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In a world where borders are becoming increasingly blurred, there's one marketplace that epitomizes the very essence of globalization – the foreign exchange, or forex, market. With an average daily trading volume surpassing $6 trillion, forex stands as the world's largest financial market...
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Elvis A Soares Lucas, 29 August 2023, 05:29 #Trading, forex
**Gold Majesty EA - Ultimate Trading Guide** **Settings and Optimization Blueprint** **Currency Pairs:** XAUUSD **Account Type:** Classic, ECN, PRO **Leverage:** Any Leverage **Timeframe:** M30 **Settings:** Default **Minimal/Recommended Deposit:** $3000 **Introduction:** Welcome to the world of...
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Canberk Dogan Denizli, 28 August 2023, 16:16
SELLERS' entry zone for XAUUSD = 1923.50 - 1926.69 BUYERS' entry zone for XAUUSD = 1902.84 - 1.1905.26 SELLERS' entry zone for GBPUSD = 1.2670 - 1.2680 First BUYERS' entry zone for GBPUSD = 1.2400 - 1.2412 Second BUYERS' entry zone for GBPUSD = 1.2559 - 1.2569 More to come...
Trading Strategies
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Taofeek Bello, 28 August 2023, 08:10
This guide is part of larger UTM Manager Guide - Other - 30 January 2023 - Traders' Blogs ( Overview: The language is designed for trade management with a focus on automating the movement of stop-loss levels based on specific price conditions...
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Meelis Hynninen, 28 August 2023, 07:33
ICT fair value gap indicator example in video I recorded myself using ICT fair value gap indicator in mt5 or mt4. Watch video until the end and also check other videos on my YouTube channel to get more info about this tool ICT fair value gap indicator...
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Igor Zizek, 27 August 2023, 12:44
EUR/USD: Mr. Powell and Mrs. Lagarde - Much Talk, Little Substance ● Last week's business activity data from both sides of the Atlantic proved to be exceptionally weak. The euro came under selling pressure due to a decline in Germany's Services PMI from 52.3 to 47...
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Sergey Ershov, 26 August 2023, 12:11 #bitcoin, forex
True Range MT4 - №1 in Japan MQL5 ZuluTrade Signal Start
My Trading
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Aleksei Ostroborodov, 25 August 2023, 13:28
Hello Traders, we had a trade on CHFJPY on H1 time-frame that today 24 August 23 the market already moved +8500 Points! In this trade we looked first at green candles from Italo Trend showing that the market is going to trend...
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Italo Santana Gomes, 24 August 2023, 13:54
User Manual EA Ultra KZM...
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Nattapat Jiaranaikarn, 23 August 2023, 20:55
Interbank loans are short-term loans that financial institutions, such as banks, lend to one another. These loans are typically used by banks to manage their daily liquidity needs and to meet their regulatory reserve requirements. Here’s how interbank loans work...
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Vladimir Toropov, 23 August 2023, 16:07
NAVIGATING SUCCESS: COVARIANCE, DIVERSIFICATION, AND RISK-RETURN MANAGEMENT IN MULTI-INVESTMENT FOREX PORTFOLIOS In the realm of foreign exchange (FOREX) trading, where currencies ebb and flow like tides, skilled traders seek not only to ride the waves of opportunity but also to mitigate the risk...
Trading Strategies
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Thiti Bunsin, 23 August 2023, 07:57
Introducing True Range Engine Expert Advisor Powerful Night Scalping & Smart Grid System Optimized & backtested in 2010-2023 | Actual trading history since 2019 True Range Engine enters the market in the night session using indicators modified on the basis of machine learning to open a po...
Trading Systems
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Aleksei Ostroborodov, 22 August 2023, 22:41 #scalping
Before everything download the font "Oswald Regular" from the link below and copy it to your Windows fonts file. Click: Oswald Font Link Click: How to copy it "Time Sessions MT4/5" is a handy tool for forex traders showing the world's major four trading sessions in a beautifully graphical UI...
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Faran Ataeiraveshti, 22 August 2023, 21:32
Why is the market turning against me? What have i done wrong? is trading just not for me? A lot of you have asked this question before, and wondered if you are cut out to be a trader, or if you should even continue your career in trading...
Trading Strategies
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Nardus Van Staden, 22 August 2023, 20:58
CAP Stochatic EA is a flexible and powerful metatrader expert advisor that trades using the Shoch indicator and implements many useful features. It using the metatrader basic Shoch Indicator...
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Mohammad Ali, 22 August 2023, 16:31
If you have any questions, you can reach me on my profile: Profil MQL5 : ✔️ My experts advisors : ✔️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ EA Neuro FX MT5 © : https://www.mql5...
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Franck Martin, 22 August 2023, 09:54
If you have any questions, you can reach me on my profile: Profil MQL5 : ✔️ My experts advisors : ✔️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ EA Neuro FX MT4 © : https://www.mql5...
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Franck Martin, 21 August 2023, 19:13
Hello traders, T oday I spotted three trading setups and i placed four positions in total. My first setup was in EURJPY M30. It was a well-formed Supply Zone that was formed in within higher timeframe Supply Zone. I clicked on the Zone Label and i created two Short Positions...
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Georgios Kalomoiropoulos, 21 August 2023, 16:43
✔️ Trades Time Manager MT4©: ✔️ Trades Time Manager MT5©: Warning: Please attach Trades Time Manager MT4/5 only on one chart...
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Omar Alkassar, 21 August 2023, 12:38
If the initial deposit is $1000 on MODERATE RISK micro account use the parameter settings below: Currency pairs: GBP/USD Timeframe: H1 Leverage: 1:500 Swap free account (forex robot will hold floating loss for weeks or even months) Parameter settings for GBP/USD, H1 MINIM_DAILY_PROFIT = Minimum d...
Trading Systems
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Dian Wahyudi, 21 August 2023, 11:40