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Vr Stealth pro

This Expert Advisor/trading panel hides trade levels and is designed to facilitate trading activity.

The Expert Advisor's interface is intuitive and easy to use. The EA hides Take Profit, Stop Loss, Breakeven, and Trailing Stop levels by virtualizing them in the terminal. Instead of real levels, the EA works with lines as graphical objects. All trades are performed in the terminal. Orders can be opened/closed/modified in one click. The EA minimizes the time you spend working with trading positions. Unlike many other programs, VR Stealth Pro features the trading panel and the order management panel, while each order has the panel of its own. The program may work on all account types (demo, real, strategy tester).

In fact, VR Stealth Pro is a light version of VR Trade Panel.


  • Trading on real accounts
  • Trading on demo accounts
  • Backtesting manual trading strategies in the strategy tester
  • Placing virtual take profit and stop loss
  • Placing virtual breakeven
  • Placing virtual trailing stop
  • Setting the lifetime of both pending and market orders
  • Managing orders directly from the chart
  • Opening/closing/modifying orders in one click

You can download the product HELP here (in chm format).


Trade Panel Settings

  • Start Lots - initial trading lot. The value can be changed from the trading panels
  • Step Lots - lot increase step when clicking on a chart in the trading panel
  • Order Distance - distance between pending orders and the current price
  • Magic Number – unique EA's ID. Change it when launching a program on different charts of the same symbol to avoid application conflict
  • Considering orders: if -1, all orders, 0 - only manual ones, >0 - only EA's own orders or orders of another EA
  • Slip - slippage. (Deviation from the current price)
  • Order Arrow - display terminal labels when opening, closing and modifying orders
  • Sound - enable/disable audio signals

Orders Control Settings

  • Stop Loss - default initial stop loss (can be changed by dragging the line with a mouse)
  • Take Profit - default initial take profit (can be changed by dragging the line with a mouse)
  • Breakeven - distance for placing a breakeven
  • Breakeven Step - minimum profit when placing a breakeven
  • Trailing Stop - trailing the stop loss while moving in profitable direction
  • Button Size - order management button size
  • Button Stop Loss - enable/disable a stop loss button
  • Button Take Profit - enable/disable a take profit button
  • Button Breakeven - enable/disable a breakeven button
  • Button Trailing Stop - enable/disable a trailing stop button
  • Button Time Close - enable/disable a button for closing/removing an order due to its lifetime expiration
  • Button Info - enable/disable a button for obtaining a complete information about an order
  • Edit Field Lots Close - enable/disable a lot edit field for an order partial close
  • Vertical Line Level - enable/disable take profit and vertical stop loss lines
  • Default Stop Loss - enable/disable a stop loss when opening an order
  • Default Take Profit - enable/disable a take profit when opening an order
  • Default Breakeven - enable/disable a breakeven when opening an order
  • Default Trailing Stop - enable/disable a trailing stop when opening an order
  • Default Time Close - enable/disable the ability to set an order expiration time when opening an order
  • Default Info - enable/disable an open order info window

Indicator Settings


  • Days - Number of days to display sessions
  • Width Border - border width
  • Asia Start - beginning of the Asian session
  • Asia End - end of the Asian session
  • Asia Color - Asian session block color
  • Europe Start - start of the European session
  • Europe End - end of the European session
  • Europe Color - European session block color
  • USA Start - beginning of the American session
  • USA End - end of the American session
  • USA Color - American session block color


  • Grid vertical step - vertical line step
  • Grid vertical activ - vertical control line color
  • Grid vertical deactiv - vertical line color
  • Grid vertical style - vertical line style
  • Grid vertical widtch - vertical line width
  • Grid horizontal step - horizontal line step
  • Grid horizontal activ - horizontal control line color
  • Grid horizontal deactiv - horizontal line color
  • Grid horizontal style - horizontal line style
  • Grid horizontal widtch - horizontal line width


  • Line Distance - distance for alert lines
  • Line Time Color - vertical signal line color in time
  • Line Upper Color - horizontal signal line color after breaking through the upper level
  • Line Lower Color - horizontal signal line color after breaking through the lower level

Virtual Order Settings

Virtual Order Distance - default distance for virtual pending orders


Please test the product on a demo account before you apply it to a real money account.

