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➡️ At the end of the week, the dollar was confidently winning back its positions in the global market after the correction the day before, followed by the release of weak preliminary data on US GDP for Q3. The EURUSD currency pair dropped 0.7% , dropping below the 1.16000 level...
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Viktar Varapayeu, 31 October 2021, 14:37
New Article Released – Predicting Volatility with Turning Point Probability We have released one of the important article for your practical trading in Forex and Stock market. Please make sure to read this article to enhance your trading performance...
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Young Ho Seo, 31 October 2021, 09:59
If you want to backtest PAM Scalper PRO or any other scalping EA you need to do so on high quality historical tick data...
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Jesper Christensen, 30 October 2021, 22:48
Fractal Pattern Scanner – Trading Operation In this short article, we will explain the trading operation with turning point probability for Fractal Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader and in Optimum Chart. Fractal Pattern Scanner is the powerful tool to predict the Forex and Stock market...
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Young Ho Seo, 30 October 2021, 21:11
✔️ Orca EA MT4©: ✔️ Orca EA MT5©: Orca EA MT4/5 Settings/Inputs Guide Allow Long: True/false for opening Buy orders. Allow Short: True/false for opening Sell orders. Lot Size: The Lot Size of orders...
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Eleni Anna Branou, 30 October 2021, 20:28
Here I will try to help you understand how this tool works so traders can take advantage of its true strength in the right way. Let me break it down for you. Idea behind it In order to understand how this tool works one should know the concept behind it and the usage will be automatically clear...
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Navdeep Singh, 30 October 2021, 20:18 #price action
✔️ Orca EA MT4©: ✔️ Orca EA MT5©: Orca EA MT4/5 2021 Backtests & 2022 New Set Files ✔️ Orca EA MT4©: ✔️ Orca EA MT5©: https://www.mql5...
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Eleni Anna Branou, 30 October 2021, 19:58
EUR/USD: After ECB Meeting, Ahead of Fed Meeting ● Last time the EUR/USD review was titled “In a state of uncertainty”, as confirmed by the previous week. Starting at 1.1643, the pair dipped to 1.1581, then rose to 1.1691, and ended the session with a new drop, this time to the 1.1560 level...
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Sergey Ershov, 30 October 2021, 16:33
Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator We provided powerful automatic channel features in the Harmonic Pattern Indicator. To enable the automatic Channel Function, just set Use Channel = true under Channel Parameter inputs...
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Young Ho Seo, 30 October 2021, 16:01
➡️ BTCUSD is trading at $61872 . Cryptocurrency quotes are trading in a bullish range, but the moment is hanging by a thread. The cryptocurrency neatly went beyond the border of the resistance of the descending channel and only the resistance level of $62400 is holding back from growth...
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Viktar Varapayeu, 30 October 2021, 13:28
⚡VR Template Switcher is a powerful utility for working with chart templates in the MetaTrader terminal. You no longer need to do a lot of actions to load, save and delete templates...
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Vladimir Pastushak, 30 October 2021, 12:30 #forex
Projecting Significant Channels into Future with EFW Analytics EFW Analytics is a powerful tool for your trading. EFW analytics contains multiple of features. One of them is project significant channels into future (available from version 10.6...
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Young Ho Seo, 30 October 2021, 10:59
#Forex #MQL #MetaTrader #MetaQuotes #Stock #Exchange #Signal #Saed #Modarresi #TSE #پلاست #ساعد #مدرسی #مدرّسی #سهام #ارز #سیگنال #بورس #فرابورس...
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Saed Modarresi, 30 October 2021, 04:14
#Forex #MQL #MetaTrader #MetaQuotes #Stock #Exchange #Signal #Saed #Modarresi #TSE #ساعد #مدرسی #مدرّسی #سهام #ارز #سیگنال #بورس #فرابورس...
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Saed Modarresi, 30 October 2021, 04:01
A popular trading expression is "the trend is your friend." This expression has stood the test of time because trends are critically important to any trading plan . Forex trendlines can be seen in almost any charting analysis due to its usefulness and simplicity...
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Evgeny Belyaev, 29 October 2021, 21:59
Tutorial Using Excessive Momentum and Fibonacci Ratio Analysis With Excessive Momentum Indicator, you can access to the automatic Fibonacci Ratio Analysis. Combining these two powerful trading system are the excellent ways to trade in Forex market...
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Young Ho Seo, 29 October 2021, 21:15
AUD/USD started a fresh increase above the 0.7500 resistance zone. NZD/USD also climbed higher and it might aim more upsides towards 0.7250. Important Takeaways for AUD/USD and NZD/USD · The Aussie Dollar started a steady increase above the 0.7480 hurdle against the US Dollar...
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FXOpen, 29 October 2021, 18:14
Take Profit and Stop Loss in X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is also using the risk management concept with Pattern Completion Interval for your trading. Must remember that trading without having good reward/Risk ratio is useless. They can blow your account pretty quickly...
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Young Ho Seo, 29 October 2021, 16:08
Having success as a trader depends on our emotional stability in relation to our equity curve over time. I believe it is essential for algorithmic traders to understand the strategy they are using, to develop that emotional stability...
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Jesper Christensen, 29 October 2021, 12:51
Volume Spread Analysis Indicator List We provide three different Volume Spread Analysis indicators and volume based tools. Our volume spread analysis tools are the hybrid of volume spread analysis and signal processing theory...
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Young Ho Seo, 29 October 2021, 10:59