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Hello , Power Magic ® is a 100% automated trading system. You Will Not see Like This EA In Profits You Need Only Power VPS And Power Broker Connect For Fast Do Orders...
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Ahmed Ahmed Elnagdy, 20 January 2019, 12:45 #forex
Testing on a real tick story - EURUSD,h1 for the year 2017. Broker #1: InstaForex (the wide range of services to every customer) 1. Testing ver.1.0 with standard parameters on EURUSD,h1 (2017.01.01-2018.01.01): 2. Testing ver.1.0 with standard parameters on EURUSD,m1 (2017.01.01-2018.01.01): 3...
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Aleh Sasonka, 10 January 2019, 21:22
Testing on a real tick story - EURUSD,h1 for the year 2017. Broker #1: InstaForex (the wide range of services to every customer) 1. Testing ver.1.09 with standard parameters on EURUSD,h1 (2017.01.01-2018.01.01): 2. Testing ver.1.10 with standard parameters on EURUSD,h1 (2017.01.01-2018.01.01): 3...
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Aleh Sasonka, 8 January 2019, 12:35
profit100% per month. 1200% for 4 months. working drawdown 10-15%. manual trading. fundamental analysis. trading history and subscription here
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Uladzimir Budryk, 8 January 2019, 08:46
Now its 06:30 PM . im trying to work on myscalper. scalpers results are good also i wantto note it at here, some introductions h1 gbpusd starting 1000_ 2007\1\1 history ended two years laterone million.spread 18...
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Atakan Baykal, 6 January 2019, 04:39
Testing on a real tick story - EURUSD,h1 for the year 2017. Broker #1: InstaForex (the wide range of services to every customer) Testing with standard parameters on EURUSD,h1 (2017.01.01-2018.01.01): Settings for all tests were used without selection and without optimization...
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Aleh Sasonka, 26 December 2018, 19:11
By ordering me to go up and hit your first goal 😎...
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Mohamed Sayed, 28 November 2018, 13:15
COSMIC DIVINER SCALPER SYSTEM This is a multi-currency author strategy, designed for trading on the M5 timeframe...
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Olena Kondratenko, 13 July 2018, 14:49 #forex
Did you ever think that MetaTrader's standard tick graph is a bit defective? It displays only a limited number of ticks (up to 2000, I think), it's small and unscrollable, and it's in many other ways different to normal charts...
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Stanislav Korotky, 19 June 2018, 23:35 #metatrader 5, scalping
When it comes to Forex, scalping generally refers to making a large number of trades that produce small profits individually. When using a scalping strategy, traders usually expect to gain between 5 to 10 pips per trade...
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kemi usoroh, 9 April 2018, 00:52
I was working on a new project, an EA for MT4 & MT5, and during the testing phase, as usual, I tried to avoid this phenomenon called curve-fitting...
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Icham Aidibe, 19 January 2018, 14:45
Forex scalping strategies help forex traders to make profits very quickly in forex market. Most beginners use the scalping strategy to earn quick profits, as it is associated with short term trends...
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Global Trade Pro, 9 September 2017, 01:35
For every two Forex traders, there are four opinions of the best method for Forex trading. Furthermore, for every Forex expert that swears by the Forex scalping method, there is another one that will tell never to scalp. What is Forex scalping...
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Global Trade Pro, 9 September 2017, 01:29
Developing EAs can be a lot of fun. You can watch this 50 minute video by Alex du Plooy. In this video his scalping ea turns $5K into $1 million in a few hours. Sounds incredibly impressive? Yes it is. You should watch this 50 minute video...
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Ahmad Hassam, 2 August 2017, 09:13
Scalping is a best for trading Forex. Please use only one graph because when you monitor one graph, you get aware by its habits at different times and positions. Please keep in mind that technical analysis has a high importance. Combine both and get results as you can see in my trading history...
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Wajid Hussain Koondhar, 11 July 2017, 09:01 #scalping
Are you hunt for a solution to commodity your Look Transportation files to Windows Live Mail or any else email guest, which supports .Windows Live Mail file? Yes!! Then you are at penalizing papers...
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robbin01, 23 June 2017, 14:30
Strategi scalping,kalau menurut saya paling enak !! Open sekali dengan lot high Dengan akurat analisa,, Gunakan modal kecil agar tidak beresiko.. Dari pada anda menggunakan lot kecil akan menguras waktu...
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Cep Yogi, 7 June 2017, 11:30
Hi Friends! ... If anyone is interested in signals 100% Guaranteed, write to email
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Risnoveanu Arya Stefan, 12 April 2017, 17:06
EUR/GBP BUY Active Stop loss 0.8533 Take profit 0.8598...
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Mauro Giuseppe Tondo, 1 February 2017, 00:15
buy now EurChf long 1.0650 stop 1.0629 target 1.7050...
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Mauro Giuseppe Tondo, 30 January 2017, 19:52