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Trade panel for MT4

This trading panel simplifies and accelerates opening, tracking and closing orders. The utility allows you to easily calculate take profit, stop loss and lot size considering the required risk level. You are also able to modify stop loss and take profit levels of the already opened orders.

In the Percentage SL mode, the utility calculates the lot so that the maximum loss of the open position comprises Size of the percentage SL percent of the deposit allowing you to manage risks directly on the chart. In the Fixed Lot mode, the lot is equal to the Fixed lot size parameter. To open buy and sell orders, click the appropriate button. In the Fixed Lot mode, buy and sell orders are opened immediately without any preliminary calculations. In other cases, the info panel together with the Open and Cancel buttons as well as stop lines appear when clicking the trading buttons on the chart. By moving stop lines, we set take profit and stop levels, as well as a pending order open level, while the info panel displays a loss, profit and lot size at the specified levels. Click Lot, TP, SL on the panel to change their default values without opening the utility parameters window. After selecting necessary levels and parameters, click the Open button to open an order or the Cancel button.

Clicking Modify opens the info panel, lines as well as Modify and Cancel buttons. When moving the line, the utility displays the profit/loss, as well as market order sell/buy at a specified level. When clicking Modify, the utility moves stop loss and take profit of all sell and buy market orders to the level line. When clicking Cancel, no modification is performed. If you want to reverse an order, click Reverse buy or sell. When clicking Reverse sell, the utility closes all sell orders and opens one order with a lot equal to the sum of closed sell orders. When clicking Reverse buy, buy orders are reversed. There are also the buttons for closing all market orders. If you need to remove pending orders as well, set Close pending orders on/off to true in the inputs.


  • Magic - magic number.
  • Comment - order comment.
  • Mode lot - lot calculation mode:
    • Percentage SL - lot is calculated so that if an order is closed by a stop loss, the loss is equal to Size of the percentage SL percentage of the balance.
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot.
  • Fixed lot size - lot size in the Fixed Lot mode.
  • Size of the percentage SL - balance percentage in the Percentage SL mode.
  • Take profit 0-off - take profit.
  • Stop loss 0-off - stop loss.
  • SL at wick candles - snap the initial position of SL to High/Low of the 1st candle.
  • Indent - indent from the candle.
  • Ratio TP/SL, 0-off - stop loss/take profit ratio (R:R).
  • Attempts to open an order - number of attempts to open an order if the previous attempt failed.
  • Attempts to close an order - number of attempts to close an order if the previous attempt failed.
  • Slippage - maximum price slippage when opening and closing orders.
  • Spread above, 0-off - spread value. After it is exceeded, the spread text changes its color to the signal one, 0 - disabled.
  • Position X of the main panel - distance of the main panel from the right.
  • Position Y of the main panel - distance of the main panel from the top.
  • Position X of the info panel - distance of the info panel from the right.
  • Position Y of the info panel - distance of the info panel from the top.
  • Buttons market orders on/off, Buttons pending orders on/off - display the panel buttons.
  • Close pending orders on/off - close pending orders.
  • Sound buttons - button sound.
  • Sound buttons user - custom sound name.
  • Sound error - error sound.
  • Sound error user - custom sound name.
  • Sound ok - successful completion sound.
  • Sound ok user - custom sound name.
  • Color panels, Color text Buy buttons, ... - panel and buttons color.
  • Color text panels,Color text Buy buttons, ... - panel and button text color.
You can test the demo version Trade panel for MT4 Demo.
2017.09.24 09:47 

Отличная панель, без всяких ненужных прибамбасов, настраивается все, начиная от количество попыток открыть ордер (приобретал здесь панель который при неудачной попытки открыть ордер долбил сервер пока не откроется ордер, что плохо при скальпинге и при этом не было не каких настроек ограничить количество этих попыток) и до цвета панели и кнопок и звуков, чего не хватает в других панелях. В любых режимах при переключении таймфрейма графика ни чего не сбрасывает и это очень удобно. Спасибо, Ставлю плюс!

2017.09.23 06:34 

На мой взгляд самый правильный метод расчета риска, в этой панели мне все нравиться ,ставлю 5!

Evgeny Yurchenko
2017.09.18 08:49 

I like this product. Maybe not the very polished and modern interface, but it does it's job well. One thing that I really miss is the ability to change percentage risk somewhere on the panel, not going inside the settings. It would be a must have product. Can you please add this feature?

UPDATE 2017.09.18

Two killer features added by our requests: RR ratio to automatically count TP level as a multiple from SL level and percentage of risk changing option right from the chart. Thanks a lot, chaging the review from 4* to 5*

2017.09.10 10:32 

Great tool for risk control and money management.

2017.07.31 16:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

2017.07.20 08:25 

Works very well and fast

Version 1.2 - 2017.11.01
1) added parameter for entering custom order comments
2) added the ability to select the initial positions of the stop loss relative to the 1st candle
Version 1.1 - 2017.09.06
Improved the interface, added the ability to change the SL and RR % directly on the panel