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EUR/USD: Two Events of the Week ● The past week was marked by two significant events. First, the EUR/USD pair updated its 20-year low on Tuesday, September 06 once again, falling to 0.9863...
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Sergey Ershov, 10 September 2022, 12:18 #bitcoin, forex
Strategy Maker Example MT4: MT5: Strategy: When the moving average 50 breaks the moving average 100 upwards, we have a sell signal. Attention: moving average settings are default...
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Tais Miranda Hoffmann, 9 September 2022, 10:39
Hi! I receive a very large number of questions and it is very difficult for me to answer the same thing every day, so I decided to write an article to answer popular questions and save your time without waiting for answers from me to read about everything in this article...
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Pavel Malyshko, 9 September 2022, 01:58 #forex
ETHUSD: Hammer Pattern Above $1490 Ethereum was unable to sustain its bearish momentum and after touching a low of 1492 on 07th Sep started to correct upwards against the US dollar, crossing the $1600 handle in the European trading session today...
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FXOpen, 8 September 2022, 21:18
Fractal structure, time frame 3 Hours...
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Andrey Niroba, 7 September 2022, 20:28 #gold
Good evening. Today I traded according to the signals of my indicator. Trading the GBPCHF pair on the M1 timeframe. Great result, today I earned $ 42. Buy signal: up arrow. If there are open sell positions, they need to be closed. Sell signal: downward arrow...
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Evgeny Belyaev, 7 September 2022, 20:13
EUR/USD remained in a bearish zone below 1.0000. EUR/JPY is rising and there was a clear move above the 142.00 resistance zone. Important Takeaways for EUR/USD and EUR/JPY · The Euro started a major decline below the 1.0000 and 0.9980 support levels...
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FXOpen, 7 September 2022, 17:49
The deterioration of the situation on the labor market and less positive reports on the country's GDP, published earlier, significantly complicate the problem of curbing rising inflation for the Bank of Canada...
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Yuri Papshev, 7 September 2022, 14:27
The somewhat lethargic attempt to replace outgoing Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has come to an end, and Liz Truss has been inaugurated by the current government as the Prime Minister who will replace Boris Johnson...
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FXOpen, 6 September 2022, 18:22
The current strengthening of the pound and the growth of the GBP/USD pair can, perhaps, be attributed to an event of an important political nature: in the UK, a new prime minister was finally elected on Monday. At the time of publication of this article, the GBP/USD is trading near the 1...
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Yuri Papshev, 6 September 2022, 13:19
This is step by step to setup Discord To MT4 Copier and Discord Signal Copier MT5 - First you need install EA to your MT4 / MT5 , copy EA (ex4 file) to Experts folder of MT4 / MT5...
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Trinh Dat, 6 September 2022, 12:42
👉MT4: 👉MT5: 👉ALL EA https://www.mql5...
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ALFRED MURIITHI, 6 September 2022, 02:26
MultiChart Navigator Tools If you like Technical Analysis you will love this tool, which allow you navigate from chart to chart, draw level, block zones, change time frames using keyboard shortcuts IMPORTANT: MultiChart Master Tool EA, works together with MultiChart Slave indicador...
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Facundo Laje, 6 September 2022, 01:39 #stocks, forex
GBP/USD started a major decline and traded below 1.1500. GBP/JPY is consolidating above the 160.80 support, with a bearish angle. Important Takeaways for GBP/USD and GBP/JPY · The British Pound started a major decline below the 1.1620 support against the US Dollar...
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FXOpen, 5 September 2022, 18:58
New NordFX Super Lottery: 202 Prizes in 2022 The Next Draw Is on October 6. Grab Your Chance! The NordFX brokerage company started a new super lottery, which will give away 200 cash prizes of 250, 500 and 1,250 USD, as well as 2 two super prizes of 10,000 USD each...
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Sergey Ershov, 5 September 2022, 18:55 #bitcoin, forex
Fractal structure, time frame 1 Hour. As of 09/01/2022, it can be assumed that on the time interval (08/11/2022-15:00; 09/01/2022-15:00) a fractal has formed in the fractal structure of the chart of the dynamics of gold quotes, built with a time frame of 3 hours, marked in red...
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Andrey Niroba, 5 September 2022, 11:23 #gold
Open Momentum Version: 22...
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Claus Dietrich, 4 September 2022, 23:02
Fractal structure, time frame 1 Day. As of 09/01/2022, it can be assumed that on the time interval (04/18/2022; 09/01/2022) a fractal has formed in the fractal structure of the gold price dynamics chart, which is indicated in red...
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Andrey Niroba, 4 September 2022, 21:05 #gold
Upswing Expert advisor is now testing live on REAL Account ! NOTE that the testing of the latest version 1.40 of the expert starts from 30th of August 2022, on EURUSD, using 1 hour timeframe. Click here to download Upswing expert advisor Below are the trades so far for the Latest version 1.40...
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Taofeek Bello, 4 September 2022, 15:42
Fractal structure, time frame 1 Week...
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Andrey Niroba, 3 September 2022, 21:23 #gold