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Here’s the market outlook for this week:: Content courtesy of Tallinex Limited https://www.tallinex...
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1246536 Ernest G., 15 May 2016, 23:50
Welcome to my "Strength and Comparison" article for the coming week, the article "Ranking, Rating and Score" has also been published. For analyzing the best pairs to trade looking from a longer term perspective the last 3 months Currency Classification can be used in support...
GOLD: Though vulnerable to the downside on correction, the commodity is now looking for directional bias on the daily chart. On the downside, support comes in at the 1,260.00 level where a break will turn attention to the 1,250.00 level...
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FXTechstrategy, 15 May 2016, 22:57 #forex, gold
USD: Buy USD vs Commodity. & EM Currencies. Bullish. Copy signals, Trade and Earn $ on Forex4you -
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 15 May 2016, 21:14
Talking Points: DXY Technical Strategy: Bullish Elliottwave Count: We are confirming flat correction here, and looking for impulse count Analysis We keeping our primary analysis posted earlier month and considering correction over in dollar index...
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hoagtrading, 15 May 2016, 20:38 #forex, Fed
Welcome to my "Ranking, Rating and Score" article for the coming week, the article "Strength and Comparison" has also been published...
Weekly Trading Forecast: Will FX Policy and Global Risk Come Up at G-7 The Dollar has mounted a recover and risk trends have lost traction this past week. Will these themes carry through to the week ahead, and what will the G-7 meeting elicit from speculators...
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Mohammad Soubra, 15 May 2016, 19:21
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney denied on Sunday that he had compromised the central bank's independence by warning of the short-run costs of leaving the European Union, after criticism from "Out" campaigners...
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Francis Dogbe, 15 May 2016, 18:24
EUR/USD traded in well known ranges throughout most of the week, leaning lower towards the end. Inflation figures and the ECB’s meeting minutes stand out. Here is an outlook for the highlights of this week and an updated technical analysis for EUR/USD...
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Francis Dogbe, 15 May 2016, 17:56
Third divergence has developed on daily XTIUSD. Stoch as well giving clue that is forming divergence. On weekly move ABCD is completed. I predict that it will move down to level of 37 to form another shoulder and move back to take highs and settle in range around 50...
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Piotr Reut, 15 May 2016, 16:43
COSMOS4U published the new optimized AdMACD Indicator parameters for the 20th week of 2016. Click here to check the new parameters of EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and NZDUSD...
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Dimitrios Vezeris, 15 May 2016, 15:39
The Greenback advanced against all of its major counterparts this past week, and the USDollar secured its strongest two-week rally since the May 2015 climb forestalled a bearish reversal. Such a strong upswell comes with a surprising lack of solid fundamental support...
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Gabriel D Arco, 15 May 2016, 12:28
The past two weeks have seen GBP/USD fall from its early May high around its 200-day moving average down to hit its 50-day moving average by Friday. The drop on Friday was pronounced, as the US dollar surged strongly while the pound remained pressured...
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Francis Dogbe, 15 May 2016, 10:06 #forex
The US dollar continued the recovery begun May 3 and rose against most of the major currencies over the past week. A nearly 3.5% rally in oil prices, the fifth weekly gain in the past six weeks (a $9.5 advance over the period), helped the Norwegian krone turn in a steady performance...
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Francis Dogbe, 15 May 2016, 09:57
Forex Factory is probably one of the best known calendars available to retail traders, and this post will help you to understand how to use this tool in your trading...
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Sherif Hasan, 15 May 2016, 09:03
Recently we received a question from one of our members asking if it is ok to use trend lines for her trading entries after she determined sentiment and direction from the news...
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Sherif Hasan, 15 May 2016, 08:46
GBPJPY: The cross continues to face downside pressure as we enter a new week. On the downside, support comes in at the 155.00 level where a violation will aim at the 154.00 level. A break below here will target the 153.00 level followed by the 152.00 level...
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FXTechstrategy, 15 May 2016, 05:20 #forex
Hedge Fund Shorts Saudi Riyal By Rakesh Sharma | May 5, 2016 — 12:02 PM EDT In 2014, Zach Schreiber, owner of the Point State Capital hedge fund, made a famous short against oil, which was trading at record high prices then, at the Ira Sohn conference...
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Diamond Ashiegbu, 14 May 2016, 22:13
The deviation of USD from levels that are consistent with gauges of the relative Fed hawkishness like the spread between US 2Y rates and the G9 average has widened to record levels recently. Copy signals, Trade and Earn $ on Forex4you -
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 14 May 2016, 16:42 #forex
First, a few words about the forecast for the previous week: ■ if we talk about the forecast for EUR/USD, as it often happens, graphical analysis turned out to be the most accurate, having predicted the return of the pair to the Pivot Point of February - May at the level of 1.1280...