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ID Rounding or deleting 3 for MT5

This utility rounds the values of object anchor points to a decimal place equal or less than the number of the decimal places of the chart symbol it is launched at. The product can also quickly delete objects of a certain type.

The utility works with horizontal and/or trend lines, as well as Fibo levels.

Besides, it shows the actual amount of such objects on the chart.

The product rounds the values of object anchor points and deletes objects only from the chart's main window.

The utility is managed via the chart panel. The special button for folding (minimizing) the control panel is provided allowing you to minimize ID Rounding or deleting 3 for MT5 utility on the chart. This is especially useful if you apply the product for some one-time actions, like a script.

If you have left all or some object value rounding buttons enabled, the utility automatically rounds the anchor point values of the objects that are newly created on the main chart and are of the same type that you have set for rounding, regardless of whether the chart panel is unfolded or minimized.

The button for complete removal of the utility from the chart is also provided in the control panel.

2017.07.21 16:09 

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Version 1.25 - 2015.04.29
Fixed removing the indicator from a chart when its operation panel is minimized.

Added a few new functions for processing possible analyzer operation errors.