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The euro / dollar takes on the values ​​of yesterday , after having risen slightly from the lows for two years in the wake of the ECB meeting and the lack of any indication of a possible QE program...
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Francesco Sgarbossa, 3 October 2014, 09:44
The new factory will be built in a high-tech park in Ho Chi Minh City. "The complex will be used for addressing mid- to long-term demand for consumer electronics globally, including emerging markets," the South Korean company said in a statement...
Market News
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 3 October 2014, 09:35
When you get beyond the money, being a trader at an investment bank is a bit of a slog. You have to get up early and you might lose your job to an electronic trading system...
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 3 October 2014, 09:28
On Tuesday evening, Argentine President Cristina Fernández accused Juan Carlos Fábrega, head of Argentina’s central bank, of "provoking a devaluation of the peso". In response Head of Argentine Central Bank Quits...
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Damiano Fabiański, 3 October 2014, 09:11
On Friday the yen kept weakening in Asia on a mix of civil turmoil in Hong Kong and disappointing serice industry surveys in Australia and China...
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News, 3 October 2014, 08:49 #usd/jpy
Inflation Data in the U.S...
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Sergey Golubev, 3 October 2014, 06:11 #inflation, OPEC
The negotiation of a transatlantic free trade agreement between Canada and the EU (CETA) and between the USA and the EU (TTIP) is being complicated by the controversial question of investment protection...
Weekly Trends
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ramkumar1992, 3 October 2014, 04:26
With 12 million users in Australia, Facebook has developed into a core marketing platform to help organisations achieve their business objectives...
Trading Systems
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Volya, 3 October 2014, 03:11
Error #1: Avoid going long when there are recent supply signals at the current price level (and vice-versa for shorts). This may very well swamp the market with supply and make it go lower, or prevent it from going upper...
Trading Strategies
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Leonardo Barata, 3 October 2014, 00:26 #nzdusd
This video tutorial is a guide to Forex technical analysis for beginners and covers how to use trend lines and how to use a variety of technical indicators to help build a simple trading strategy which works...
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Sergey Golubev, 2 October 2014, 21:11 #technical analysis
Steven Primo has been actively involved in trading the markets for over 32 years. His trading tenure began in 1977 when he was hired to work as a Floor Reporter, or "runner", on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange...
Trading Systems
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Sergey Golubev, 2 October 2014, 18:11
The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spoke about topics, both personal and professional, with an infectious wit. "I do the dishes at home to make sure that my wife continues to love me and the day I clean the table, it is true love back...
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ramkumar1992, 2 October 2014, 18:03
The National Stock Exchange (NSE) has asked its trading members to provide mobile numbers and e-mail addresses of their clients by October 10 to facilitate dissemination of instant trade alerts. This is the second extension given by the stock exchange...
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ramkumar1992, 2 October 2014, 18:01
Below is my opinion about using Ichimoku Kinco Hyo chart at EURUSD. This is the chart. Arrows is signals to hold positions at EURUSD. There are buying and selling signals at above chart. It is important to analize the chart...
Trading Systems
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Chang Suk Chung, 2 October 2014, 17:49 #trading system, Ichimoku
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Bank of America Corp. BAC, +0.36% was upgraded on Thursday to a buy rating from neutral by analysts at UBS. The bank's new price target was upped to $20 a share from $16.80 a share...
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 2 October 2014, 16:37
Monthly job cuts in September (30,477) fell to their lowest level in 14 years, according to a report released Thursday by outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas — and now 2014 is on pace to have the fewest job cuts since 1997...
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Ronnie Mansolillo, 2 October 2014, 16:26
Wall Street opens flat on Thursday, as Reuters reports. A positive read on the labor market was not enough to entice buyers even after a sharp decline in the previous session...
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News, 2 October 2014, 16:12 #Wall Street, Nasdaq
The European Central Bank will buy assets for at least two years to boost inflation and economic growth in the euro area, President Mario Draghi said...
Market News
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Francesco Sgarbossa, 2 October 2014, 15:32
KEY POINTS REGARDING THE STOCHASTIC MOMENTUM INDEX Introduced by William Blau in 1993 as a faster, less erratic version of the traditional stochastic oscillator Evaluates the Current Close relative to the midpoint of the Recent High/Low Range instead of simply the High and Low, and graphs this va...
Trading Systems
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EmmeMe, 2 October 2014, 15:11
Russian investors get ready to work in North Korea, ITAR-TASS reports. The two countries have first concrete results in their trade and economic relations...
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News, 2 October 2014, 15:10