The program works in your MetaTrader 4 terminal, orders to close, modify, remove and open orders are sent from your terminal. A broker's server has only an open price or a price of pending order placement.

If your MetaTrader 4 terminal is closed or does not have Internet connection, your orders are not managed and close/modification requests are not executed.

Consider this information while working.

Oleg Borisov
Oleg Borisov 2020.04.06 18:36 

Владимир, спасибо за этот классный продукт. Но есть пожелания: Линию ТР трудно узреть. И шрифт у линий SL иTp

с большими усилиями читается Это немного смазывает удовольствие от работы с вашим продуктом. Успехов!

ali-haider 2020.03.11 23:47 

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Maher Snibr
Maher Snibr 2019.12.23 19:27 

easy and simple

SwingFX 2019.08.02 06:07 

AMAZING !!!!! Thank you so much for this great product !!

Jorge Delgado Segura
Jorge Delgado Segura 2018.12.15 06:23 

PURE EXCELLENCE ! Thank you very much for completing MT4 the way it should have been and MORE!!! I wish you abundance and a great life!!!

Wan Ping Fei
Wan Ping Fei 2018.11.13 15:49 

Great work...Is one of my favorite indicators..5 stars.

Aleksey Minakov
Aleksey Minakov 2018.10.16 16:34 

Здравствуйте! Огромная благодарность за Ваш труд. Всё сделано на самом высоком профессиональном уровне, с добром и любовью. Есть всё необходимое, просто и удобно. Отдельное спасибо за возможность пользоваться программой бесплатно. Бог в помощь. Удачи!

AirOne1 2018.10.01 07:03 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

gmailtalius 2018.09.07 14:49 

Здавствуйте Владимир. You have done an excellent job. Your video presentation shows a perfect combination between excellent software developer and a very knowledgeable trader. Simply incredible 👍👍👍👍👍 Keep up the good job!

Roland David Gomez Quintero
Roland David Gomez Quintero 2018.06.11 15:01 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

l0e0u0n0g 2018.05.16 04:56 

Thank you very much!

Wish you a successful live and trading.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 17:44 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Yuriy Suslov
Yuriy Suslov 2018.03.18 17:03 

Программа отличнейшая!

Aleksej Kravcenko
Aleksej Kravcenko 2018.01.29 13:22 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Jaguar H.
Jaguar H. 2017.12.10 18:29 


Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.22 17:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Alexey Suvorov
Alexey Suvorov 2017.09.23 07:38 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

l0v3parkour 2017.09.18 08:26 

I support you! EA Great.:)

Denis Izotov
Denis Izotov 2017.09.16 12:54 

Спасибо за утилиту - игрушка для трейдера! Все с сигналами, с разметкой, интересная реализация, но главное, что полезная штуковина для тех, кто торгует внутри дня.

Утилита прекрасно справляется со своими задачами. Помимо работы с ордерами, есть еще куча полезных фишек, сигнализирующих трейдеру об изменениях на рынке.

Откатаю эту версию, а затем приобрету расширенную версию программы. Успехов вам, уважаемый разработчик!

Yury Skamaroshka
Yury Skamaroshka 2017.08.25 08:35   

отличный советник. Спасибо. Из пожеланий: 1. добавьте возможность закрытия по ТП части ордера, 2. возможность изменения типа линии для тп и сл (теперь можно менять только цвет)

Eduard Mueller
Eduard Mueller 2017.07.28 22:33 


Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.19 16:55 

great work.

thank vladimir

Nik051 2017.07.18 08:43 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra
Mohammed Abdulwadud Soubra 2017.06.29 10:45 


luke styles
luke styles 2017.05.09 18:13 

Good for a free EA. Better than some I have paid for. Very handy.

