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Exchange rate forecasts for 2015 from research house TD Securities have confirmed a bearish slant regarding the euro dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) pairing...
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Sergey Golubev, 1 January 2015, 18:11
VILNIUS, Lithuania — If anyone still has good reasons for joining the euro, it is the people bundled against the cold of this snow-dusted capital. The plunge of the ruble and economic sanctions have all but destroyed Russia as a market for Lithuanian dairy products and other goods...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 1 January 2015, 11:22
SUNIL BHARTI MITTAL: A first generation entrepreneur. Started his first business at the age of 18.Forced to close his smooth running business overnight due to Govt regulation. Didn't make much money in his earlier businesses.Got the first turning point in 1992. Became a billionaire by 1995...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 1 January 2015, 10:49
US DOLLAR TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Prices aredigesting gains near a five-year high but negative RSI divergence casts doubt on immediate follow-through. A daily close above the 38.2% Fibonacci expansionat 11577 exposes the 50% level at 11648...
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Sergey Golubev, 1 January 2015, 09:11 #price patterns, xauusd
• The Super Bowl Scammer: Dion Rich Is the Godfather of Gatecrashing (Rolling Stone) • The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos’s Fire Phone Debacle And What It Means For Amazon’s Future (Fast Company) • The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains...
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Sergey Golubev, 1 January 2015, 03:11
The key theme on the gold price chart are the two trading ranges since gold’s all time highs. One trading range started end of 2011 and lasted till early 2013, the second one is still in play. In technical terms, both trading ranges took the form of a descending triangle...
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EmmeMe, 1 January 2015, 03:11 #xauusd, gold
The Gold Report: In late November, BMO Chief Economist Doug Porter warned that interest rates could move higher sooner rather than later in 2015. What's your 2015 outlook for gold given that information...
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Sergey Golubev, 31 December 2014, 18:11 #xauusd, gold
US DOLLAR TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Prices have flat-lined after hitting a five-year high, with negative RSI divergence warning a downturn may be ahead. Near-term resistance is at 11577, the 38.2% Fibonacci expansion, with a break above that on a daily closing basis exposing the 50% level at 11648...
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Patti, 31 December 2014, 15:11 #xauusd, S&P 500, gold
Seldom I do this, but oil now already approaching the $52 mark. Several traders feeling nervous on this move. Personally I have never trade oil but I only use it as some kind of technical analysis for certain forex pairs...
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Mukhriz Mangsor, 31 December 2014, 14:51
Crude oil droping amid OPEC trying to buy U.S shale oil market to cut oil production.The Crude Oil key levels below $40 and $20 will act as reversals prices will shoot upside in hopes Global droping economy touched grounds and Demand can boost any time...
Crude Oil
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kolioo77, 31 December 2014, 14:46
For today: R4 - 1.5681 / R3 - 1.5665 / R2 - 1.5618 / R1 - 1.5585 SPOT 1.5514 S1 - 1.5505 / S2 - 1.5486 / S3 - 1.5462 / S4 - 1.5427 sell @ resistance, buy @ support...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 31 December 2014, 09:46 #resistance, support, GBP/USD
The broker reduced its 2014 gold forecast by two percent to $1,275 per ounce because these key supportive factors have been underperforming throughout the year...
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BlondieNews, 31 December 2014, 09:11 #silver, gold
IT WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR INVESTORS Every year, new global trends emerge, old ones play out, and the financial markets adjust. This can offer new opportunities for investors to make money if their forecasts are accurate, their investments are timely, and they choose their assets well...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 31 December 2014, 09:01
DAILY FREE FOREX SIGNALS by ramasubburam DATE: 31/12/2014 PAIR NAME: GBPJPY...
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ramasubbu velayutham, 31 December 2014, 08:57 #FOMC, ECB
Equal Waves pattern is a simple three wave pattern Compare the alternating waves of the pattern to determine if they are equal in length Equal Waves patterns can provide clues about the larger Elliott Wave structure Many traders ask how to begin labeling their chart using Elliott Wave Theory...
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Sergey Golubev, 31 December 2014, 03:11 #Elliott Waves
Forex ranking and rating Tue. Wk 53 / 30-12-2014 Analysis based on TA charts for all the major currency pairs. Good luck to all. No advice, just info. Every week the Forex ranking rating list will be prepared in the weekend...
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Forex Technical Analyst Trader, 31 December 2014, 00:46
14 Meaningless Phrases That Will Make You Sound Like A Stock-Market Wizard (BI) Here is how low oil prices will shake things up in 2015 (Quartz) see also This Era of Low-Cost Oil Is Different (BV) “Buy Europe” (TRB) Genius Must Be Proven (A Wealth of Common Sense) Here Come Small Caps (Irrelevant...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 December 2014, 19:11 #stock market
Russia's banks are under tremendous stress amid a plunging currency and ongoing Western sanctions over Russian involvement in the Ukraine crisis, and they will likely need more government bailouts to survive, according to analysts...
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Andrius Kulvinskas, 30 December 2014, 18:37
Gold analyst Gary Christenson, author of the book “Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 to 2021“, observes that since June of 2013 there has been a modest downward bias in the gold market but that is changing now...
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Sergey Golubev, 30 December 2014, 18:11 #gold
The bear is still on control for this pair and today we saw it was shy about 20+pips to hitting the 1.2100 level. Some pullbacks in action now, but I expect the USD will hammer the EUR back to south...
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Mukhriz Mangsor, 30 December 2014, 15:14