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First, a review of last week’s forecast: – the forecast for EUR/USD reckoned that having rebounded from the support of 1.1100, the pair would go up – to the resistance of 1.1230, and if it was broken through, the pair could heave upwards by further 100 points – up to the level of 1.1330...
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Sergey Ershov, 21 August 2016, 12:24 #usd/jpy, GBP/USD, EUR/USD
Federal Reserve policymakers left open the prospect of a further interest rate rise this year even as they insisted they needed more evidence on the durability of the rebound before feeling confident enough to pull the trigger...
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Jiming Huang, 21 August 2016, 10:04
COSMOS4U published the new optimized AdMACD Indicator parameters for the 34th week of 2016. Click here to check the new parameters of EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, EURAUD, NZDUSD, USDCAD and USDZAR...
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Dimitrios Vezeris, 21 August 2016, 09:46
Fedspeak has whipsawed FX markets over the past week. The long risk/short-USD trade was initially boosted by comments from San Francisco Fed President Williams, only to be undone by subsequent hawkish remarks by New York Fed President Dudley, who appeared to open the door to a September hike...
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Vasilii Apostolidi, 21 August 2016, 08:25
Friday August 19, 2016 11:22 Wall Street Bullish 37...
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George Georgoudakis, 21 August 2016, 07:01 #gold
Hello, Open position robot, but close position manual. This 8 month work takes 40% profit. Its not bad, but I thing if I do not used manual position close, profit is bigger...
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Edmundas Daukna, 20 August 2016, 16:56
PIPWHISKER DAILY TRADING STRATEGY(Price:$50) This strategy is based on the following indicators. -New trend -Beginner -Golden tendency settings (5, 30...
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engrobaro, 20 August 2016, 16:43
Daily price is located below 100 SMA/200 SMA reversal area for the primary bearish market condition within the following narrow support/resistance levels: Fibo resistance level at 1.3375 located in the beginning of the secondary bear market rally to be started, and Fibo support level at 1...
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Sergey Golubev, 20 August 2016, 15:28 #Fibonacci, resistance
Hi, My trade on Whaleclub. How you see on photo trade with margin on whaleclub is not good for long trade. Position Crudoil Return to my deposit 0.0002btc - interest 0.001522btc, that my profit -0.001322 btc...
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Edmundas Daukna, 20 August 2016, 07:23
Since the last analysis, EURUSD did make a downtrend after the news event, but the volumes dried up, and a rally began. On the 2nd correction, there was yet another consolidation on low volume, and the price would break the long-term resistance at 1.123 in the London session...
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Leonardo Barata, 19 August 2016, 19:24
D1 price is on primary bullish market condition with the ranging to be started yesterday: the price is located within 23,207 resistance level and 22,953 support level. Price is testing 22,953 support to below for the ranging area to be expanded...
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Sergey Golubev, 19 August 2016, 17:07 #stock market, Ichimoku
AUDUSD. The pair lost upside pressure to decline strongly during Friday trading session today. This development has left risk lower in the days ahead. On the downside, support resides at the 0.7600 level where a breach will aim at the 0.7550 level...
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  • 38, 19 August 2016, 15:01
As ferramentas que estamos a falar são FX Trend, FX Power and Lighthouse Como comércio com o Blueball ferramentas de negociação? Deixe-me explicar-lo em um exemplo gráfico. 1...
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Daniel Stein, 19 August 2016, 11:58 #Trading
Las herramientas de las que estamos hablando son de FX Trend, FX Power y Lighthouse Cómo comercio con la herramientas de Blueball? Voy a explicar en un gráfico de ejemplo. 1.) Usted verá que las tendencias en AUDUSD están en la línea de M1 - D1 y la tendencia W1 es muy débil y termina pronto 2...
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Daniel Stein, 19 August 2016, 11:53
Инструменты, которые мы говорим, о которых FX Trend, FX Мощность и маяк Как торговать с торговыми инструментами BLUEBALL? Позвольте мне объяснить это в качестве примера диаграммы. 1.) Вы увидите, что тенденции на AUDUSD в линии от M1 - D1 и W1 тренда очень слаба и скоро закончится 2...
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Daniel Stein, 19 August 2016, 10:46
我们正在谈论的工具 FX趋势, FX电源 和 灯塔 如何与蓝色圆球交易工具进行交易? 让我在一个示例图表解释。 1)你会看到,澳元兑美元的趋势是从货币供应量M1线 - D1和W1趋势非常虚弱,很快结束 2)你会看到,澳元和美元之间增加强度增量...
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Daniel Stein, 19 August 2016, 10:34
A decentralized market, without a central physical location, where market participants trade with one another through various communication modes such as the telephone, email and proprietary electronic trading systems...
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Muhammad Elbermawi, 18 August 2016, 22:24
Already I had posted high impact news trade EA in my different post. Here I am giving you most updated and real copy for your own test in any broker. This EA is only for high impact news trade. In my last update EA, you will get news time settings option...
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Pankaj D Costa, 18 August 2016, 21:16
GBPUSD: Having the pair extended its recovery on Thursday, further strength is expected. On the downside, support lies at the 1.3100 level where a break will turn attention to the 1.3000 level. Further down, support lies at the 1.2950 level...
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  • 39, 18 August 2016, 12:50
Daily economic digest from Stay informed of the key economic events Thursday, August 18th GBP/USD Current price: 1.3118 (0.6...
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EEAnalytics, 18 August 2016, 12:38