:11 #gold
"The Fed policy statement release may actually halt the USD bulls," said IG's market strategist Evan Lucas in a Monday note...
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Anna Cova, 27 July 2015, 19:21 #Janet Yellen, FOMC
On Monday the dollar remained lower against its major rivals despite fresh positive numbers from the U.S...
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News, 27 July 2015, 16:18 #Wall Street, Dow Jones
At the close of the previous H4 candle, the candle did not close above the opening price to become a white candle, but it retraced enough to indicate a possibility of price going towards 1154.00...
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forexintel, 27 July 2015, 16:10 #gold
Greece and her lenders are still working out the format of upcoming talks, the country’s labor minister said, confirming a delay in the negotiations for a third international bailout...
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News, 27 July 2015, 15:48 #Troika, IMF, ECB
W1 price is located below 200 period SMA and 100 period SMA for the primary bearish: the price is ranging between 1.0461 support level and Fibo resistance level at 1.1467: The price is ranging between 1.0461 support level and Fibo resistance level at 1.1467; The price is breaking Fibo level at 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 15:11 #price action
Now that H4 MA is touched, will think about exiting the trade if the current H4 candle remains black at close. So, going to wait till the close of this candle...
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forexintel, 27 July 2015, 14:22 #gold
Overnight, Chinese shares saw the biggest daily fall since 2007, partly because of concerns that Beijing may withdraw supporting measures from the market. The dollar declined ahead of the FOMC meeting, and the things look pretty negative for market players unless you are a gold trader...
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Alice F, 27 July 2015, 14:12 #Hang Seng, Nikkei
“We are lowering our forecast to $1,150 per troy ounce by year-end (from $1,250 previously), but still expect prices to rise in the medium to long term, as we expect the headwind for gold to ease noticeably after the Fed’s first interest-rate hike,” Commerzbank said Friday, as the yellow metal hi...
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Angeliqi N, 27 July 2015, 12:46 #silver, metals, gold
XAU/USD: bearish to below 1K. This pair is on bearish market condition for all timeframes started with H1 for example. The price is breaking 1086...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 12:11 #silver, gold
The emerging week is a week of GDPs. Among the most important news will be the release of the US GDP which is one of the main indicators providing hints at the Fed rate hike timing. The preliminary GDP for the second quarter in Canada, United Kingdom, Spain will also be in focus...
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News, 27 July 2015, 11:28 #economic calendar, GDP, Fed
Current trend On Friday, the pair XAU/USD reached its 5-years low near the level of 1077.20 but managed to correct upwards after. Amongst other reasons, that was a result of the poor manufacturing data form China, which came out worse than already pessimistic forecasts...
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Claws and Horns, 27 July 2015, 10:49
refer to my previous post for more details While there is a remote chance of the price retracing down to meet the MA in H4, i am still keeping my trade open, in the belief that the prices would go back to the high ZZ immediately to the current levels...
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forexintel, 27 July 2015, 10:29 #gold
For today R4 - 1.5701 R3 - 1.5676 R2 - 1.5621 R1 - 1.5584...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 27 July 2015, 10:02 #resistance, support, GBP/USD
Gold prices saw a rise in early Asia on Monday with investors seeing bargains after a series of steep falls. However, the gains were seen limited with the markets highly anticipating the Fed rate liftoff later in the year...
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News, 27 July 2015, 09:26 #metals, gold