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MT4 purchase link MT5 purchase link MT4-DEMO Download MT5-DEMO Download video instructions == Powerful function == 1. Support multiple signal sources; (multiple signal sources can be allocated with you) 2...
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Kaijun Wang, 6 May 2023, 11:14
Trading multiple time frames indicator Automatic time frame colors for new created objects. With trading box technical analysis indicator I can define color for each time frame when new object is created. This allows me to simplify multi time frame trading strategy in mt5 or mt4...
Trading Systems
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Igor Zizek, 5 May 2023, 16:45
How to create supply and demand analysis I will show how to Click on S&D candle to create Supply and Demand zone with price alert. Supply and demand click on candle to create level. I click on supply and demand candle to create extended rectangle zone with price touch alert in mt5, mt4...
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Igor Zizek, 5 May 2023, 16:39
How to use flag limit in trading? How to find Flag Limit with special search function: Flag limit trading and in this video I show how to find a breaker zone or Flag limit zone. I can call this also flag limit level or breaker level...
My Trading
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Igor Zizek, 5 May 2023, 16:34
Support and resistance indicator MT5 MT4 Where to draw support and resistance lines? Dynamic support and resistance indicator mt4 mt5. How to draw support and resistance lines in Metatrader. In this video I show how to draw Support and Resistance with Hotkeys indicator MT5 MT4...
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Igor Zizek, 5 May 2023, 16:22
✔️ One Click Analysis MT4©: ✔️ One Click Analysis MT5©: One Click Analysis Tool is a keyboard shortcut-based object creation and copying tool for MetaTrader...
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Omar Alkassar, 5 May 2023, 09:29
EXPERIENCE A GAME CHANGER, AN INNOVATIVE PIVOT POINT INDICATOR Take Your Trading To The Next Level With ITALO PIVOTS INDICATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME on the Market an Indicator with 1 Day pivot point up to 10 Years of Pivot Points to choose and trade with the best Strong R eversals and Continuations...
Trading Strategies
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Italo Santana Gomes, 4 May 2023, 22:38
In this blog i'm exloring how the local memory operates with regard to a work group (of work items). We create a simple kernel that will export IDs , global id, local id, group id of a work item...
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Lorentzos Roussos, 4 May 2023, 00:55
✔️ News Panel MT4©: ✔️ News Panel MT5©: News Panel for MetaTrader is a tool that displays economic calendar data within the MetaTrader trading platform...
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Omar Alkassar, 3 May 2023, 15:25
Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Run the test couple of times , we get the same execution time across many iterations that means something is wrong or we are getting cached responses. And that is the timer function , let's see if it works , it does : 2023.05 . 03 02 : 45 : 59...
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Lorentzos Roussos, 3 May 2023, 03:13
The MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator is one of the most widely used technical analysis tools by traders worldwide...
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Joao Marcilio, 3 May 2023, 01:50
Hi. Short version : 1.CLGetInfoInteger(kernel,CL_KERNEL_WORK_GROUP_SIZE) ; will give you the number of kernel instances that can run at the same time in the device (or the compute unit) (tested with 1CU gpu only) It will also be the max # of items in a group possible, 2...
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Lorentzos Roussos, 2 May 2023, 21:19
Read part 1 Okay so what we'll do here is that same as before but use a double type this time We change our kernel code to this : string kernel="__kernel void bench(__global double * _tangent," " int iterations){" " double sum=( double ) 0.0 ;" " double of=( double )_tangent[get...
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Lorentzos Roussos, 2 May 2023, 21:18
If you are a trader who is looking to become a Professional , then you may be interested in the "Mentorship Program" . This program is designed to help traders learn advanced trading concepts combined with proper risk management...
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Georgios Kalomoiropoulos, 1 May 2023, 18:21
NordFX brokerage company has summed up the performance of its clients' trade transactions in April 2023. The services of social trading, PAMM and CopyTrading, as well as the profit received by the company's IB-partners have also been assessed...
Company News
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Sergey Ershov, 1 May 2023, 12:14 #bitcoin, forex
Product Link: The Advanced version has been r eleased: Introduction At Xignal-Coding, we're passionate about helping traders succeed in the markets...
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Ioannis Xenos, 1 May 2023, 08:27
✔️ Elliott Wave Counter MT4©: ✔️ Elliott Wave Counter MT5©: Most of those who trade in Forex are aware of the Elliott Wave Analysis System...
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Omar Alkassar, 30 April 2023, 21:32
The internet is awash with thousands of threads and guru videos espousing profitable trading strategies and patterns. However, what most of them have in common is that they look great in the presentation but tend to cause a steady decline in the account balance once implemented...
Trading Strategies
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Eugen Funk, 30 April 2023, 19:46 #price action, xauusd, gold
The forum MetaEditor, Open AI and ChatGPT - summary thread Learning ONNX for trading - key forum thread about ONNX Practical examples: this page The articles How to use ONNX models in MQL5 - Metatrader 5 An example of how to ensemble ONNX models in MQL5 - Metatrader 5 CodeBase Information about t...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 April 2023, 18:51
Phoenix MT4 Discord Notifier How to setup guide 1.Discord webhook Create a webhook on your Discord channel/server ( ). 2. MetaTrader4 Allow WebRequest and add ' https://discord...
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Petar Krastev, 30 April 2023, 17:31