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On Tuesday the euro was weaker in Asia, as financial markets prepared for Greek debt default. The outcome of the referendum due on July 5 is the main focus now with Greece's Tsipras hinting at resigning in case citizens vote 'Yes'...
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News, 30 June 2015, 09:05 #Troika, usd/jpy, forex news
As hard as investors try to wean themselves off stocks, the habit is proving impossible to kick...
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[Deleted], 30 June 2015, 08:37
Greece is heading for a “massive economic contraction” and is likely to be forced out of the euro zone, according to Mohamed El-Erian, the former chief executive at Pacific Investment Management Co...
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[Deleted], 30 June 2015, 07:32
Greece’s banks may need an injection of fresh emergency funds to operate Monday as people rushed to pull out money after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a referendum that could decide his country’s fate in the euro...
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[Deleted], 30 June 2015, 07:05
Non-farm Payrolls is the assessment of the total number of employees recorded in payrolls. This is a very strong indicator that shows the change in employment in the country. The growth of this indicator characterizes the increase in employment and leads to the growth of the dollar...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 June 2015, 06:11 #fundamental analysis
Cycles are a unique kind of trading analytics, being one of the few types of market data that can be accurately measured. But understanding what the cycles mean and which trades to make based on them is an extremely complex process...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 June 2015, 03:11
A report is emerging from EU officials and the Greek press (Kathimerini) that EC president Juncker sent a last minute offer to Greece. . The offer is for a one month extension and will include a commitment to talk about Greece’s debt from October 2015...
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[Deleted], 30 June 2015, 02:29
The Currency Score analysis is one of the parameters used for the Ranking and Rating list which was published earlier. It is recommended to read the page Currency score explained and Models in practice for a better understanding of the article...
When looking at the Top 10 in the Monthly Ranking and Rating list we can see that for the coming month the following stronger currencies are well represented for going long: GBP(5X) followed by the CHF(3X). The NZD(4X) is the weaker currency followed by the AUD(2X) with the JPY(2X...
"The upcoming referendum is in fact a referendum on the Greek membership in the Eurozone. Indeed, if the people of Greece turn down the reform proposal, the country will end up with no creditor funding (and no ECB support for its banks...
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Sergey Golubev, 29 June 2015, 21:11 #IMF
Greece will shut its banks Monday to avert a financial collapse after the European Central Bank froze emergency loans to the nation’s lenders...
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[Deleted], 29 June 2015, 20:22
Late last week, the Parliament of Greece do voting that later with the results of the votes versus 178 120, to hold a referendum on Sunday, July 5, 2015. The referendum will decide whether Greece would accept the terms of the proposed bailout of the Eurogroup or not the tumultuous market...
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[Deleted], 29 June 2015, 18:36
US Dollar - "Once markets get past the initial shock of the new Greek news, attention will turn to a frequently market-moving US Nonfarm Payrolls Report due Thursday...
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Sergey Golubev, 29 June 2015, 18:11 #fundamental analysis, gold
The starting week will bring more worries in the market, as Greece and its creditors failed to break down the impasse...
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News, 29 June 2015, 16:53 #economic calendar, IMF
Greece situation dominates the FX markets...
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Alen Vujica, 29 June 2015, 16:35
On Monday a U.S.-listed exchange-traded fund that tracks 20 publicly traded Greek companies plunged in morning trade, as traders headed for the exits with Greece nearing default...
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News, 29 June 2015, 16:16 #Wall Street, Dow Jones
USDCAD: Although is seen threatening recovery higher, as long as it trades below the 1.2421 level, we still see risk to the downside. On the upside, resistance is seen at the 1.2400 level followed by the 1.2450 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 1...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 29 June 2015, 16:09
Turmoil in Europe lent support to gold Monday, as the European Central Bank’s decided to limit funds to Greek banks on Sunday, after the country's authorities said it would hold a referendum on whether to accept the terms of international creditors as it vies for fresh rescue funds...
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News, 29 June 2015, 15:23 #comex, silver, gold
Daily price was on ranging bullish movement with secondary correction: the price was stopped above 1.1129 key support level near 'reversal' Senkou Span A line which the border between primary bullish and the primary bearish on the chart. The price formed descending triangle with 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 29 June 2015, 15:11 #Ichimoku
President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has made a notable intervention into the Greek impasse in what looks like desperate, last-gasp bid to prevent the country ploughing out of the eurozone, says the Guardian...
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News, 29 June 2015, 14:59 #Troika, ECB