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Higher probability scenario we are currently tracking is a smaller degree expanded flat correction that eventually works down towards 1.09-1.10...
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Sergey Golubev, 25 June 2015, 09:11
On Thursday the euro and the dollar edged lower against the shelter yen, as markets were extremely nervous about the outcome of Greek talks. Later in the session markets awaited data on U.S. consumer spending...
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News, 25 June 2015, 09:08 #Troika, usd/jpy, forex news
Hungary on Wednesday reversed its decision to suspend a key EU rule on processing asylum claims, a day after its announcement caused concern in Brussels and elsewhere...
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MbaheCopet2010, 25 June 2015, 06:18
ISM Index (Institute of Supply Management's index, former NAPM - National Association of Purchasing Managers) is the index of business activity. ISM figures above 50 are usually considered as an indicator of expansion, while values below 50 indicate contraction...
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Sergey Golubev, 25 June 2015, 06:11 #fundamental analysis
CHF/JPY: Long postion closed Position has been opened on May 6 and closed today with a profit of 189 pips. In the last days the pair is consolidating and the 4 Hour chart is looking weak, the other charts are showing some weakness too...
"EUR/USD is watching the Greek debt talks but following the bond market. EUR/USD moves correlate more at the moment with the 10yr Bund/Treasury spread that with 2-year spreads." "These correlations are not going to last for long. But for now, we suggest that EUR/USD is currently in a 1.11-1...
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Sergey Golubev, 24 June 2015, 21:11 #technical analysis
Speculation around a US rate hike, some much needed strength from the US economy and weakness in the Yen all made for a nice little melange to push the FletcherGoldman signal into profitable territory this week...
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Chris Zerbe, 24 June 2015, 20:53
"This could be due to lingering uncertainty about the deal. Indeed, various media reports have highlighted creditors' concerns that the new proposal is putting too much emphasis on new taxes (on both businesses and households) to balance the books...
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Sergey Golubev, 24 June 2015, 18:11 #stock market, ECB
On Wednesday the greenback held steady against its major rivals, after data showed that the U.S. economy contracted less than initially estimated in the first quarter. Wall Street fell on Greek uncertainties...
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News, 24 June 2015, 17:33 #Wall Street, forex news
On Wednesday gold touched three-week lows in early U.S. trade, after data showed that U.S. dross domestic product contracted at an annual rate of 0.2...
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News, 24 June 2015, 16:58 #GDP, IMF, silver
The EUR remains a funding currency and is unlikely to benefit from any Greek resolution...
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Sergey Golubev, 24 June 2015, 15:11
On Wednesday the euro trimmed morning gains as more tension grew over the Greek debt talks. Reports said that Greece’s creditors had rejected the latest reform proposal, driving a selloff in Greek bonds and European equities...
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News, 24 June 2015, 15:02 #eur/gbp, ECB, forex news
Investors look way more optimistic as they notice creditors and Greece are slowly moving to the last-minute deal, though not everything is going smooth. Anyhow, questions arise on who will be left to hold the bag if Greece defaults...
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Alice F, 24 June 2015, 14:21 #Troika, IMF
Oxfam and local organizations are calling on the international community to support the Nepalese government to grasp a golden opportunity to rebuild the country and make it more resilient to disasters in the future...
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yudiforex, 24 June 2015, 13:42
Fishermen off Australia who accidentally caught a whopping 6.3 metre basking shark have provided scientists with a rare opportunity to study the second-biggest fish on the planet...
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yudiforex, 24 June 2015, 13:33
Queen Elizabeth II may have to move out of Buckingham Palace during much-needed renovations to the residence, which has not been substantially redecorated since she took the throne in 1952, royal officials said Wednesday...
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yudiforex, 24 June 2015, 13:22
On Wednesday crude-oil futures were higher, supported by dipping U.S. inventories and hopes for a Greek bailout deal...
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News, 24 June 2015, 13:11 #OPEC, WTI, Brent
The euro pared gains against the dollar on Wednesday as Greek debt negotiations faltered after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said creditors have refused to accept some of Athens’ latest proposals. EUR/USD was last at 1.1183, off highs of 1.1235 hit earlier in the day...
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kondeng, 24 June 2015, 13:00
Though there are several venture capitalists that are showing their interest in funding Bitcoin startups and the companies that are in trouble, Block26 announced plans to invest in hand-selected companies that embrace the blockchain, the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin...
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Sergey Golubev, 24 June 2015, 12:11 #Cryptocurrency, bitcoin
On Wednesday the pound climbed against its U.S. peer, as demand for the greenback weakened ahead of a final report on U.S. first quarter growth, due to be released later in the day. However, yesterday's strong U.S. data buoyed the greenback...
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News, 24 June 2015, 11:52 #GDP, IMF, GBP/USD