SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Indicator Manual

SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Indicator Manual

13 May 2017, 08:11
Somsri Sarkar

Manual Version: 1.04 


Intraday Planetary Line indicator plots planetary lines without using any CSV file or any kind of data fetching from 3rd party software or the Internet!

It has inbuilt astronomical calculation being the first of its kind in the MQL indicator history.

Main Objective: 

Indicator's plots planetary support resistance lines for the trader to make trading decisions along with buy/sell signals & alerts on specific market celestial timing. This buy/sell signals are purely astrological based but it has an option to filter it with fractals.

Important! Traders are always requested to consult with market price action & other trend indicators in order verify this astrological signals.

Traders need to match technical analysis with celestial event.

Trend Signal Alert Settings:

Basic Astrological Terms:

The indicator allows traders to plot planetary lines based on two major coordinates & two major zodiac system.


  • Geocentric: (Commonly used) Considering Earth at center.
  • Heliocentric: Consider the sun at the center. Doesn't counts the moon.

Zodiac System:

  • Tropical Zodiac: Western Zodiac (Commonly used)
  • Sidereal Zodiac: Ancient Vedic Zodiac

Scale Section:

Scaling means how many pips or points per degree. It is the most important part of the indicator. By default, it set to 1. That means 1 degree = 0.01cent or 1 pips.

But it is customizable as per trader choice. Minimum scale is 0.01 which means 1 degree = 0.01 pip

A basic Example from product description for all types of instruments:

  • Scale Input 1.00 means 1 Degree = 0.01 Cent or 1 Pip
  • Scale Input 10.00 means 1 Degree = 0.10 Cent or 10 Pips
  • Scale Input 100.00 means 1 Degree = $1 or 100 Pips

Note! This is an example for the trader to understand how to measure the scale. It doesn't mean you can only use 1.00, 10.00,100.00 scale. You can use anything from 0.01 scale. You can use any custom scale like 0.56 then 1 degree = 0.56 pip or 4.50 which means 1 degree = 4.5 pips.

A Brief Introduction to Space-Time Theory (Basics):

Just like the moon tides happens, water moves one place to another with the force of the moon. Same way planets have an effect on the financial market as it has the liquidity similar nature like water. The market is also vast like a sea. 

Everything with this indicator works with both price & time together. Means market has to reach at the right level at right time, then we get space = price & time balanced. If it doesn't then, it's not a class one trade signal. Wait for other signals.

Multi Currency or instrument Day Trading Analogy:

Suppose you are observing 5 pairs like "EURUSD","GBPUSD","USDCAD","AUDUSD","GBPJPY". There is an event of "Jupiter Opposition Moon" around 13:30 Terminal Time. You will plot Jupiter Opposition or Moon opposition (anyone both is same ) price line on all 5 charts. It possible not all the pairs will reach that price level at that time. Say only GBPJPY reached Opposition price level at 13:30 around time. Then you deal only will be with GBPJPY. 

At that point, GBPJPY can do only any 3 things,

  • Reversal its position. (Say it was falling down, then created a pin bar on that level & rose up)
  • Continue old trend (in this case, continue falling more by breaking that opposition price level)
  • or do nothing ( no such price action or trendy movement around that level)
What will happen that depends on market structure. The trader just needs to follow market movement as the way it comes with price & time.

Example 1: EURAUD Moon Aspect Time + Price | 8th March 2017

SFX Intraday Planetary Line Astro Pack

There was an aspect of "Moon Square Jupiter & Uranus" with almost same time zone. Square is a strong aspect. We plotted Moon Square price line from the drop down list of planetary aspect. 

Planetary Aspect Price Line Settings

Moon Square price line & Jupiter Line are at now same price level (proven that indicator is operating correctly, that's why both are at the same level).

Now two planets square aspect price line plotted, after that aspect timing, we need the market to come near to that location, then price & time will get balanced. The market didn't touch Moon Jupiter Square price line. But sharply reacted & later created low for the day.

What is Aspect Time & Aspect Price?

Aspect means a celestial event in Astronomy & geometric pattern formation between two or more planets.

Indicator considers 5 Major geometric aspects along with one minor aspect & moon ingress (moon changing its sign): 

  • Conjunction = Both planets are at same level (Super Strong)
  • Opposition= Both planets are 180 degrees apart (Strongest)
  • Trine = Both Planets are 120 degrees apart ( stronger)
  • Square = Both Planets are 90 degrees apart ( strong )
  • Sextile = Both planets are 60 degrees apart (weak)
  • Sem- Square = Both planets are 45 Degrees apart (minor)

All these aspects as a time for the event which is the aspect time & also a price location of the event.  

Note! Traders need to only check if the market is reacting to that celestial event accordingly or not. With some market it will work, with some market it will not create any effect. 