Vyacheslav Korolev
Vyacheslav Korolev 2017.05.06 12:15 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Teuku_Raihan 2017.05.05 07:33 

Asolutely perfect!

Amos Eka Kurniawan
Amos Eka Kurniawan 2017.04.28 18:39 

awesome..!! this EA is must have in your arsenal to fight bad brokers whose set their stop/limit pending order too high

Jambo 2017.04.14 09:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Denis Chugrin
Denis Chugrin 2017.03.26 10:45 

Супер !

Carlos05 2017.03.10 11:47 

Intuitive, easy to handle, has got all the features you need and it's free. Just a perfect product.

appropiate 2017.03.06 11:01 

Excellent EA! In case feedback is welcome, it would be awesome if the trading panel could include a position size calculator based on both risk (choosing from money or % of balance) and stop loss size (pips). Also, since the point of the EA is to hide the SL and TP, i think it would make sense not to have the name of the EA written in the comment sections in the trade and account history logs, which brokers can see. Thank you very much for your amazing EA!

Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.14 22:05 

Very useful.

Dechudom Khunnasit
Dechudom Khunnasit 2017.01.22 05:51 

Great EA trading panel indeed! Everything you need is in here. Love it very much. Many Thanks Vladimir Pastushak for giving this for free,

matdust 2017.01.12 13:02 

Thank you for your great free EA!

Alexander Filonov
Alexander Filonov 2016.12.28 11:18 

я хоть и начинающий трейдер но ваш советник очень понравился. прост и понятен, спасибо

Milhail Novgorodcev
Milhail Novgorodcev 2016.12.11 18:09   

Очень полезная программка, много удобных функций, например время работы бирж и открытие ордеров. Респект

mivanovski844 2016.12.08 21:51 

The best free trade panel on the market. And this EA is far better than the expensive ones. Thanks again for this excellent tool.

Valeriy Belozertsev
Valeriy Belozertsev 2016.11.14 00:12 

Это очень круто, спасибо огромное!

Maslik2041 2016.10.06 13:07 

Давно искала такую вещицу. чтобы "все в одном". Супер. Владимиру Респект

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 06:53 

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ALEXSV 2016.07.27 08:50 

Спасибо, Владимир!

Igor Dervuk
Igor Dervuk 2016.07.19 20:29 

Спасибо, Владимир !!!

bux 2016.06.10 18:14 

Спасибо Вам Владимир. Стелз название не патриотичное, а сам продукт очень полезен, рекомендую.

Mirko Cerulli
Mirko Cerulli 2016.06.02 17:13 

Отличная работа! Спасибо!

Mikhail Gorenberg
Mikhail Gorenberg 2016.05.31 06:06 

Отличная программа, перед реалом лучше попробовать на демо.

163007 Hailey
163007 Hailey 2016.04.20 00:17 

Absolutely brilliant program. Very, very useful.

Yuriy Gereben
Yuriy Gereben 2016.03.30 19:15 

Владимир, я заметил одну особенность вашего советника. BarTime постепенно сдвигается вправо. Это заметно буквально за 2-3 свечи на М15 графике.

Ну, а в остальном - прекрасный советник.

sammyuht 2016.03.01 12:14 

You're so kind. It's very useful tool. Recommended!

peng yang
peng yang 2016.02.06 16:32 

fantastic tool,it is very kind of you

rinsoft 2016.01.08 15:32 

Полгода уже пользуюсь данным продуктом - просто потрясающая вещь. То что писалось ниже про ненужные фишки и загромождение - это все не так. На моей средней машине все летает без глюков. А новая версия вообще просто огонь. Огромный респект автору.

FogFX 2016.01.06 08:25   

Замечательная панель от Доброго автора. Самое важное, что Владимир ОБЩАЕТСЯ с пользователями данного БЕСПЛАТНОГО советника и своевременно, по просьбам трудящихся, вносит изменения и дополнения в этот отличный продукт. Желаю Владимиру успехов во всех положительных начинаниях (и продолжениях).

igrikus 2016.01.04 21:52 

Необходимая штука. пользую. Автору спасибо.

