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Weekly price is on bearish market condition with below of 100-period SMA (100 SMA) and 200-period SMA (200 SMA): the price is trying to cross 54.27 key resistance level from below to above for the bear market rally to be started; if the price breaks 54...
Crude Oil
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Sergey Golubev, 12 October 2015, 09:11 #crude oil
Daily price is on bullish reversal condition for breaking 1.1326 resistance level from below to above with the following key support/resistance levels: 1.1713 key resistance level located far above Ichimoku cloud in the primary bullish area of the chart; 1...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Sergey Golubev, 12 October 2015, 08:11 #Ichimoku
Entries & Exits: Visits to 16 Trading Rooms by Alexander Elder Come behind closed doors and see real trades made by real traders. Dr. Alexander Elder leads you into 16 trading rooms where you meet traders who open up their diaries and show you their trades...
Trading Systems
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Sergey Golubev, 12 October 2015, 06:11
AUDUSD: AUDUSD closed strongly higher the past week leaving risk of further strength in the new week. While it can trade and hold above its broken resistance turned support at 0.7279 level, we think more gain should occur. On the upside, resistance lies at the 0.7400 level...
Analytics & Forecasts
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FXTechstrategy Team, 12 October 2015, 05:09
It seems every time market expectations for Fed lift-off get pushed back, sterling gives back ground against the euro, notes CIBC World Markets. "Why? Because markets assume that it’s impossible for the BoE to move first...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 12 October 2015, 00:01
First, a review of last week’s predictions: - as expected, EUR/USD spent the week within the indicated boundaries. The bulls had a distinct advantage and, after two failed attempts on Thursday, they managed to break through the first resistance level of 1...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Sergey Ershov, 11 October 2015, 22:49 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, EUR/USD
Here’s the market outlook for this week: EURUSD Dominant bias: Bullish EURUSD went north last week - closing above the support line at 1.1350, which seems to have ended the recent choppy movement in this market...
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1246536 Ernest G., 11 October 2015, 22:22
EURUSD: Having EUR closed strongly higher the past week, it now looks to extend that strength towards its key support zone at 1.1459. We may see price hesitation at this level or even a pullback. Support lies at the 1.1300 level where a violation will aim at the 1.1250 level...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 11 October 2015, 19:35
Sales of Apple’s latest iPhone, the 6s and 6s Plus, are off to a good start after record initial demand...
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Anton Voropaev, 11 October 2015, 18:11 #Apple, metals, gold
Morgan Stanley picks USD Index (DXY), EUR/USD, and NZD/USD as its technical FX charts of the week, where MS provides its views on their related technical settings and targets. On the DXY 1-year chart: "With our bullish risk outlook we look at where the DXY buy or sell levels are...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 11 October 2015, 15:48 #EUR/USD
The Currency Score analysis is one of the parameters used for the Ranking and Rating list which was published earlier this weekend. Besides this analysis and the corresponding chart I also provide the Forex ranking and rating list...
TD Securities have told clients the pound sterling will likely continue falling against the euro - but - a strong rally will then push the EURGBP to new lows. The British pound continues to underperform many of its G10 peers after UK trade and construction data disappointed in August...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 11 October 2015, 12:50
"USD: A Shift in Strength. Neutral. We believe USD could see a setback in the fourth quarter. Stabilization in China should provide room for investors to feel more comfortable about the EM growth story...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 11 October 2015, 12:31
Besides the Ranking and Rating list provided here I will also prepare this weekend the Weekly Currency Score list which will support my analysis for trading in the coming week...
CRUDE OIL: The commodity closed strongly higher the past week holding above its key resistance at 49.30 and opening the door for more strength in the new week. However, we may see a pullback as a rejection candle is now seen on the daily chart after its Friday negative close...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 11 October 2015, 07:09
Cars like Tesla's “Model X” are unthinkable without lithium-ion batteries, and so are almost all of our battery-powered electronic devices. However, these batteries do not only contain lithium as the cathode material...
Analytics & Forecasts
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Anton Voropaev, 10 October 2015, 17:11 #Glencore, metals
The Aussie dollar powered to a seven-week high on the view that interest rate differentials would work in its favour for a while longer...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 10 October 2015, 15:21
USDCHF: The pair saw a follow-through lower the past week on the back of its previous week losses. This development leaves it weak and vulnerable to the downside in the new week. On further weakness its key support located at the 0.9527 level will be targeted...
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FXTechstrategy Team, 10 October 2015, 06:09
Good end of weekend traders...
Mike McGlone, head of research for ETF Securities, says in an interview with Kitco News that precious metals demonstrate strong performance in the generally weakened commodity sector, and silver is leading the pack...
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Anton Voropaev, 9 October 2015, 21:01 #silver, metals, gold