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RunwiseFX Multiple Indicator Matrix with Alert

The indicator displays a matrix of indicators across multiple timeframes with a sum total and optional alert. Custom indicators can also be added to the matrix, in a highly configurable way. The alert threshold can be set to say what percentage of indicators need to be in agreement for an alert to happen. The alerts can turned on/off via on chart tick boxes and can be set to notify to mobile or sent to email, in addition to pop-up.

The product offers a great way to create an alert when multiple indicators are in agreement, whether they be standard indicators or custom indicators, including those purchased via Market.

Information on multiple symbols can be shown on the same chart by using multiple instances of the indicator, each configured with a different symbol and position.

The properties of the standard indicators can be changed via the indicator inputs and a wide variety custom indicators are supported. The standard indicators shown by default are: ADX, CCI, market price above/below Moving Average (MA), Moving Average Cross (MAX), MACD, Momentum (MOM), OsMA, RSI, Parabolic SAR, William's Percentage Range (WPR). Any of these can be turned off.

Notes when using strategy tester: The test needs to be running at least market speed for the alert tick boxes to work. Alerts will appear in the Journal tab. Indicators on the weekly and monthly timeframes may not be calculated.


  • Important_alertThresholdPercentage - Threshold at which alert will happen, e.g. if set to 75 would mean 75% of indicators would need to agree for alert on the timeframe.
  • Important_alertOnlyWhenAllSelectedMatch - If true, then will only alert if all the selected timeframes are in agreement.
  • Important_defaultAlerts - Set to 1 if alert should be on by default. Values are comma separated for each timeframe.
  • Important_periodsToShow - Periods (timeframes) to show. Values are comma separated.
  • Important_symbol - Symbol to show information for. If blank will be the symbol of the chart.
  • Main_alertAllResetLevel - How many periods need to have gone other way for alert to reset
  • Main_disableSpreadAskBid - If true then won't show spread/ask/bid
  • Main_distanceMethod - How to look back for indicators showing arrows/dots
  • Main_drawBackground - Set false to turn off background
  • Main_indiExamineCandles - (used for debugging)
  • Main_maxBarsToSearch - How far to search back for indicators showing arrows/dots
  • CustomN_indicatorName - Custom indicator name as appears in Indicators folder in your MetaTrader Data Folder
  • CustomN_indicatorDisplayAs - Indicator name to display as in the matrix. If left blank then will truncated CustomN_indicatorName.
  • CustomN_indicatorProperties - Indicator properties. Should be comma separated in the order they appear in the indicator. Boolean type inputs should be set as 0 or 1 and text inputs should be enclosed in double quotes. If left blank then the default indicator properties will be used.
  • CustomN_colorIndex - Color index of the indicator to show in matrix. Can be comma separated if buy and sell indexes need to be supplied.
  • CustomN_shift - Candle shift to use for indicator capture, where 0 is live candle and 1 is most recently closed candle
  • CustomN_midPoint - Mid point to be used if only one color index is supplied and gives the indicator value that represents the transition from buy to sell
  • CustomN_nullValue - Null value to be used to decide if the indicator value should be ignored / regarded as not present. AUTO is EMPTY_VALUE or 0
  • CustomN_captureMethod - Controls how the indicator value should be interpreted (see video for examples)
  • Show_* - Allows the standard indicators to be turned on/off, in terms of being in the matrix and contributing to the alert
  • Box_* - Allows the position of the matrix to be changed
  • Property_* - Allows the properties of the standard indicators to be changed, e.g. period of moving average
  • Gen_alert* - Allows the alert to be sent to mobile / email
  • (other properties) - These are cosmetic and shouldn't need to be changed
Note, further details for setting inputs can be found in the manual - a link to which is in the Comments tab.

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rajivkaushik10 2018.10.13 08:02 

Great Product, Great Team, Great Support and i think nothing else needed to buy this product.

Memon 2018.04.10 13:55 

very good product and author is very supportive

Alexander Dubenskiy
Alexander Dubenskiy 2017.07.25 06:37 

Indicator matrix as other 2 flagship Runwisefx offerings have very specific role.

As mentioned in combine and automator reviews Runwisefx is not the company which provides let say 100 100$ products with a superficial role and only minor difference in between the offerings.

My understanding Runwisefx have only 3 flagship products with clearly defined symbiotic roles between each other which grants the company ability to introduce substantial depth in enhancing functionality of aforementioned offerings as well as setting aside a healthy amount of time for support. From my perspective as a client it is most certainly a winning combination.

Enhancements and fixes never stops and for clients such as yours truly (occasional fx discretionary trading plus automation portfolio consisting of a dozen EAs off mt4 market and from outside, close to 400 magic numbers spread for the moment across 17 mt4 instances) a quick enhancement or a fix could be a huge performance savings and I'd say Runwisefx does fix things swiftly. ;)

Indicator matrix per se providing multi indicator and multi time frame resolution that will take only few inches off your monitor real estate and is a big help in discretionary trading in particularly along with combine.

