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Triangle Finder product page MT4 version here MT5 version here Settings Triangle Forming Signal/ Triangle Break Signal: You can choose what signals to show on the dashboard by enabling/disabling these settings. The yellow color is for pattern forming signal...
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Amir Atif, 1 March 2022, 20:28
Simple Introduction to Excessive Momentum Indicator Excessive Momentum Indicator provides you the ability to trade with excessive momentum. Let us start this simple introduction...
Trading Systems
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Young Ho Seo, 1 March 2022, 18:59
Advanced Harmonic Pattern Detection Indicator Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner is an advanced Harmonic Pattern Detection Indicator. This is probably the most sophisticated harmonic pattern detection indicator in the market. Harmonic Pattern Scenario planner can be used like Harmonic Pattern Plus...
Trading Systems
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Young Ho Seo, 1 March 2022, 15:15
The NordFX brokerage company started a new super lottery on March 1, which will give away 200 cash prizes of 250, 500 and 1,250 USD, as well as 2 two super prizes of 10,000 USD each. The total prize fund will be 100,000 USD...
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Sergey Ershov, 1 March 2022, 13:30 #bitcoin, forex
Manual For Pair Trading Station Pair Trading Station is a powerful MetaTrader Indicator. Its decision making algorithm is based on Pairs trading (a.k.a Statistical arbitrage or spread analysis). This manual was written already few years ago for our Pair Trading Station...
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Young Ho Seo, 1 March 2022, 10:04
Weekend developments around Russia/Ukraine continue to roil markets. Banning certain Russian banks from the SWIFT system is an aggressive move that may yet prompt a response from the Russian authorities (by cutting key energy exports, for example...
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Joao Marcilio, 28 February 2022, 23:41
The Russian ruble has had over a decade of very severe movements within the spot currency market...
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FXOpen, 28 February 2022, 21:29
Elliott Wave Indicator for MetaTrader 5 MetaTrader 5 is the next generation trading platform developed by Meta Quote who developed MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 5 is accessible for free of charge for any trader from all over the world...
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Young Ho Seo, 28 February 2022, 20:10
Winning Trading Logic – Detecting Supply and Demand Unbalance As we have pointed out in our article, detecting the supply and demand unbalance is the most important key in making profits in Financial market...
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Young Ho Seo, 28 February 2022, 15:59
Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator We provided powerful automatic channel features in the Harmonic Pattern Indicator. To enable the automatic Channel Function, just set Use Channel = true under Channel Parameter inputs...
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Young Ho Seo, 28 February 2022, 09:59
MetaTrader Indicator YouTube Links Sometimes seeing is much better than reading. YouTube provides a great space to share videos for technical analysis in Forex and Stock Market...
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Young Ho Seo, 27 February 2022, 20:19
Harmonic Pattern Indicator Explained Trading Indicator is an effort of developer to create trading tools comply with particular theory or trading strategy or trading ideas. There is always gap between theory (i.e. ideas or strategy) and practice...
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Young Ho Seo, 27 February 2022, 15:59
This post will serve as the full manual for the Price Action Toolkit EA which you can purchase here: . For pre sales questions or support join the Telegram group here: https://t...
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LEE SAMSON, 27 February 2022, 15:43 #price action
Intro Video for Advanced Price Pattern Scanner Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is the non repainting pattern scanner designed for both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5...
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Young Ho Seo, 27 February 2022, 09:59
Most advanced Elliott Wave Software for your Trading Elliott Wave Trend is the most advanced Elliott Wave Trading software, which helps you to trade with various Elliott Wave patterns like Wave .12345 pattern and Wave .ABC and Wave .ABCDE, and so on...
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Young Ho Seo, 26 February 2022, 20:15
"4you Trading Robots" USER MANUAL for "Twilight Wolf". Twilight Wolf MT5 Twilight Wolf MT4 Contents 1. How to attach EA to chart. 2. How to include News Calendar. 3. Parameters 4. Requirements 5. Trading Strategy and my experience. 1. How to attach EA to chart. 1.1...
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Nauris Zukas, 26 February 2022, 18:09
Automatic Resizing your Stop Loss and Take Profit Level with Harmonic Pattern Plus (Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner) Having understood all the concept behind the Pattern Completion Interval, you might observe that sometime price can react outside the pattern completion interval...
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Young Ho Seo, 26 February 2022, 15:59
EUR/USD: War Is Not Only Blood, But Also Business ● The dynamics of European currencies is now determined by what is happening in Ukraine. You can forget about all kinds of macro-economic indicators for a while...
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Sergey Ershov, 26 February 2022, 12:02 #bitcoin, forex
Features: The strategy looks for these engulfing candlestick pattern: Simple Engulf Stick Sandwich Engulf Three Line Strike Rising Three Morning Star Doji Scanner is useful to make your strategy better. Don't always go by Win/Loss percentage. Because this tool is not based on past results...
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Abir Pathak, 26 February 2022, 11:48
Turning Point Prediction for Forex Trading Fractal Pattern Scanner provides the ability to predict the turning point in the financial market. In this article, we provide the practical guide line on how to use the provided turning point prediction for your day trading...
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Young Ho Seo, 26 February 2022, 10:10