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XAU/USD: bearish to below 1K. This pair is on bearish market condition for all timeframes started with H1 for example. The price is breaking 1086...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 12:11 #silver, gold
The emerging week is a week of GDPs. Among the most important news will be the release of the US GDP which is one of the main indicators providing hints at the Fed rate hike timing. The preliminary GDP for the second quarter in Canada, United Kingdom, Spain will also be in focus...
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News, 27 July 2015, 11:28 #economic calendar, GDP, Fed
Current trend On Friday, the pair XAU/USD reached its 5-years low near the level of 1077.20 but managed to correct upwards after. Amongst other reasons, that was a result of the poor manufacturing data form China, which came out worse than already pessimistic forecasts...
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Claws and Horns, 27 July 2015, 10:49
refer to my previous post for more details While there is a remote chance of the price retracing down to meet the MA in H4, i am still keeping my trade open, in the belief that the prices would go back to the high ZZ immediately to the current levels...
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forexintel, 27 July 2015, 10:29 #gold
For today R4 - 1.5701 R3 - 1.5676 R2 - 1.5621 R1 - 1.5584...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 27 July 2015, 10:02 #resistance, support, GBP/USD
Gold prices saw a rise in early Asia on Monday with investors seeing bargains after a series of steep falls. However, the gains were seen limited with the markets highly anticipating the Fed rate liftoff later in the year...
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News, 27 July 2015, 09:26 #metals, gold
Daily price is on bearish market condition for ranging between the followings/r levels: 1.0807 key support level located below Ichimoku cloud and far below Senkou Span A line on the bearish area of the chart, and 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 09:11 #Ichimoku
On Monday the yen, euro were higher against the greenback as investors eyed the key events later in the week, which include the Federal Open Market Committee meeting and U.S. gross domestic product data...
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News, 27 July 2015, 08:58 #China, usd/jpy, forex news
What makes a person Rich? what makes a person poor? Rich - one that doesn't need money to express his kindness to others. Poor - One that needs money to be Rich, but doesn't know to be kind to others. Now, who are you? Rich oR Poor, deduct it with your mathematical mind...
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TipMyPip, 27 July 2015, 08:23 #forex
Goldman Sachs' chief equity strategist David Kostin made a long-term macro forecast for S&P 500, currencies, energy, metals and equity, and - after summarizing all those market forecasts - he decided that things aren't looking good this year...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 06:11 #Goldman Sachs, stock market
MN price is on primary bearish with ranging within consolidating levels such as 1.1533 resistance and 1.0461 support...
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Sergey Golubev, 27 July 2015, 03:11 #Ichimoku
In this article I will provide my view on the NZD/USD, AUD/USD and the GBP/CAD. These are the pairs that I am currently interested in or was interested in last week for trading with the FxTaTrader weekly strategy...
A/B testing is a well known principle in Statistics for evaluating hypotheses. We are comparing two almost identical flows with a minor change in order to detect the perfect outcome. We can also apply A/B testing in the foreign exchange market for several aspects...
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Andrew Kreimer, 26 July 2015, 20:46 #forex
Here’s the market outlook for this week: EURUSD Dominant bias: Bearish Although the dominant bias is bearish, this pair made some commendable bullish attempts last week. Price moved up almost 200 pips to test the resistance line at 1.1000...
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1246536 Ernest G., 26 July 2015, 20:21
First, a few words about the forecast for the previous week: - let us recall that for EUR/USD we predicted a sideways trend with the “bulls” prevailing and a movement of the pair from support at 1.0750÷1.0800 to resistance at 1.1110, which is what actually happened...
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Sergey Ershov, 26 July 2015, 19:52 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, EUR/USD
U.S Information Is Key For The Dollar. Reviews propose that somewhat more than 80% of the market analysts anticipate that the Central bank will climb rates in September. The September Nourished trusts fates, the most direct market instrument, has just around a half risk reduced...
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[Deleted], 26 July 2015, 18:31
EURUSD: Biased To Upside On Recovery. EURUSD: Having EUR taken back most of its previous week losses to close higher the past week, we could see more recovery occurring. This development leaves risk higher in the new week though with caution. Support lies at the 1...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 26 July 2015, 18:27
The Currency Score analysis is one of the parameters used for the Ranking and Rating list which was published earlier this weekend...
Speculators have needed to learn persistence this year. Following two great years of profits in 2013 and 2014, 2015 so far has been dull most definitely. The Dow Jones Mechanical Normal has turned negative for the year to date as we have seen generally range bound exchanging stocks...
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[Deleted], 26 July 2015, 16:23
It's Chance To Get Avaricious In The Gold Business. Gold and the mining stocks have been completely smashed recently. The dive in cost following an about four-year bear business has financial specialists freezing...
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[Deleted], 26 July 2015, 15:42