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Manual Traders Companion

Why Manual Trading?

A robot can only make decisions based on the settings that has been programmed into it but the primary thing that a human trader has that a bot doesn't is the capacity to think. Thus most traders prefer manual trading or trading semi-auto.

Wishing You Could Make Your Manual Trading Easier?

If you fall into the category of people who prefer manual trading to bot trading then you are no doubt faced with one or more of these problems:

Still Sitting Long Hours At Your Computer Just To Catch The Next Trade?

Just Click Buy, Sell, Buy stop, Sell Stop or Buy Limit and take your rest because Manual Traders Companion takes care of the rest. Just Open your Order and go live your life. MTC is designed with a one-click trading system. It automatically sets your, Take profit, Stop Loss and trails your orders. It also has a price notification system that notifies you via email, phone or sound when price reaches a specified level defined by you. MTC is also designed with a trade notification system that notifies of all opened and closed trades on your account.

Compatible With All Trading Strategies !!!

MTC contains a range of tools put together to meet any trading strategy need. Its tools are perfect for scalping, grid trading, martingale, swing trading, news trading.

Having Difficulty calculating trade parameters accurately?

In Forex, proper calculation of your trade parameters is very important. It is so important that it defines the dividing line between a bad trade and a good one. With the basic FX trading terminal tools, you are most likely to have some difficulty in:

  • Difficulty in Calculating Stop Loss in Pips/Points.
  • Difficulty in Calculating Take Profit in Pips/Points.
  • Difficulty in Calculating Pending Order Levels in pips/points.
  • Difficulty in calculating the risks associated with your trades.

With Manual Traders Companion, you can properly calculate stop loss in pips/points, take profit in pips/points, pending order levels in pips/points, the risk associated with a trade position (Calculated before and after trade entry).

Experiencing Delayed Execution of Trades / Delayed Closing of Trades?

One other common problem with manual trading is the problem of delayed entry of trades. I guess you are already pissed with the pop up windows showing, "Do you want to enter the trade", "Price Requote" each time you click the Buy or Sell button. Entry positions in Forex is very important and you most likely might lose a good entry spot because of delayed entry caused by a typical trading terminal. The same also applies to the trade closing system in a typical trading terminal.

Manual Traders Companion is designed with an instant execution system that pings your broker's dealing desk about 100 times per second to ensure your trades get sent the second you click the Buy or Sell Button and closed the second you click the Close Trade Button.

Having issues managing your trades / risks?

Trade management is the soul of every trading system. It is what differentiates a good trading system from a bad one. The typical trading terminal gives you access to a basic trailing stop system for managing your trades but is that enough? The truth is, if you wish to have a risk proof strategy then basic trailing alone isn't enough.

MTC has:

  • Basic Trail Stop System
  • Break Even Trail
  • Partial Order Close

Manual Trader's Companion has in addition with basic trailing, other trade management system such as Move Stop Loss to Break Even, Partial Closing of Traders. Manual Trader's Companion is also designed with a Risk Calculator for you to be able to define your risks before entering any trade. These are all put together to make your strategy risk proof and give you an arsenal of tools that you can use to take on any market condition as a manual trader.

Other Features

  • One Click Trading
  • Advanced Button Panel
  • Advanced Account Information Display Panel
  • Trade Notification — Get Notified of Opened and Closed Trade on your account.
Note: MTC is tester enabled to be able to test its features. You can test the EA on the strategy tester to see how its trade management systems (Trail stop, Break Even Trail, Partial Close, Trading with defined risk) and also how its trade notification system works. Test on visual to see MTC display on chart.
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