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EURUSD: The pair faces recovery higher leaving risk higher. On the upside, resistance comes in at 1.1700 level with a cut through here opening the door for more upside towards the 1.1750 level. Further up, resistance lies at the 1.1800 level where a break will expose the 1.1850 level...
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  • 28, 3 June 2018, 22:09
Chart: (Side of bulls) For purchases, under the condition of the break down (D1 broken) goals may be equal (R1 / down W1 / R2) with the breakdown option to (R3). (Bear side...
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oleksandr bilokon, 3 June 2018, 21:12 - Bank Indonesia (BI) took a firm step to help the Rupiah face Dollar appreciation by raising interest rates the second time this month (At the time this article was written). BI increased the seven-day repo rate to 4.75% from 4.5% to cope with capital outflows...
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Candra Sugiarto, 3 June 2018, 10:18
Hello traders, NFP on last Friday, is a situation that is not easy. But let's see where is the actual Resistance we should give attention. Whatever the economic news figures, we have seen that prices keep moving to actual SR like we walk on the stairs...
First, a few words about the behavior of the major currency pairs and cryptocurrency pairs over the past week: - EUR/USD. The behavior of this pair at the beginning of the week was determined by the fear of the players over possible political changes in Italy...
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Sergey Ershov, 2 June 2018, 15:11 #bitcoin, forex
Welcome to my report on the signal! Here is the report for the trading day/a few days on the signal at which the robot is trading. Signal Statistics 02.06.2018 Signal: Link Advisor: Link...
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Roman Vashchilin, 2 June 2018, 14:52 #support, Trading, EUR/USD
USDJPY D1 Last month started with the mark (Open 109.309; gap - 11) with the growth on opening to 110.026 (test R1MN / EMA522Low) with a further decrease to 108.639 (EMA120...
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oleksandr bilokon, 2 June 2018, 11:21
The volume of consumer lending in the UK in April rose sharply after a period of weakness in March. The data published on Thursday pointed to the strongest growth in unsecured consumer lending for almost 18 months. Unsecured consumer lending jumped to 1...
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TifiaFX, 1 June 2018, 13:58 #fundamental analysis
Объемы потребительского кредитования в Великобритании в апреле резко выросли после периода слабости в марте. Данные, опубликованные в четверг, указали на самый сильный рост необеспеченного потребительского кредитования почти за 18 месяцев...
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TifiaFX, 1 June 2018, 13:57
Daily economic digest from Stay informed of the key economic events Friday, June 1st...
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EEAnalytics, 1 June 2018, 11:57
Chart: (Side of bulls). For purchases with growth conditions above (S1 / EMA24), goals may be level (1-key levels / up H1 broken) with a development perspective up to (R1 / R2 / R3 / R1W1...
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oleksandr bilokon, 1 June 2018, 10:01
Chart: (Side of bulls). For purchases, under the condition of floating over (down D1 broken / EMA120 / S1 / S1W1) targets, the targets may be equal (R1 / R2) with the breakdown option to (R3 / R1W1 / R2W1). (Bear side...
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oleksandr bilokon, 1 June 2018, 09:24
Chart: (Side of bulls). For stored purchase positions, with a higher probability condition (R1 / key resistance levels / R2 / EMA120), the targets may be level (2 key resistance levels...
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oleksandr bilokon, 1 June 2018, 08:47
Chart: (Side of bulls). For positions for purchasing under condition of breakdown (R2) goals may be equal (R3 / EMA522high / down D1 broken). (Bear side...
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oleksandr bilokon, 1 June 2018, 07:44
Good Day Hunting Fox ... 😁 Congrats for entering June 2018, already half way through the year ... Let's make our trading plan for today, Friday US-NFP this month. Today's data looks pretty much and solid in the afternoon too...
Introduction The aim of this page is to explain important terms to trades on Forex market. This will help to define the size of a position or configure properly an Expert Advisor like Wolfgrid or my other products: https://www.mql5...
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Dorian Baranes, 1 June 2018, 00:31
While the market focused on Italy, the US released some interesting data yesterday. ADP for May reported a marginally weaker result than expected 178k verse 190k exp. The BEA dropped Q1 real GDP to 2.2% q/q against 2.3% exp from previously reported 2.3% q/q...
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Jiming Huang, 31 May 2018, 14:29
Financial markets continued to benefit from easing political tensions in Italy after Luigi Di Maio, leader of the 5-Star Movement, said he was ready to go back on his decision to pick economist Paolo Savona for finance minister. Nevertheless, he will stick to Giuseppe Conte for prime minister...
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Jiming Huang, 31 May 2018, 14:27
Как сообщил в среду вечером Американский институт нефти (API), запасы нефти в США на прошлой неделе выросли на 1 млн баррелей. Запасы бензина упали на 1,7 млн баррелей, а запасы дистиллятов увеличились на 1,5 млн баррелей...
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TifiaFX, 31 May 2018, 14:21 #WTI
As the American Petroleum Institute (API) said on Wednesday evening, US oil inventories rose by 1 million barrels last week. Gasoline stocks fell by 1.7 million barrels, while distillate stocks increased by 1.5 million barrels...
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TifiaFX, 31 May 2018, 14:20 #WTI, fundamental analysis