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
Rodrigo da Silva Boa 2015.11.20 06:23 

Muito Bom. Parabens pelo trabalho.

Faster777 2015.11.19 11:57 

Отличная панель, спасибо.

technow 2015.09.24 20:46 

a great tool!!!!!

Ognyan Ivanov
Ognyan Ivanov 2015.09.18 10:19 

Perfect !!!

pedroroberto 2015.09.01 13:29 


Artem Efimov
Artem Efimov 2015.08.26 23:42 

Спасибо за инструмент.

Хотелось еще более простую версию для чайников, чтобы выставить параметры и просто нажимать кнопку бай, селл, или отложки

Vladimir Pristai
Vladimir Pristai 2015.08.26 11:10 

Пожелание:нужно стремиться упрощать систему,а не загромождать не нужными фишками,Чем больше код, тем тяжелее производительность и глюки

С уважением.

Izzatilla Ikramov
Izzatilla Ikramov 2015.08.05 13:25 

Спасибо за труд! Хороший продукт!

Anatoli Dulcev
Anatoli Dulcev 2015.07.30 06:23   

Здравствуйте хотел спросить для новой панели видео будет.Панель отличная.

Konstantin Grebenshikov
Konstantin Grebenshikov 2015.07.25 17:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

mosiskv 2015.05.28 11:55 

I was looking for an easy / not much frills EA to manage trades - did not really need the "invisible"stuff but it is welcome.

The functionalities seems to be working well - I have made some suggestions/recommendations to Vladimir

Also works well in Floating/Undock Charts.

Also works well in Strategy Tester - Extremely handy!

All in all very useful addition to your trading tools.

Andrew 2015.05.18 18:01 

Отличная работа! Очень удобная панель. Спасибо!!!

Afdhal Zuzaki
Afdhal Zuzaki 2015.05.17 18:05 

Thank you very much!

Wish you a successful live and trading.

chistovod 2015.05.11 21:43   

у меня несколько терминалов- при нажатии кнопки- советник устанавливается только в один. хотелось бы иметь во всех мт 4

GHut22 2015.02.04 13:08 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

mhussein 2014.09.12 00:28 

your EA is better than an expensive one . I don't know why you give it for free. you may can improve it by removing the trading history at the bottom left hand side of the screen, thanks a lot

Version 16.120 2016.12.13
Added a stricter verification of stop loss and take profit levels.
Version 16.42 2016.04.15
Fixed shift of the order opening panel when switching to another chart window in the terminal.
Version 16.41 2016.04.05
Made improvements to the BarTime function
Now if the time stamp is selected, it can be placed anywhere on the chart. If the stamp is deselected, the stamp is fixed at a distance of 4 bars from the current bar and by the Ask price.
Version 16.14 2016.01.22
Fixed display of trade levels.
Added ability to place and move real levels.
Version 16.13 2016.01.21
Added an option for hiding unused instruments from the toolbar.
Version 16.12 2016.01.08
Fixed exceeding the bounds of an array.
(Previously, the error occurred in the trading sessions indicator and caused the program stop)
If trading sessions are displayed incorrectly, download symbol's minute history.
Version 16.11 2016.01.06
EA status label:
EA's own label with the program name and icon has been added to the top left corner, when the mouse hovers the smiley face, a tooltip about the program settings will appear. When the smiley face is clicked, the EA settings will be opened. (What needs to be done for the EA to operate correctly, the tooltip has two locales - RU and EN).

The information tool 'Time', which displays the broker server time, the trader local time, time till the end of the bar (The color of time till the end of the bar can be changed in the program's 'Color End Bar Time = clrRed' parameter).

