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Commerce Minister Gao Hucheng said expanding a currency swap between the two nations and making increased use of yuan for bilateral trade would have the greatest impact in aiding Russia, as Bloomberg reports...
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News, 22 December 2014, 14:42
Here comes Santa Claus….and the end of year rally in the equity markets. SPX prices are testing resistance in the 2067.90-79.60 area marked by the 38.2% Fibonacci expansion and the December 5 high. A daily close above this barrier exposes the 50% level at 2098.60...
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Gary Comey, 22 December 2014, 12:30 #eurchf, xauusd
it is indeed true that there is no single strategy that will always give you wins. as we all know that forex is a game of probabilities. All we are trying to do is being on the high probability side and make money out of it...
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Mohit Marwaha, 22 December 2014, 12:19
Hi everyone, I wanted to share a few tips about trade entry triggers with you. Regardless of whether you decide to go long or short, execution of a trade is what will make most of the money. Properly timing entries will keep you away from most of the bad trades that lose money...
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Mohit Marwaha, 22 December 2014, 12:16
D1 price is on primary bearish market condition with trying to break 1.2265 support level: The price is located below Ichimoku cloud/kumo with Senkou Span A line as the nearest kumo border Chinkou Span line broke the price for breakdown on D1 timeframe Nearest support level is 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 22 December 2014, 12:11 #resistance, support
What is an Inside bar? Inside bars are easily identified pricing patterns that can be found on virtually any chart. The pattern itself requires some simple technical analysis, which includes identifying a series of highs and lows on a daily chart...
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Sergey Golubev, 22 December 2014, 09:11 #price action
High-frequency trading is the latest craze hitting the market. Popularized by Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys, high-frequency or high-speed trading involves the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade securities...
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Ray Steve, 22 December 2014, 09:11
Published around the 21st of each month, the Conference Board’s Index of Leading Economic indicators is made up of 10 sub indices which tend to move ahead of the overall Economy. The 10 sub indices are: 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 22 December 2014, 06:11 #fundamental analysis
Released at 8:30am EST in the fourth week of the month, the existing home sales report is designed to cover the number of existing homes closed during the previous month, and the average sales prices by region of the country...
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Sergey Golubev, 22 December 2014, 03:11 #fundamental analysis
The long term weekly outlook shows this pair testing a possible trend line. In the weekly image below, we have connected the latest two significant lows showing the possibility that the next two to three week's price will hit and possibly rebound from this trend line...
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Zheng He, 22 December 2014, 01:31
After 7 consecutive weeks down AUD/NZD is close to the lowest level this year 1.0483. Taking into consideration that this is also a multi year low readings below 1.0500 give us a chance for long entry. The stop must be placed around 1.0450...
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Genadi Geshev, 22 December 2014, 01:11
This is very simple trading system - I named it as Asctrend Info Part 2 System. Why "Info" and why "2"? Because there are versions #1, #3 and so on. Info? Because I am using this system to understand - where/when/why will I open the trades during the day. How to install...
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Sergey Golubev, 21 December 2014, 21:11 #scalping
Last week no orders were placed because of lower liquidity in the coming period. Because of this in the coming 2 weeks no positions will be opened because prices act different during periods of lower liquidity and it is not worth the risk...
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Forex Technical Analyst Trader, 21 December 2014, 20:08
My A Trend indicator shows that there is a tendency for sale. The strength of the USD currency is significantly higher AUD. Levels of support for the pair: 0.8144, 0.8120, 0.8081 Resistance levels for the pair: 0.8191, 0.8215, 0...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 21 December 2014, 17:54
In the year 2014 a demo account was created and evaluated for the FxTaTrader Hybrid Grid strategy. The plan was to use the 4 Hour and Daily chart but after some testing it appeared that the Daily chart was more suitable for the trading method used...
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Forex Technical Analyst Trader, 21 December 2014, 16:18
With all the "talk" of diverging paths of monetary policy... one could be forgiven, if glancing at the chart above, for thinking the inevitable endgame of Keynesianism is very much at hand as first The BoJ, then The Fed, then Europe all enter ZIRP... and now NIRP...
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EmmeMe, 21 December 2014, 15:11
The Currency Score analysis is one of the parameters used for the Ranking and Rating list which was published already this weekend. Besides this chart I also provide my weekly analysis on my strategy and the Forex ranking and rating list which is available 3 times a week on this blog...
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Forex Technical Analyst Trader, 21 December 2014, 14:31
Besides the Ranking and Rating list provided here I will also prepare this weekend the Weekly Currency Score list which will support my analysis for trading in the coming week which is then followed by my Review on the Hybrid Grid strategy...
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Forex Technical Analyst Trader, 21 December 2014, 11:29
Released at 8:30 am eastern standard on approximately the 15th of each month, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the changes in prices paid by urban consumers for a fixed basket of goods and services...
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Sergey Golubev, 21 December 2014, 03:11 #CPI, fundamental analysis
The US Dollar paused to digest below the 120.00 figure after posting the largest daily advance in seven weeks against the Japanese Yen. Near-term resistance is at 119.48, the 23.6% Fibonacci expansion, with a break above that on a daily closing basis exposing the 38.2% level at 121.91...
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Sergey Golubev, 20 December 2014, 21:11