Challenging to add something to what I've already stated in combine and automator reviews so will just mention that out of 7 or so dashboards circulating in mt4 market indicator matrix to my set of needs is the most potent dashboard by miles and symbiotic "sync" with combine and automator makes purchasing this one a no-brainer!

Runwisefx support is a top notch and I'm completely satisfied in this area!

If you do discretionary trading and would like to enhance your strategy with MTF capabilities as well as save on a monitor/chart real estate this indicator is for you!!

Best of luck to potential clients and big thanks to Runwisefx for a superb set of products! *-*


Justin Alderson
Justin Alderson 2017.06.25 08:28 

I have bought numerous products off Mark & I would have to say they are all outstanding. But what exceeds what he has to offer is the after sales support. He is incredibly helpful with all the questions & change requests I have submitted. And is also prompt in responding to emails. There are a lot of people out there in the forex world selling snake oil in an attempt to make a buck, but this product & Mark is not one of them. If anything he over delivers!

Peter 2017.05.10 20:17 

Fantastic product like the rest! Thank you RunwiseFX for fantastic support :)

dexsamindia 2017.02.25 14:23 

This stuff is very great tool! I regret having bought other tools from other sellers before this purchase!

fabbry72 2016.06.01 02:06 

Works very well, only word much better two: great great !!!!!!!

Possibility to customize the dashboard by inserting owners indicators is something fantastic.

If you have your own winning strategy this is what he does for you: FIVE STARS !!

Particular note for the author: very positive approach with customers and immediate answers, very kind.


Version 3.5 2020.01.19
- Added support for candle closing beyond cloud/band of an indicator, such as Ichimoku, where color indexes giving that band can cross over
Version 3.4 2019.07.24
- Fixed issue with repeated alerts when set to alert when all selected periods are in agreement. This fix will only reset for a new alert on a new candle on the chart period that the Matrix is running on.
Version 3.3 2019.05.29
- Expanded number of custom indicators that can be added to 10

- Added support for setting inputs to Tipu RSI indicator
Version 3.2 2019.03.15
- Fixed issue where Important_symbol input wasn't working
Version 3.1 2019.03.14
- Fixed issue capture method 'increasing/decreasing' with old set files from prior V3, where wouldn't work unless 'custom mid point' input was set to blank instead of 0. With this version 0 will work also.

- Note, since V3 inputs that began with Show_ where rename Include_ to match our Dashboard Pro product
Version 2.9 2018.09.25
- Fixed issue where alert could only happen if all indicators had previously gone other way
Version 2.8 2018.06.21
- Improved compatibility with indicators that require price to cross their value for a trade signal
Version 2.7 2018.03.27
- Improved support for custom indicators PipFinite Energy Beam, Reversal and Cluster Helix
Version 2.6 2017.09.28
- Fixed mistake in recent update where alerts still could not be turned off with PipFinite Breakout Analyzer
Version 2.5 2017.09.21
- Improved support for custom indicators PipFinite Breakout Analyzer, Strength Meter, Swing Control - so that don't get unnecessary alerts
Version 2.4 2017.07.26
- when input Customn_captureMethod is set to 'Distance To Not Null' then this release will use less processor resources as it is more efficient, so can handle indicators that use a lot of processor resources

- fixed issue with matrix appearing corrupt/hard to read if alter number of indicators in matrix
Version 2.3 2017.07.05
- Added support for reversal type indicators/strategies

- Different moving average methods can now be specified for fast and slow cross
Version 2.2 2017.06.22
- Fixed Bollinger Band deviation property so a double rather integer

- Added support for mid point only showing buy if greater than given value and sell if less than another
Version 2.0 2017.05.19
- Added support for overbought / oversold (reversal) with Stochastic and/or Bollinger Bands
Version 1.8 2016.12.06
- Added more compatibility with custom indicators

- Added ability to alert only when all selected periods are in agreement
Version 1.7 2016.08.24
- Fixed issue where same shift was being applied to both fast and slow moving averages for moving average cross, where needs to separate.
Version 1.6 2016.08.19
- Added ability to set shift for moving average based values. See new inputs Property_MAXshift and Property_MAshift.
Version 1.5 2016.07.14
- Fixed compatibility issue with 'PipFinite Breakout Analyzer' indicator

- Added support for four color indexes to be supplied, first two of buy and next two for sell

- Added print to Experts log of custom indicator values for multiple shifts and indexes, to aid configuration
Version 1.4 2016.07.04
- Added EA input Main_disableSpreadAskBid that allows the indicator to display the current spread and ask/bid prices in big text, if set to false

- Modified handling of EA inputs Custom*_nullValue so 'EV' can be supplied which stands for EMPTY_VALUE, which some indicators require instead of 'AUTO'
Version 1.3 2016.06.17
- Fixed bug when using calculation method increasing/decreasing
Version 1.2 2016.06.06
- Added current market price to alert text

- Added objects that can be used by an EA to get values from the matrix. See the manual for more details.