Price labels appear when a line is selected, the price is now visible when the stop loss and take profit levels are dragged. The price appears if the line is active and selected.
Version 16.1 2015.12.23
- Updated design
- Added the info window on the permission to trade using EAs
- Revised all sounds
Version 15.100 2015.10.21
Upon traders' requests, the logging function has been fully removed from the EA. All logs are now printed only in the terminal journal.
Version 15.90 2015.09.23
1. Added the ability to hide the order management panel
2. Added the ability to set order with predefined stop levels and other parameters
3. Added the ability to select the necessary control buttons in the settings
4. Removed the АТР indicator due to its high load on the program
5. Removed the Del All button
6. Orders can now be partially closed only when trading manually, i.e. only when clicking X.
Orders are closed in full when a take profit or stop loss is activated. Previously, it was possible to close a position partially which occasionally caused issues
7. Fixed the sound alert when switching timeframes
8. Increased priority for the program objects when clicking on them
Added some other improvements and fixes...
Version 15.80 2015.08.11
Order management button are highlighted according to the order type.
Light blue for buy orders, light red for sell orders.

1. deletion of objects.
2. sound when switching the period.
Version 15.72 2015.07.03
Fixed displaying of the author name.
Version 15.71 2015.07.02
Alert settings:
StepLineAlert=300; // Distance for default lines
StepSignalAlerSek=3; // Periodicity of signals in seconds
Version 15.57 2015.06.29
"Close order Stop Loss" bug
"Wrong ticket number" bug
Version 15.53 2015.05.22
1 - Display of a label when calling the ATR indicator
2 - Closing orders when you press Х key. Previously when you pressed X key an order closed partially if a lot was changed in partial closing. Now if you press X key the order completely closes or is removed.
Version 15.52 2015.05.21
Added the new menu point.
Now, there are five versions of trading panels, including the standard one.

Improved order opening verification. Now, in case of an error, the order open button returns to its initial state, while the error message is displayed.
Version 15.51 2015.05.19
Lot selection is now can be performed in a more smooth manner

Added the text that appears when creating Expert Advisors based on VR-Stealth-Pro
Version 15.50 2015.05.14
Advisor completely rewritten from scratch
Improved display orders
Added Tool Time
Added ability to import functions in other advisors
Added the ability to change the size of text and buttons
Lots of other improvements and optimizations
Version 15.13 2015.02.09
An option for closing part of position by take profit.
Version 15.12 2015.01.30
Stop loss and take profit operation
Version 15.11 2015.01.29
Trailing stop and breakeven operation.
Version 15.1 2015.01.27
Added ability to place virtual pending orders
Version 14.12 2014.12.24
- Fixed "file not read" error.
- Disabled draw possibility.

Changes have been made due to customer requests.
Version 3.52 2014.10.22
- Fixed buttons in accordance with build 735 (now text is displayed correctly).
- The new version check function now works correctly.

- The EA now sets the chart to the background mode at start (unticks the "Chart on top" option in the terminal settings).
- Added an option for choosing: graphical labels or lines on the levels of virtual stop loss and take profit. One of the options can be chosen in the Typ_TP_SL_Obj parameter: choose Arrow or Lines
- The button (In) is added for every order. Шке shows information about the order, profit, loss, ratio, etc.

The new additions are based on users' comments
Version 3.51 2014.10.08
When modifying/closing orders no icon is displayed now.
The chart remains clean.

The width of the control panel has been reduced, it's now even more compact.

New version check function.
A new button in the upper right corner [ ! ],
the function automatically, every 10 days, checks for new versions on the https://www.mql5.com/ site, this address must be added to the list of allowed URLs in the terminal settings. If a new version is available, the button will be red. When you click it, your current EA version and the version on the site will be displayed.
Version 3.5 2014.10.02
Sound on a new tick is now working correctly.

Posted on:
Panel to draw. Panel is activated with the Draw button, there are 2 more buttons for color selection and the complete removal of what is drawn.
Version 3.4 2014.09.12
- Fixed the behavior of the order management buttons when switching between timeframes
- Added ability to disable comments in the lower left corner (LogChart = false)