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Daily economic digest from Stay informed of the key economic events Monday, August 14th The EUR/USD pair corrects lower at the start of this week after strong upside rally, backed by weaker-than-expected the US CPI data, breaking through the support level of 1.1800...
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EEAnalytics, 14 August 2017, 13:03
Another hurdle was passed: $4000. I have to admit, I was not expecting to see this level reached so soon. But one thing was confirmed: Bitcoin is becoming a safe haven...
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Champion-FX, 14 August 2017, 10:44
EUR/USD The pair is consolidating near the opening level of 1.1814. Weekly closing above the 1.1800 strengthened the bulls’ position, but a short-term correction can still move the euro to support in the area of 1.1600. 1...
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Real Trade, 14 August 2017, 10:28 gives all Recent Government Jobs in Gujarat. Get Complete details like Jobs In Ahmedabad, No of Vacancies, Educational Qualification, Selection Process about Gujarat Jobs. Maru Gujarat Jobs latest updates Provided here...
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recruitmentt201, 14 August 2017, 09:55
Here’s the market outlook for this week: Content courtesy of Tallinex Limited‌ EURUSD Dominant bias: Bullish Price consolidated between the support line at 1.1700 and the resistance line at 1.1850 last week...
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ap5m6, 13 August 2017, 23:30
EURUSD: The pair continues to retain its upside pressure as more strength is envisaged in the new week. Resistance comes in at 1.1850 level with a cut through here opening the door for more upside towards the 1.1900 level. Further up, resistance lies at the 1...
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  • 36, 13 August 2017, 16:58
Across markets, on average, only 7% of our non-under-contract clients outperform UBS Manage™ Advanced solutions. The figures are even lower for Ultra High Net Worth where, on average, only 5% of our non-under-contract clients have outperformed over the past 5 years. 1...
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Jiming Huang, 13 August 2017, 07:40 #investing
Next week's key releases start with Chinese data on Monday, followed by GDP data from Europe on Tuesday and Wednesday. The focus should be on whether the generally solid global economic momentum remains in place...
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Jiming Huang, 13 August 2017, 07:36
Dear Traders, today I want to present you my Guide "How to backtest the best way" and achieve realistic results, even for scalping EA, with highest precicion. At the end I will attach a youtube video guide how to use the tool and show you how to backtest in practice...
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Alexander Gerlach, 12 August 2017, 20:22
In the Currency Strength table, the EUR was the strongest currency while the GBP was again the weakest. There were some significant changes last month with the JPY gaining 3 points, the AUD 2 points, while the GBP, CHF and NZD lost 2 points...
The Top 10 of the Ranking and Rating list for the coming month shows the following stronger currencies being well represented for going long: the EUR(4X) followed by the AUD(2X) with the NZD(2X). The weaker currencies are the GBP(5X) followed by the CHF(3X...
First, a review of last week’s forecast: - EUR/USD. It was not possible to have a more or less homogeneous forecast for this pair in the previous week. Whilst most experts looked to the north, graphical analysis unambiguously pointed to the south, naming 1.1670 as the nearest support level...
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Sergey Ershov, 12 August 2017, 18:01 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, forex
EURGBP- The cross faces further consolidation with downside threats after closing on a rejection candle on Friday. Support lies at the 0.9040 level where a violation will turn focus to the 0.9000 level. A break will expose the 0.8950 level. Resistance resides at the 0...
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  • 39, 12 August 2017, 14:29
USDJPY: With the pair selling off further on Thursday, further bearishness is likely. On the downside, support comes in at the 109.00 level where a break if seen will aim at the 108.50 level. A cut through here will turn focus to the 108.00 level and possibly lower towards the 107.50 level...
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  • 40, 11 August 2017, 14:03
As we mentioned several times, geopolitical tensions were very calm this summer and investors were dropping gold which was very close to $1200 an ounce...
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Jiming Huang, 11 August 2017, 13:56 #gold
The Japanese yen has been trading on a firmer footing since the beginning of the week as the tensions between North Korea and the United States keep escalating. The Japanese currency, which is fulfilling completely its safe haven role, surged as much as 1...
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Jiming Huang, 11 August 2017, 13:55 #usd/jpy
EUR/USD Forex traders are waiting the inflation data in the US, which will be published today. It is expected that the growth of consumer prices accelerated from 1.6% in June (annually) to 1.8% in July. A weak inflation data may be enough to close the euro above $1...
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Real Trade, 11 August 2017, 13:00
Daily economic digest from Forex...
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EEAnalytics, 11 August 2017, 12:41
As reported today by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the world oil supply in July increased by 520,000 barrels a day, even despite the arrangements in OPEC. Growth in the supply of oil has been observed for 3 consecutive months. The supply of oil in the world increased in July to 98...
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TifiaFX, 11 August 2017, 11:26 #Brent, fundamental analysis
EUR/USD Euro tested the area under the level of 1.17 yesterday. By the end of the US session it managed to return to the middle of the range 1.17-1.18, but today in Asia the euro was under pressure again. Technically the pair can adjust to the level of 1...
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Real Trade, 10 August 2017, 13:48