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Best And Worst Dashboard

Best and worst Dashboard was born from the idea to have a panel that includes all the symbols in a chart.

It is very importance to understand which symbols are both positive and negative.

In the past, we realized the single indicator Best and Worst (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11784), now thanks to the upgrading of the Metatrader the dashboard displays all the instruments simultaneously.

A great revolution.

This Dashboard is able to calculate performance at any time frame and clicking on buttons the relative chart is opened to simplify the analysis.

The information we get is: percentage value, current price, and range of movement.

Input values

    • 28 symbols
    • Forex_Suffix_Symbols (add Forex Suffix to NOT show it on button Symbols)
    • PositiveColor
    • NegativeColor
    • Titles_Color
    • Text_Color
    • Open_In_A_New_Chart (you can open the new chart in the new or the current window)
    • User template to add on the opened chart (you can apply a custom template on the opened chart)
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