For Aspect Price, if there is two planets aspect, for example, "Moon & Jupiter Square", then the user need to select only one planet square price level, either moon's or Jupiter's. The trader will automatically see that line got balanced with the other planet as the example 1.

If the moon has Square aspect with both Jupiter & Uranus, then plotting only common planet "Moon square" line does the job.

Indicator plots aspects for all major planets. The indicator also plots planetary lines for lunar south node & north node. Major planets aspects are more powerful than moon aspects with other planets.

Indicator dashboard shows all current active aspect data with its trend strength (weak to super strong)


The indicator shows applied scale (according to the user input), Day ruling planet (universal for all instruments), Current day trend, Individual instrument planet reference & All active aspects.

Aspect Time & Price not always need be matching: Sometimes other planets aspect time creates a general effect with other different planet aspect price lines.

Example 2 : XAUUSD | GOLD, 25th April 2017

Aspect Time

There were two major planet aspects with "Mercury Conjunction Uranus" & "Venus Square Saturn", the Gold market didn't reach mercury or pluto lines. But it reached venus square price line during the "Moon-Jupiter Opposition" Aspect Timing, so got the power to move the market & it did good trendy fall upto the moon line by creating day top.

Adding Multiple Aspect Lines:

With the newest version, you can plot 2 aspect lines simultaneously. 

Multiple Aspect Settings

With this setting screenshot above you can use 2 aspect lines. In the example above there are Moon Opposition Line & Mercury Trine line can be plotted if Show aspect price line set to true.

What if happens If I need more aspect lines? If in case there are some days with more aspects?

You can add more than two Indicator on the same chart in case if you need 4 aspect lines. Just use two different indicator custom name. Then you can use 4 aspect line on same chart. (see "Adding Multiple Indicator on the Same chart" section for more reference)

Day Ruling Planet:

It is based with Lunar Mansion (Nakshaktra's)  & it changes time to time. This is a secondary factor for traders to make a trading decision. 

NFP (News Release) Effect With The Indicator:

Example: 3


With EURUSD its individual planet reference was Jupiter. That day Jupiter had an aspect with Sun opposition (strongest), Possibly EURUSD has an option to create an effect with Jupiter line. Few hour before there was "Moon Trine Mercury" aspect. When moon ingress weak, market didn't create much movement just like before the bigger news release like NFP market stays slow. During the NFP market sharply moved up towards the average planetary line resistance then fallen towards the Jupiter line & keep falling. 


Planetary Hora: 

According to the Vedic astrology, each hour is ruled by a planet. This way 24 hours get ruled by 7 major planets like Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter & Saturn. With Vedic Astrology, it doesn't count Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

Note! This is the secondary part of this indicator.  It doesn’t work as a standalone system; rather trader can match up their decision with it. 

Example: 4

With USDCAD, there was only one major aspect "Venus Square Saturn". Indicator plotted Venus Square price line. The indicator shows a sell alert all this during the venus hora with another planet aspect "Moon Square Mars" So everything matches, sell position up to the next venus square line & venus hora (Target).

Heliocentric Coordinates:

Example 5:

With US 30 Indices, There were two major aspects "Mars Trine Jupiter" & "Mercury Sextile Pluto". Also, both Mars & Mercury was on the same level & US30 opened around it. After opening it didn't go below, rather keep up above the support line. So buying until the mars trine price line, market keep going up and up.

Example 6: GBPJPY Double Top with Heliocentric Jupiter Line.

Heliocentric double top

How to Use Custom Timing for non-FX instruments:

For using the Non-FX instrument, from Market Watch Window, right click on the instrument & from right click menu click on Specification. To get Instrument Start hour & End hour.

Input these data on indicator custom time settings:

Adding Multiple Indicator on the Same chart:

You can add the same indicator multiple times on the same chart for the advanced level of analysis. Indicator input field has an option to use custom indicator name. if you want to add two indicators on the same chart, use two different custom names for the two indicators. Just change the text dashboard x, y axis in order to avoid overlapping textbox or you can hide one textbox as per your choice.

Text Box X Y position

The example below showing only "geocentric moon line" & "heliocentric Jupiter & Saturn Line" & average of 5 planets (heliocentric). With one indicator it was not possible on same chart. But with this features you can do that on same chart.

multiple chart

Market Reacted on Moon line also on heliocentric Saturn line with GBPUSD.

Case Study:

If users have any questions, please feel free to inbox.

Copyrights Notice:

Copyright © 2016-2017 by Somsri Sarkar
All rights reserved. This Manual / Blog post or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the Developer except for the use of brief quotations for Manual review.

Important Risk Disclosure:

The risk of trading can be substantial and each investor and/or trader must consider whether this is a suitable investment. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in this product will be profitable or that it will not result in losses. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Examples presented on this Manual are for educational purposes only. These set-ups are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell. The developer assumes no responsibility for your trading results. There is a high degree of risk in trading.

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